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Read You Of All People 82 Origin Story Of The Cheapskate

You Of All People is a web novel completed by YoureMySun.
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Read WebNovel You Of All People 82 Origin Story Of The Cheapskate

“My mother turned her back against wealth and chose a simple and humble life with my father. We get by with just a roof over our heads, clothes on our bodies and three meals a day. My family wasn’t rich and was fairly normal, so from an early age I knew the value of hard-earned money. They raised me to work hard and cherish what I have. Back then we can’t afford a lot of things. If I wanted something, I worked and saved for it. And I guess old habits die hard. Even now that we’re affluent, I still am like that” reminisced Neil happily as he finished his last serving.

“What age were you again when they brought you back here?” asked Ellie as if trying to recall something.

“I think I was 9 years old then” answered Neil.

King looked over to Violet while he fed her and said, “That’s the origin story of the Cheapskate”

“It’s normal to be frugal” retorted Neil.

“Spendthrift” chimmed Ellie.

“You’re the abnormal one” commented Violet.

“You’re supposed to be on my side” complained King as he pouted in front of Violet. King nodded towards Tim.

“Besides, King is the only exception. He alone can rival the whole family’s combined wealth by himself” remarked Neil.
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While they conversed with one another, their table was once again cleaned up. Some waiters approaching from a distance carrying white square plates.

Tim waited for the right moment to serve the next course. When he finally found it, he signaled towards the waiters. They then placed it on the table and quietly left. Tim waited for King’s confirmation. When he finally got it he began to talk.

“Esteemed Guests. Here’s our fifth course of the night, Salad. It consisted of fine ingredients such as Florette Baby Leaf salad sautéed in Moulin Jean Marie Cornille olive oil from Provence. These ingredients are encased in a hand woven container made with interwoven strips of Courgettes, Red Peppers, Potatoes, to which are added a Tagliatelle of Cuc.u.mber, and Cauliflower Puree” Tim introduced the salad with much gusto.

“The salad basket are encircled by Almas Golden Caviar, made from the eggs of Albino and Oscietre sturgeons, formerly reserved for the Russian Tsars. And also kreel caught Langoustines, Cornish Crab and Lobster. The salad was then dusted with grated Truffle, Gold Leaf and drizzled with a Red Romano Pepper Essence and 30-year-old Balsamic Vinegar”, Tim finished his explanation and left immediately to let the guests enjoy the meal.

Violet gazed at the salad and thought to herself, ‘Despite the lengthy explanation and ingredients, it’s my first time seeing a fist-sized salad. Aren’t salads supposed to be huge portions?’

“Does everything have Caviars? First the Egg Custard, then the Tartares and now the Salad” said Neil as he stuffed his mouth.

“Are you complaining?” asked King calmly as he opened his mouth and waited patiently in front of Violet.

“No! Never! Caviars are the best. If it is your treat I could eat this everyday” Neil repeatedly swiveled his head in denial.


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