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Read Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 663 Eager To Chop Fingers and Pull Out Teeth…

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Read WebNovel Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 663 Eager To Chop Fingers and Pull Out Teeth…

Chapter 663 Eager To Chop Fingers and Pull Out Teeth…

The backup team entered inside and San Zemin went to Da Nui, pointing his gun towards him. Da Nui was in pain as the bullet hit him in the wrist and before he could do anything he was captured by San Zemun’s men.

“Who is this woman?” Da Nui asked.

Though San Zemin was still doubtful about Jiang Yuyan, he felt proud of what she did and how it surprised Da Nui. “Haven’t you heard before what she said or your brain really stopped working properly?”

Da Nui frowned on not getting an answer so San Zemin finally answered to let him know the person, “The one you were calling kid, again and again, she is my previous boss’s wife.”

It shocked Da Nui, “How can this be?”

Da Nui had seen Jiang Yuyan through the news where she was with Lu Qiang in a royal ladylike form and here she was like a wild cat that he couldn’t recognize her. Never ever he thought after Lu Qiang, this royal but delicate-looking youthful woman will take his place.

Da Nui looked at Jiang Yuyan in surprise while not paying attention to them, Jiang Yuyan was observing the two guns in her hands, as she mumbled, “Not bad.”

“Where is our person?” San Zemin asked.

“I don’t know as they took him somewhere else and I doubt you will get him,” Da Nui replied.

“You didn’t answer me yet, uncle,” said Jiang Yuyan as she was still holding the guns, positioning it at the different angles with her one eye close to check how to shoot from different sides.

Everyone looked at her to know who she was talking to and what answer she was asking for.

Not getting a reply soon, Jiang Yuyan gave out a deep sigh and looked at Da Nui, “You are the one to call me a kid so is it wrong to call you an uncle?”

No one knew how to react to her such behavior. When they were trying to get the information from Da Hui about Lu Feng, she was still in a mood to play. ‘Boss, can you be a bit serious?’ thought the men while Da Nui was regretting his previous decision to underestimate her.

“Okay, let me repeat it again, just for the sake of you, uncle. After killing you, will the police deal with your body or will your boss dump it somewhere?”

Not just Da Nui, but it stunned San Zemin and his men too, hearing the question again. They initially thought she was just acting, but now all were sure that she was asking it seriously.

“San Zemin, who is she really?” Da Nui asked annoyingly.

Because of this, in such a serious situation too, San Zemin and his men had a smile on their lips. Their boss beat the enemies not only with her skill but also annoyed the enemy with her words.

Finally, San Zemin cleared the curiosity of his boss, “Police will come and take these bodies from here. As it’s nothing new for them and they don’t want to meddle in such matters, they will make a fake report declaring they couldn’t find anything on investigation and close the case.”

“I see, so the police and the laws are still useless,” commented Jiang Yuyan.

She had hated police and the law since the incident in the past. The police did nothing to punish the culprit, so she had to do the justice on her own and when she did it, the police didn’t take any actions against her even though she was wrong to harm the person in such a bad way.

Going closer to San Zemin and Da Nui, Jiang Yuyan observed Da Nui carefully from head to toe.

“San Zemin, how about taking him as my first guest in the VIP room?” asked Jiang Yuyan as her evil eyes were still observing Da Nui.

“V-VIP room?” Da Nui asked, as what Jiang Yuyan said didn’t sound right to him.

“Nothing much. I am just eager to chop a few fingers and pull out a few teeth,” Jiang Yuyan replied, looking at Da Nui as if he was her prey.

Jiang Yuyan’s words and her sight scared him as he knew in this field people often tortured others to get what they want but never ever in his dreams Da Nui thought the day would come for him too.

“They took him to the farmhouse that the boss owns, which is five kilometers from here.” Da Nui spurted out as he could see Jiang Yuyan’s intentions were not right.

San Zemin pitied this man whom he once knew in the past while Jiang Yuyan kept quiet to let San Zemin handle the things as she didn’t know what place Da Nui was talking about.

San Zemin pulled out the cellphone from Da Nui’s jacket and gave it to him as he ordered. “Dialled the number.”

Understanding the meaning, Da Nui did what San Zemin asked.

The familiar figures entered inside. That was the butler and his two men who handled the mansion with him. This time those two were in the suits instead of the uniform of the servants. They were carrying long-range guns the ones snipes used. This surprised Jiang Yuyan.

“Once again you did well, Bai Ye,” San Zemin commented as he gave Da Nui to his men to handle while the people in the high-tech room in the mansion were busy tracing the number that Da Nui dialed in his cellphone to get the location of the farmhouse.

“How can I not when our boss ordered me to prepare a proper meal for you as she might trouble you?” replied the butler.

San Zemin remembered Jiang Yuyan’s last words with the butler when she asked him to prepare the proper meal for everyone, and especially San Zemin as he might run out of patience with his new boss. San Zemin understood the meaning of her words as she indirectly told the butler she would do something that San Zemin might not like and she might ruin his plan.

Just then San Zemin’s man came to him holding the tablet in his hands, “They found the location.”

“Wind up everything here and let’s go,” San Zemin instructed.



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