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Chapter 39 – Visitor Suddenly Barging In
Translator: Eros


The magic in this world doesn’t depend that much in chanting the spell by mouth but rather put an importance in the technique that is supported by the caster’s imagination power.

It started with thinking of the words that have simple meaning and then combining those words to shape the magic. With a successful combination, an incantation is created and the magic is already available to cast off. That is the principle of magic casting in this world.

Let’s put the standard magic in fantasy world, the magic that shoot a ball of flame forward, fireball, as an example to explain the process of casting a magic.
First the caster must imagine words that own the meaning of [fire] and [ball] which is called as runes then combine those runes with own magic power to invoke it. There are no needs to chant the spell or scream the magic name out loud to activate it.
The combination of either [fire] and [ball] or [fire] and [globe] had the same name of fireball even if the runes that construct the magic are a little different. It was mainly because the guild wants to simplify the record for easier management so they just bundled up magic that seems similar even if it was constructed from different sets of runes. Anyway, the magician nowadays would remember the combination to construct a magic better than the magic name itself as it was not really that important in the process of casting magic.

According to the ancestor, the reasons why this ‘modern’ magic is shaped in this kind of form are as followed:
1. If you use chanting to cast a magic, there’s a chance that your enemy can guess what magic you will cast so they can have more time to think of a countermeasure for your magic.
2. If you use chanting to cast a magic, enemy can easily disable a magician by just silencing the magician and there are a lot of ways to shut someone mouth. It is also almost impossible for someone to cast magic while running so they are vulnerable to receiving hits. There also problems regarding p.r.o.nunciation that could affect the conjuring of magic. Anyway there are a lot of conspicuous weak spot.
3. When inheriting the magic to a successor, by just mistaking one word in the chant would make the magic uncastable and the magic will forever be lost. Inheriting magic is important for magician so using chant that is very unstable in the term of inheriting is not preferable.

After a long arduous development, casting magic by compounding various runes becomes the standard in this world.
And then the problem is. In this world where chanting magic is already obsolete, what kind of magic conjuring that is considered as high leveled like the legendary ‘chant-less magic’ that usually comes out in those fantasy novel?
The answer is by etching the imagination of the magic in the magician own brain. Imagination power is something that everyone has within their own brain. The theory is simple: just etch the constructed runes with magic power to one’s brain, and that person would just need to focus their awareness continuously to the image so that image won’t get erased from their brain.

For an apprentice magician, maintaining one rune is already their limit most of the time. But the more skillful they get, the number of runes that they can maintain increases. And when the number of runes that they can maintain reaches 3, they will finally be acknowledged as an adept magician.

About the rank of magician that was used in the magician guild to show each individual power level, that was simply ranked by how many runes that they can maintain at once.

Well, even with that kind of power ranks system separating the ranks of magician, measuring a magician’s true strength is still not a simple thing as there are loopholes everywhere in the system. But still, the chant-less equivalent skill namely etching runes magically with only using the magician’s imagination without realizing it into the world can be used as a stock rune(s) that is possible to be combined with other runes that the magician kneaded manually to construct a spell.
The usual tactics between skilled magicians is by etching one rune into the brain and then knead other runes that are combinable with the stock rune that was previously etched. Using this trick, the magicians deceived each other with the purpose of to not let the opposing party read their true strength. In the advanced stage, the magician even don’t need to knead the rune or write the rune with their finger any longer… is what the magician hope how it will comes out once they reached that height. In the end, this rune technique in the most basic essence is just the same as the chanting-styled magic. And that similarity is that both technique ultimate goals is to try finding the simplest way to cast the magic using the shortest time possible while keeping or even increasing the output of the magic.

After finish accepting some jobs from the government office, Renya went back to their lodge first to get ready. And because there are some time left before the work starts, Renya asked Brenda to explain him about this world‘s magic principle. When Brenda asks him why he suddenly asks such question, he just answers it like this:

“I was just curious with how you cast your magic, Brenda. Because in my world, the image of casting magic is something that was done by chanting a long line of speech after speech before the magician is able to conjure up the magic”
“Well, using mouth to chant the magic is indeed faster in some ways…… but there are also a lot of unnecessary points mixed in”

Added to that, in most situations, magician who is focusing to their chant is fallen to a defenseless state and rendered immobile at that moment so it was really dangerous. In many earth’s fiction work, magician is dubbed as the fixed cannon because of this weak spot. Compared to that, this world magician really is more aggressive.

“Now that you mention it, I haven’t heard your rank in the guild Brenda, what is your rank now?”
“I am now in the fifth tier rank position. To become a guildmaster at worst I need to be in the eight tier rank positions so I’m kinda like in the turning point if one might say”

Renya who doesn’t know much about the standard of this world moreover the standard in the magician guild can only reacts to Brenda words lightly and just let it pa.s.s. Renya don’t know that being a fifth tier ranked magician at her age means that her future possibility is very prospective that even n.o.bles and kings will try to hire her actively. The reason is because increasing the number of etched rune is not a simple think that even hard leveled ascetic practice could increase.
If it was just the factor of having a good teacher and that the student themselves is a hardworker, at most it would only gave birth to a third tier ranked magician normally. The standard ruler to measure whether a magician is a genius or not is by whether that magician can step into the fifth tier rank or not.
Because of that, after reaching fifth tier rank, Brenda position in the guild raises through the roof in one go. At the same time, she also got the privilege to accept special job request that is not available to other lower ranked magician and she could also be awarded with a high positioned occupation within the guild but she had politely refused it.

“Compared to the time I spent in the guild, the time I spent together with you is far longer you know? I am purely just a member of the guild and I am good with only that. My teacher is also the same so maybe it was because of her influence?”
“Ah that magician from Sirkaberia right?”
“Yes. She is already an eighth tier ranked master cla.s.s magician. If she is willing to she can have the political power as high as a king of a kingdom but because she hates to be caught up in troublesome things, she just went and reject all the offer made for her and live a secluded life. She is by nature a person that loves freedom”

Brenda tells the story of her teacher while smiling wryly because of her teacher unfavorable traits but her voice tone shows how deep her affection to her teacher really is.
Renya thinks that the time is already good enough to ask a more private matter to Brenda. Moreover, the other party member isn’t present as they are going out doing their own respective jobs. This kind of chance happens very rarely inside Renya’s party.
With that in mind and the rare chance presents, Renya feel easier to ask. He thinks that he could help Brenda more if he knows more about her so he unhesitatingly ask her.

“That case about Ordought Sect, did you chase them because of your teacher?”
“…… Yes, that’s right. Teacher also trust you it seems so might as well tell you about it”

‘At last’, Renya said that quietly inside his heart while straighten his collar while waiting for Brenda to start telling him.

“It was a story from when teacher hadn’t even taken me in as disciple yet. Teacher had this one magician acquaintance that does some kind of bizarre researches. And the magic that the person experimenting is a kind of peculiar spell that use summoning magic system as it base”
“Don’t tell me that spell is to ma.s.s summon dead spirit to control them and ma.s.s produce zombies to wreak havoc in the world”
“In the least, that kind of magic system is not recorded in the world’s magic organization. But such necromancy magic is also present. That kind of magic is something that my teacher regarded as blasphemous and hates it to the bone. Well, in actuality, there are rune that used the word [death] or [spirit] but we, magician, usually only combine [death] with the word [cleansing] to construct a purify undead magic and other similar magic”

When a monster corpse failed to return to mother earth, or a human corpse that experienced unnatural death, if those remains are just neglected like that or when those remains didn’t receive any purifying magic those remains then will turn into ghost or undead type of monster. Those undead type monsters would show hostility toward any other things that are living without exception. That knowledge is a common sense here in this world as Brenda teaches Renya in more detail.

“That person research is about —- summoning a G.o.d from another world or so as I was told”
“That’s… doesn’t sound nice at all right. Summoning something not of this world but from another world eh?”
“Yes. From the beginning, that person had already insisted on her own theory about the origins of magic. In her theory, she said that all kind of magic was conjured from another world to cause interference in this world. And that another world that she said here means a world that exist inside every magician, their own self’s world. With the existence of summoning magic, that person starts to doubt whether there are other plural worlds that is different from this current world”

That was a too force theory. There are too much a.s.sumptions that it doesn’t even sound rational but as there are examples of G.o.ds that had come to this world from another world, he couldn’t just laugh at that person theory. Even more, Renya current self also knows about the existence of uncountable other different worlds.

“I didn’t hear the reason why that acquaintance seeking a way to summon a G.o.d from another world. But my teacher regrets from not taking any action to stop that person even though she managed to comprehend the danger from that research early”
“…… Is there anything happened?”
“…… I didn’t know the detail of the story but from the little bit of story I heard —- seems like a town was destroyed without a trace left”

Was that disaster happened because of the failure of the ritual that the misfire accidentally blows up the entire town or was that ritual end up a success that it actually summon a G.o.d whom is an incarnate of destruction and burned the city down to the ground, n.o.body knows the real answer. A scorched wasteland devoid of life that even a single blade of gra.s.s doesn’t sprout, that was the view that Brenda’s teacher saw in the place where a town used to be a few days before the disaster happened.

“In the event of the academy raid, teacher still had her doubt. But after I report her about the Rugartia insurrection case, teacher seems to find an important clue. Perhaps my teacher suspects that the acquaintance of hers had some connection with the Ordough sect”
“So that was your reason for chasing Ordough sect?”
“Yes. Teacher also has disciple in other continent and all of them are also investigating about Ordough sect too. The reason why I can become the me right now is pretty much thanks to my teacher for educating me so well. So I want to somehow return this feeling to her by helping her as much as I can“
“But dealing with Ordough sect is dangerous right? It makes me wonder whether your teacher really loves you or not because she doesn’t seem to stop you from doing it”
“Teacher is, both in good and bad meaning, is a person who uphold self-responsibility. She will let her student do as they pleases and only remind them to take responsibility for their action by themselves“

‘I thank you for your help. But when thing became dangerous, I don’t know whether I can help you escape from it Brenda’ that was the word that the teacher said to Brenda when she told her master that she wants to help her investigating Ordough sect.

“Because of that, I investigate Ordough sect while minding my own ability. I don’t even try digging too deep as it will only bring me danger. In fact, teacher even reminds me to not delve too much in the matter regarding the sect and told me to spend my time for my…… own… self…”

“Talking until that point, Brenda suddenly remembers what her teacher had reminded her on that day and start mumbling unclearly. (when her teacher teach her about the ‘s.e.x magic’) ‘Why do I have to remember about that thing in such timing?’ Brenda can only feel anguish inside her heart.

“Hee… even if she has her own weaknesses she is indeed a good teacher…… Why did your face suddenly turns red like that Brenda?”
“Nothing happened! Just mind your own business! …… Haa… sorry, I just suddenly remember some embarra.s.sing things when my teacher teases me”
“…… Your teacher really is a she right?”
“Y-yeah that’s right…… Hey wait!? Don’t tell me you had a strange imagination about us……!”
“Ok, don’t be rash! Wait a minute and calm yourself! After that try to remember what you had said before!? From your speech before, not suspecting about something weird happened is weirder right!? In the first place, it was you who suddenly feel embarra.s.sed at the most weird timing right……?”
“When you say it like that I also found it logical…… But I still feel like getting wronged here……!”
“ANYWAY, that should be like this right, when you talk to your teacher about that, she suddenly made fun of you or some similar things happened that make you feel embarra.s.sed right?”
“T-That right! So even you can also deduct thing calmly like this. That’s unexpected”

Renya was only thinking about how to get out from that sticky situation just before so he made something up quickly but thanks to that, Brenda at last managed to regains her calm.
They stop for a while for taking a quick breath while sipping the tea that had already became lukewarm because of their long talks.

“Hoo. I was surprised when I heard that there is a man who gets your approval. Getting an approval from a woman like you, I was wondering what kind of big shot that man was. I see I see. This guy really is not your usual average joe. With him around, that smoking hot body of yours that I raised with much trouble at last can be put to a good use”

Suddenly a familiar voice that shouldn’t even be here can be heard. And there is a pair of a grown up man sized palms suddenly appears from the back and grab hold onto Brenda’s pair of fine beast.

“OWAWAWAWA! I don’t have that kind of hobby! Stop it!”

Even Brenda couldn’t keep her composure to the sudden thing happening and spurt out a mouthful of tea to Renya’s face grandly with all her might.
There are people who think of that act as a reward but, in this situation, can anybody still feel happy? Well at least Renya won’t.

“I-I’m sorry! Are you okay”
“Well, the tea is already lukewarm so I’m alright…”

Brenda is in a hurry wipes up Renya face gallantly with her handkerchief. Her face is filled with guilty feeling because of her mishap. And the one who is the cause of this all, Martina Servin who as usual wears a black dress, was only standing there looking at the view that unfold before her while smiling naughtily.

“Huumu, Seems like those pair have grown bigger from the last time I measure them, have them not? …… Is this a sudden growth from B to C? Uhuhuhu, seems like you still properly refine yourself as a woman to. That is simply remarkable”

For your information, this world also had a similar culture with earth regarding underwear that even the common folk women also usually wear a pair of top and bottom underwear. Cup size and underwear design is also pretty much similar from the one from earth. Why in this kind of medieval world that kind of modern culture permeates deep within it, only the G.o.ds from this world that know.
In short, what Martina says about from B to C is also about that.

“That desperate calling, do you mean it to express your surprised feeling for me suddenly appears here or for rebuke me from telling your cup size out loud?”
“Both of them! Gosh, teacher why did you always do things like that…… Humph!”

The anger that raging up inside Brenda‘s heart is comes from many reason mixed together that Brenda was even confused what she should be angry with.
And Martina, who doesn’t seem to care about Brenda’s scolding, just calmly turns her sight to Renya.

“But even I can’t predict that the one that Brenda follows is a G.o.d”

Martina suddenly points that out is also an unpredictable turn of event for Renya. He even dumbfounded for a while from the shock.


Author note: I made this chapter to answer reader question about why Brenda doesn’t do chanting while casting spell.
And then the reappearance of the s.e.xual hara.s.sment teacher.


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