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You Of All People is a Webnovel completed by YoureMySun.
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Snapping out of her reverie, Violet focused back onto the table and was met by King’s observing eyes. Mischief flashed briefly in her eyes as she decided to get back at him for all the things he did to her the entire day.

“If you kept on ogling at me I might a.s.sume that you fell for me already” Violet teased King as she mimicked him and propped her chin too.

“Huh?” caught unaware, all King could do was utter something dumbly.

“I’ll even melt if you continue to stare at me” giggled Violet.

“Hey! Don’t you know some originality? It’s not proper to steal someone else’s lines you know” demanded King to hide his fl.u.s.ter from being caught in the act.

“Ever since when does ‘proper’ apply to you?” Violet teased back.

“Hehe all of the time” said King with a smirk.

“So being pervertedly shameless is what you consider ‘proper’. Huh King?” retorted Violet.

“Nuh uh. I’m only like that towards you. So be honored” smugly declared King while he crossed his arms.

“Yeah your ‘majesty’, I’m so honored that I want to offer you up my fists and tough love” said Violet as she crunched her knuckles at him.

“Woman, behave yourself” reprimanded King.

“Huh?! Wow. Really, just WOW” hissed Violet as she exasperatedly drank gulps of water that a waiter gave them earlier.

“Hahahaha. V! Do you want to continue?” asked King as he reached to grab her hand.

“What?” inquired Violet as she was late to dodge, she just observed what the man was up to.

“The 20 questions! Since the food’s still not here” King held her hand tightly, not letting her take it back.

“Fine, shoot” muttered Violet.

“What number were we? Hmmm. Question #11: If you could go back in time as an observer, no one could see you, and you couldn’t interact with anything, when would you want to go back to?” questioned King as he played with her fingers.

“I want to go back to the day I was born. It was the day no one could possibly have a memory of. The whole family’s been telling me how things went down that day. My Daddy went crazy when he found out he finally have a girl. Even you couldn’t remember it?” answered Violet as she reminisced.

“That’s actually interesting. Yes, I don’t recall that day. Eh? Didn’t they found out the gender when they went to ultrasound?” King repeatedly squished her palm.
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“Nope, they didn’t asked. Mom got fed up with Daddy obsessing towards it. So she forbade him and anyone in the family to know my gender. My brothers even made bets over it which made Mom snapped at them too. She was under so much emotional distress that year, she still hadn’t let go of her grudge to Daddy until today. After all, Daddy dreamed of having a baby girl. So they tried and tried. And up until the last chance Mom gave to Daddy, they finally succeeded” explained Violet animatedly as she recalled the stories her family told her thousand times.

King locked his fingers with hers as he intently listened to her stories.

“No wonder you wanted to go back to that day. As for me, hmmm. I want to go back to the beginning of time. I want to confirm which of the theories were correct. Afterall, no one really knows since no one existed that time. It’ll really be interesting to know where everything started. What’s the catalyst, what’s the origin. The answer to universe’s most difficult question” explained King fervently to Violet. And seeing her interested in his answer made him all the more happy.


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