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Read Young Master Damien’s Pet 281 Meadow- Part 2

Young Master Damien’s Pet is a web novel created by ash_knight17.
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Read WebNovel Young Master Damien’s Pet 281 Meadow- Part 2

When Damien spoke about the meadow, Penny had thought it to be some sort of expression not knowing he actually meant a meadow. The fields expanded, stretching itself to the forest which wasn’t too far. It wasn’t green nor was it sunny with what Damien had on his mind. 

“Master Damien?” called Penny once they got down from the carriage, “We are going to have a picnic around and in the snow?” she asked him unsure if this was what he had in his mind. It wasn’t just her but also the coachman who looked the cold scenery in front of them. Only Damien Quinn could have this kind of bizarre ideas. 

“You are right. Isn’t this place lovely? It is quiet and calm with not possible distractions,” he then looked at his coachman who was cold with the thin clothes he wore. Even Penny who had worn an off-shoulder dress could slowly feel the frost sinking into her skin as if it was subtly absorbing the cold around them which was in the forest, “Have the items placed at that corner,” he ordered the man who bowed and went to put down the items which the butler had previously stacked behind the carriage. 

Penny turned her head around, looking at the forest which was covered around with tall trees. Though there was a meadow, it looked as if it had been centered around the forest. Her eyes then fell on the coachman who first spread the blanket on the land which was thick. Next came the basket and the second basket which was placed on the blanket. When the coachman returned back, Damien ordered,

“You can go back to the mansion.”

The coachman blinked once before asking Damien, “Would you want me to return back after some time?”

“No, don’t. Take the carriage and oil the wheels. I hear them creak every time it moves. Annoying,” came out his words, his eyes sharp on the human whose eyes widened. 

It had been quite some time since they had oiled the wheels of the carriage but then he was the one riding the carriage and driving it and not once had he noticed the sound of the wheels creaking. How sharp were Master Damien’s ears that he had picked on it? With a questionable look, the coachman this time raised his head to look at the pureblooded vampire. 

“What?” asked Damien seeing the servant not move but continue to dawdle in front of him, “Don’t tell me you plan to join us in our picnic time,” Damien’s eyes narrowed for the man to suddenly wave his hands in front of him. 

“No no, master Damien. That-uh, how will you return back to the mansion?” asked the coachman. They had traveled for quite some distance that walking back especially for the lady with him would be hard. 

“We will walk,” came the simple answer through Damien’s lips. 

“Walk?” it seemed like master Damien wasn’t sparing the girl too. Internally he couldn’t help but pity the girl. To be stuck to a crazy vampire, life was only going to be hard.

“If we had wings we would fly. Unfortunately, G.o.d gave us legs and not wings. So yes, we will walk,” the look he pa.s.sed at the servant made the poor man feel like an insect which was going to be trampled on if he didn’t see himself out of here. 

Giving another bow, he turned around with his feet carrying himself with hurried footsteps, “You scared him away,” Penny said looking at the coachman who appeared as if he was walking fast. 

“They are always scared,” Damien didn’t bother to spare his precious time on the servant and instead looked at the picnic set up that was made for them, “Come, let’s take a seat. I am starving.” 

They had left home early, skipping the time of breakfast with their family which would not only give them time but also give other members in the family to have some peace of mind where no one was going to glare daggers at each other. 

Taking a seat on the thick blanket, Penny saw Damien pull the basket towards him. Opening it and pulling out the items one after another. As if behaving like a host, he asked,

“Would you like some tea, madam?” 

“Yes, please. With two cubes of sugar, stir it well,” Penny said unable to hold out her the chuckle that escaped from her lips. She had never got to make him do anything until now, not wanting to miss the opportunity, she teased him. 

Damien pa.s.sed her a look but it was one which belonged to a playful one. He took the warm kettle that was placed around a little box that was used to keep the pot hot along with the other food items. Picking up the teacup, he poured the tea, adding two cubes of sugar, stirring it well before handing it over to Penelope. 

“Thank you,” she said taking the teacup from him. She noticed that there was a full pack of breakfast in the two baskets for both of them, taking a bite of bacon which was put on the plate, she said, “You are much different to what I thought of you initially,” she took another bite that filled up her mouth. 

“How much different?” came Damien’s nonchalant voice and even though it appeared that way, the man was keen and curious to know what Penny thought about him. 

Penny smiled, chewing on her food and swallowing it, “If given the opportunity when we first met, I wouldn’t have minded turning you into a toad.”

Damien gave out a gasp, “How ruthless. Especially when I offered you nothing but kindness.”

“Your kindness came in the form of not offering me food when I was hungry and making me climb a tree when my leg was still hurt,” she said calmly, his expression freezing for a second before he resumed to fill his plate with food he wanted to eat, like a mischievous boy that had been caught.

He felt like this was something that was going to go down in their history and carried into the future even after decades would pa.s.s by between them.

Receiving a narrowed look from her, he instead offered her a charming smile.


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