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Read Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 975 – Everything Belongs To Him Only…

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Chapter 975 – Everything Belongs To Him Only…

The next morning Jiang Yuyan left the Lu Mansion to go on her business trip. She left when it was still dawn, and everyone was sleeping except for the person who couldn’t sleep the entire night.

Since Lu Lijun got to know Jiang Yuyan was leaving with Wen Zac, he felt restless and couldn’t sleep.

The early morning he heard Jiang Yuyan’s room door open and close, and he understood she was leaving. He didn’t go out but saw her leaving in the car while standing in his room’s gallery.

Not knowing what to feel or think, Lu Lijun continued standing in the gallery until the car disappeared from his site. There was chaos in his mind.

‘Am I really worried about her or what? She can protect herself,’ he thought, hiding his actual feelings behind the worry.

The next two days went by when Lu Lijun didn’t look in a great mood and immersed himself in work. Those two days, after the office work, he worked on Lu Qiang’s accident case, trying to connect the link, but every time it seemed like he met a dead end.

“Still, no progress?” Noah asked who waited for Lu Lijun to finish his work.

“Whatever I try, it’s difficult to get the information about that one person. It seems like everything has been covered intentionally,” Lu Lijun replied.

Noah thought about something, “Lijun.”

“Hmm?” Lu Lijun looked at him.

“After your brother, president Lu was the one to take his position and power. Then…”

“I can never ask her about it,” Lu Lijun replied, knowing what Noah would say.

Noah agreed, “It might remind her about the horrific incident.”

“That too and…..” Lu Lijun stopped.



“One day, I hope to get answers to all these nothings from you,” Noah commented and didn’t insist on asking.

Lu Lijun didn’t reply, and Noah spoke again, “Brother Lu Feng must know everything.”

“He does,” Lu Lijun confirmed.

“Why don’t you ask him then?”

“I can’t. At least not now,” Lu Lijun replied.


“Because he will try to stop me,” Lu Lijun replied.

“Seems like things are complicated,” Noah commented, and Lu Lijun nodded.

Lu Lijun looked at the time, and Noah understood why.

“President Lu must have returned till now,” said Noah, and Lu Lijun acted as if he didn’t hear it.

“Let’s go home.” Instructing, Lu Lijun stood up and picked up his jacket from the backrest of the chair.

Lu Lijun reached home and looked at Lu Mansion the moment he stepped out of the car. The lights of Jiang Yuyan’s room were off.

‘She must be tired and sleeping now,’ he thought.

It was late, so no one among the family members was awake. The servants who were awake greeted him. Lu Lijun expected to see the butler because the butler never slept before everyone from the family returned home.

The moment Lu Lijun stepped inside the living room, the butler came to him and bowed.

“Seems like because of me, butler uncle doesn’t get any sleep,” Lu Lijun commented.

Understanding the meaning, the butler replied, “It’s my job.”

“When did she return?” Lu Lijun asked.

“Young mistress?” the butler asked.

Lu Lijun nodded.

“Young mistress didn’t return today,” the butler informed.

It surprised Lu Lijun, “Wasn’t she supposed to return?”

“Suddenly, there was a change in plan.”

“What change?”

“Young mistress went to Florence and will return the day after tomorrow,” the butler replied.

As Lu Lijun expected, the butler was always aware of everything and every person in the family.

“Florence?” Lu Lijun mumbled and then thought about something, “Is she alone?” Lu Lijun was even surprised.

“Xiao Min and Mr. Wen accompanied her,” the butler replied, and Lu Lijun felt furious.

Lu Lijun left to go to his room, and the butler didn’t fail to notice the change in his expressions.

Just then, one servant who was standing at a distance and saw then talking came to the butler as he looked at the retreating back of Lu Lijun.

“Fourth young master seems scarier than others,” said the servant.

“He is, and you should be careful around him,” the butler warned and said as he too continued looking at Lu Lijun, “Soon he would be the one whom we will serve.”

“And young mistress?” the servant asked.

“This everything belongs to him only,” the butler replied, and the servant agreed as he too was aware of the facts.

Each step on the staircase created a new question in Lu Lijun’s mind.

‘We don’t have any business going on there, so why did she go?’ he continued thinking.

For the past two days, Lu Lijun didn’t get proper sleep, and it seemed like it would continue till Jiang Yuyan would return.


The next day at the breakfast table, elder Lu asked about Jiang Yuyan when he didn’t see her.

“Where is Yuyan?”

“She is yet to return,” Lu Jinhai replied.


“She suddenly planned for Florence.”

“Do we have any business going on in Florence?” Lu Lijun asked.

“No,” Lu Jinhai replied.

“Can’t she go anywhere without business?” elder Lu asked as he looked at Lu Lijun.

“I never said it,” he countered and resumed eating.

“Is that young man with her?” elder Lu asked.

“Yes, father,” Lu Jinhai answered, and elder Lu smiled, “Good.”

“Is father talking about Mr. Wen’s son?” Ning Jiahui asked.


“Seems like they are good friends,” Lu Chen replied.

“Isn’t it a good thing?” Lu Jinhai asked, and others agreed.

Lu Lijun felt like his throat was not able to gulp the food and felt heavy in his chest. He felt anxious for no reason and stood up, “I have somewhere to go.”

“Finish the food first,” Ning Jiahui instructed.

“I’m full,” Lu Lijun stepped out of the dining room and straight went out of the Lu Mansion.

The driver was ready with Lu Lijun’s car, but Lu Lijun asked him for the keys, “I’ll go alone.”

Driving at full speed, Lu Lijun left the mansion, not knowing where he should go. There was still time for the office hours, but he preferred to go there as he had no other place to go.


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