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Read Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 1154 More Than A Kiss

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Read WebNovel Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 1154 More Than A Kiss

Chapter 1154: More Than A Kiss

Before Jake could understand Noah’s intentions, his lips got sealed with Noah’s lips and what Jake was about to say, buried in his throat.

Pus.h.i.+ng Jake in the sofa and pressing him against the backrest of it, Noah hovered over Jake by resting his one knee on the sofa beside Jake’s thigh as his one leg was stretched towards the floor. Leaning down, Noah continued to suck and nibble Jake’s lips while biting in between harshly and angrily as he gripped Jake’s collars tightly to pull him towards him.

Jake was surprised by this sudden and unexpected move from this stubborn guy, but as it happened, there was no way he would back down. Jake liked what Noah was doing and kissed him back while both his hands moved to Noah’s waist to pull him towards him.

Though Noah was the one to kiss him, the way he kissed it was evident that Noah was angry and was taking his anger out on Jake. In a while Noah parted away as the two gasped for air while panting heavily.

Noah continued to clutch Jake’s collar and gave him a warning gaze. “Don’t you dare call me that.”

Jake chuckled. “Why not? Was it even a kiss? You did better when you were drunk.”

“Don’t provoke me.” Noah warned as the two glared back at each other closely.

“What will you do?” Jake gave him a challenging look.

Anger brewing in his eyes, Noah let go of Jake’s collar and strangled his neck with his one hand, and pushed Jake back on the sofa to lay on it and Noah went top on him.

Jake made it easy for him by letting him push effortlessly. There was no way he would resist the advances of this stubborn and angry man who he loved but could never tell him.

As if he was in haste, Noah didn’t wait and kissed Jake again as his one hand still continued to strangle Jake’s neck to press him down while the other hand moved to clutch Jake’s hair. This time Noah didn’t stop at just sucking and biting Jake’s lips but slid his tongue in Jake’s mouth as Jake happily welcomed it.

Though Noah was being wild, Jake liked it and his hand that was still resting on Noah’s waist, gripped it tightly as he pulled Noah completely down to lay on top of him while letting him put all his weight on Jake’s body.

The two tall bodies accommodate the huge sofa comfortably as they continued their kiss while sucking each other’s toungues as they moved together in sync.

It was the first time the two kissed when they were not drunk and were aware of what exactly they were doing. The way Noah was savouring Jake, Jake liked it and wanted to keep him doing it for long. The air around them turned hotter and Jake crossed his limit to hold back and to let Noah do what he wanted.

Finally Noah stopped and parted away as his hot breath kept mingling with Jakes. His eyes were closed as if he was trying to calm himself. Jake closely looked at Noah’s face while he, too, was not still out of the effect of the hot kiss they just had.

Jake moved his hand up to caress Noah’s cheek as his eyes were filled with love for him. Puzzled, Noah opened his eyes; those seemed confused and looked at Jake as the two could sense the changes in their bodies that were needed to calm down.

Jake moved his hand to the back of Noah’s neck, pulled his face closer to kiss him again and Noah didn’t stop him. This time Jake moved and turned into the sofa to be on top of Noah, as they still continued to kiss.

Noah, who just intended to take his anger out by small kiss, couldn’t understand when he lost to this man beyond the level of returning back. Noah let Jake kiss him as he was as pa.s.sionate as Jake was.

The two needed more than just a kiss because it was not enough for them now. Jake’s hand roamed around Noah’s chest and towards his abs.

Noah was busy in a pa.s.sionate kiss as his hands were busy caressing Jake’s nape and his blond hair while enjoying the feel of Jake’s hands caressing his body.

Jake parted away, leaving the demanding Noah who didn’t seem to look like he had enough of the kiss. Jake smirked and moved to kiss Noah’s neck and his shoulder as he sucked and nibbled his skin.

Noah, who liked it and closed his eyes to feel it, realised Jake was moving down to his chest from his neck. It shocked him to think his s.h.i.+rt’s b.u.t.tons were undone without him realizing it.

When Jake was busy savouring Noah’s tough and muscular body which was the most tempting thing for him, his hand moved along Noah’s waist and stopped at the lining of his pants.

Just as Jake’s hand moved to touch the hardness he felt under Noah’s pants, Noah held his hand. Jake, who was equally aroused as Noah, lifted his head up from Noah’s chest and looked at him.

Noah looked into his eyes and spoke, “It’s enough!”

Jake, who had already gone crazy, felt disappointed with this sudden interruption, and before he could say a word, Noah instructed. “Move aside.”

Jake did so and moved back as he sat at Noah’s feet. His breathing was still high, and he didn’t wish to stop, but there was no way he would ever force it on Noah.

Noah immediately stood up and went to his room, fixing the b.u.t.tons of his s.h.i.+rt and without a word with Jake.

Jake sat quietly, not knowing what to do. It was the first time that had done more than a kiss in a sober condition, but Noah’s sudden reaction puzzled him. Just when he was busy thinking about what to do and what to talk to Noah, Noah came out of his room. He looked ready to go out as he fixed his messy look from a while ago.

“I’ll be out tonight,” said Noah as he grabbed the car key from the key holder.

“Where are you going?” Jake asked.

“Do I need to answer it?” Noah said.

Jake understood he was going to Nicole but had to talk to him first. “We need to talk,” Jake said as he looked at Noah, who went to the shoe rack and pulled out his shoes.

“About what?” Noah asked nonchalantly.

“About what we did just now and…..”

“It was nothing to waste our time on discussing it. Not like it’s the first time we have kissed.

“How can you say it was nothing?” Jake went to him.

“Did you like it?” Noah asked straightway without feeling anything.

“I do,” Jake answered confidently.

“But I didn’t, and you know I don’t discuss the things that I don’t like,” said Noah coldly.

It angered Jake and gripped Noah’s collars while glaring at him, but Noah remained unaffected. “You didn’t like it?”

“I had to do it so that you won’t bug me again with that promise thing and spoil my night with Nicole.”

Jake was stunned, and before he could say a word, Noah spoke, “Now I have fulfilled my promise by giving you what you asked. There won’t be any next time.”

Jake still didn’t let go of Noah as he didn’t know how to take his anger out.

Noah held his arms, asking him to let go of his collars, and said, “I don’t like to keep my woman waiting.”

Gritting his teeth with anger, Jake let him go, and Noah left without turning back even once as the door closed.


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