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Read Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 357 Because She Knows I Am Waiting For Her..

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Chapter 357 Because She Knows I Am Waiting For Her..

Jiang Yuyan sat beside him silently waiting for the fish to come. A half-hour pa.s.sed by but the fish didn’t come and still, both were sitting there silently not speaking a single word.

Lu Lijun was focused on the pond while Jiang Yuyan was curious to see the fish that was able to melt this little iceberg who was waiting for her without getting frustrated or angry. A half-hour pa.s.sed by but he was still calm and there was not a bit of change in his>”Do you think she will come?” Jiang Yuyan asked having doubt in her mind. She somewhere thought there was no fish and Lu Lijun was trying to pull her leg.

Lu Lijun nodded not taking his sight off from the pond, “Hmm!”

“Why are you so sure?” She asked to see how confident he was and that was making her feel like he was serious and not joking around.

“Because she knows I am waiting for her.” Lu Lijun replied.

Jiang Yuyan didn’t know what to say. He was too confident that the fish will come and that surprised Jiang Yuyan. She thought it was an animal not a human to understand that he was waiting for her but she preferred to stay quiet and sat there without disturbing him.

One hour was about to pa.s.s by but still, there was no sign of the fish. Finally, Jiang Yuyan decided to say something but before she could say anything, Lu Lijun picked up food from the jar in his hands and started to pour in the pond, little by little.

Jiang Yuyna looked at the pond and there was one tiny colorful fish who was eating the food offered by Lu Lijun. That fish was really so pretty. The base of her body was white and s.h.i.+ny but it was covered with so many colorful dots and lines and prominently the red ones. Her fins have a border of orange and the top portion of her body was shaded in light blue color. She somewhere had yellow and green shades that made her look even prettier.

Even though the fish came after a wait of an hour, there was no excitement on Lu Lijun’s face as if it was nothing new for him and he was used to it. Now she knew he was so confident because he knew she will definitely come. She didn’t know what to think of this little adorable guy who sometimes seems more mature than the adults.

The way that fish was silently eating her food unlike the other fish who were more active while eating, made her look so adorable. Jiang Yuyan couldn’t help but pick up some food from the jar and started to pour in a pond fish.

Seeing it, Lu Lijun stopped and let Jiang Yuyan feed the fish and asked, “Isn’t she pretty?”

“Pretty and so adorable,” Jiang Yuyan replied.

“Hmm!” Lu Lijun agreed.

Suddenly Jiang Yuyan asked, “Is your elder brother come here to feed them too.”

“Sometimes when he is free,” Lu Lijun replied.

“So which is his favorite fish?” she asked excitedly.

“This is the one,” Lu Lijun replied pointing towards the same fish for whom he was waiting for so long.

“Ohh so both of you are her admirer that’s why she takes this much time as both of you might have spoiled her,” Jiang Yuyan said with a wide smile on her face.

“We don’t mind to spoil the person we like.” Lu Lijun replied and said again, “Not just me and elder brother but brother Lu Feng like her too.”

“Nothing surprising for me as you all Lu brothers are the same,” said Jiang Yuyan.

Li Lijun smiled to hear it and said, “Since the day brother Lu Qinag brought her here, she is always alone so we pay her more attention.”

“Hmm! That’s nice. She is lucky to get the attention of three handsome men from the family.”

Lu Lijun just smiled a little and he didn’t say anything.

Noticing the smile on his face, Jiang Yuyan asked while at him, “Are you blus.h.i.+ng as I called you handsome?”

Lu Lijun turned his head to look back at her and said while staring in her eyes, “I am not a girl to keep blus.h.i.+ng. I know I am handsome like my brother so there is nothing new to what you said.”

The way he stared at her, she could see how confident he was and it was not easy to talk to him or flatter him by praising him. “Ohh! You are really like your brother. So confident.”

Lu Lijun didn’t reply and continued staring at the fish that was playing in the water and said, “As you will be home because it’s our vacation and brother is not a home, you will be bored here.”

Jiang Yuyan nodded, “Hmm! Right. I am thinking about going to my home for a few days.”

“Brother Jiang Yang is busy too so you will be bored there too. Also, elder brother won’t let you go,” Lu Lijun said.

“So you know his better too. That is right but I will ask him to let me go. Moreover, I won’t be bored as I have interesting things to do there,” she replied

“What thing?” he asked curiously to look at her.

“I will paint,” she replied.

“You can do that here too,” Lu Lijun said.

“Here?” she asked with surprised expressions as her idea of painting was to do it in her art room in the Jiang Residence which was her favorite place.

Lu Lijun nodded, “Hmm! We both can paint.”

“Can we? I mean will you be fine if I will be there? You might feel I am a disturbance,” She asked.

“You are not a disturbance but you are a good company,” he said.

“Okay! As you say, we can paint together. Where should we do it?” Jiang Yuyan agreed.

“We can arrange things in Gazebo,” He replied.

“Fine with me.”


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