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Read Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 251 Her Hidden Side…

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Chapter 251 Her Hidden Side…

Just then Lu Feng’s phone rang and he had to attend it. That area was remote so there was a bit of a network problem and he had to go away from the place where they were sitting. The call was very important so he asked Jiang yuyan to wait for him for a few minutes to which Jiang Yuyan nodded as saying yes.

All this while someone was observing Jiang Yuyan from afar, a boy who was standing on the roadside while talking to his two friends. He was looking at Jiang Yuyan since the moment she arrived there. As usual, she was looking pretty to grab anyone’s attention though she was just wearing a simple white short-sleeved lace top and jeans with a pair of sneakers and her hair tied in a loose bun.

The boy looked in his early twenties. He signaled his friends who looked the same age as him to look at Jiang Yuyan and one of them said, “New girl!” All were smiling slyly to look at her. When the boy saw Lu Feng left Jiang Yuyan alone, he stopped them and said, “Let me deal with her” and strode towards her with two of his friends following him.

Jiang Yuyan was sitting quietly by looking here and there to observe the place as it was different from her childhood days being unaware of the trouble coming in her direction.

As those boys reached to her, one who was observing her said, “You look new here.”

Jiang Yuyan looked at their faces and understood those were not good people and avoid them.

“I am asking you something, girl,” the boy said again.

“Yes I am new here so leave me alone as I don’t talk to strangers,” she replied feeling annoyed to feel the peace around her getting disturbed by these boys.

“But we can get to know each other as we are strangers. What say?” the boy asked again not paying attention to she was not interested.

“I don’t want to,” saying it she stood up and decided to leave the place but the boy held her hand. This touch from a stranger pa.s.sed a wave of anger in her mind and she had a darkness in her eyes which looked scary.

She could handle anything in her life but getting touched by a stranger like this with a force, was an unbearable thing for her. What happened in her childhood was the reason she had this extreme reaction towards it.

She turned her head to look back. First, she pa.s.sed her sight to her hand where that boy was holding her hand and then looked at the boy in his eyes.

Looking into her eyes a boy felt a bit nervous but he collected himself thinking she was just a girl and other than looking angry what more she can do and smiled slyly while the other two boys laughed to look at her.

“Let go of my hand,” Jiang yuyan said with a calm voice but one could see the anger suppressed behind it.

“I won’t. What will you do? Will you call the man who just left you here as a treat for us,” the boy asked.

“I am giving you the last chance. Let go of my hand,” she said again calmly as to stop herself from doing anything to hurt them.

“Haha. I am giving you the last chance to come with us quietly. We will just have a nice chat with you. Is it that bad.” The boy said and tried to pull her towards him but Jiang Yauyn was steady in her place. Before that boy could understand anything, she turned his hand in one swift move which made her stood behind him holding his hand folded to his back. She twisted his hand badly with a sound of bone cracking that he was whining in pain.

“I gave you a warning but you asked for it,” she said and pushed him towards his friends while having no expression on her face but the threatening darkness in her eyes.

The other two boys felt scared to see her eyes which looked like having volcano ready to erupt anytime soon. Also, they were shocked to see how easily this delicate-looking girl dealt with their friend but still it was not enough to make their brains to work properly. Two boys moved their friend aside and strode towards her.

Lu Qiang and Jiang Yang were coming back with the cotton candy in their hands and they saw three boys standing in front of Jiang Yuyan, talking to her and she looked unhappy.

They understood the boys were bothering her. Soon they witnessed what Jiang Yuyan did with the boy and he was in a pain lying on the ground.

It was surprising for Lu Qiang as for him she was one delicate girl. Even though, he knew her angry side from the past but seeing it live was a different thing.

He was about to run towards her to protect her but Jiang Yang stopped him saying, “Let her deal with them. I want you to see this side of her.” Jiang Yang was cool about it and didn’t feel worried even a bit.

“What are you saying Jiang Yang, those are three and she is alone,” Saying it he was about to take a step further, Jiang Yang spoke, “Don’t you want to know everything about her?” These words from Jiang Yang stopped Lu Qiang and he looked back at him.

Jiang Yang had a calm expression on his face even after seeing his sister dealing with bad boys alone as he was not worried about her even a bit.

“Trust me. She would be fine. I am her brother and do you think I will leave her with foxes after knowing what happened to her in the past,” He said calmly to a.s.sure Lu Qiang. He stood back to listen to Jiang Yang and decided to see what was going to happen.


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