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Read Young Master Damien’s Pet 590 Stealing Things- Part 1

Young Master Damien’s Pet is a Webnovel created by ash_knight17.
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The white witcher who had fallen on his back on the ground stared at the woman who stood in front of him, her smile looked sweet yet daunting with her skin that kept changing back forth between being one that belonged to a human and the other being the dry, scaly cracked skin which belonged to the black witches. 

“Don’t look frightened, father. If you look frightened, what will the people do who come to the church for shelter?” asked the black witch, walking towards him to stand a step away from him, “Do you know this book?” she asked to bring the book for him to see.

The man looked at the book that read ‘How to pot garlic and use it with its benefits’. Mythweald was a land that the black witches hadn’t touched or hadn’t done anything so far as the witches always ended up being stopped by the top two lands of Valeria and Bonelake, a higher concentration of the witches taking place in Wovile.

“It speaks about garlic,” answered the father, his eyes flickering from looking at the front of the book and then the woman who gave him an unamused look at him. 

“I know that it’s written for garlic. What else do you read?” asked the woman, her eyes carrying the slit eyes like a snake’s eyes. The blue-eyed witch, Sabbi had handed it over to her. She had been asked to read the book which Laurae had done before she came to believe there was some sort of code written in it that only the white witches could see and read. 

She had traveled far enough where civilization wasn’t too much and was scarce before stepping into this church. Now with the white witch at her feet, she wanted to decipher the code quickly so that she could go back and be praised for her quick work. 

It wasn’t Laurae who met Sabbi first, but it was Sabbi who had come looking for Laurae. Recruiting some of the black witches by handpicking them personally to get her work done of unbinding the black magic. Though what the black witches didn’t know was that Sabbi was once a white witch and wasn’t born as a black witch. Due to her false appearance, people automatically came to believe that she was a young black witch with a sea of knowledge who was working for the change and betterment of the black witches. 

The black witch threw the book at the man and said, “Read it,” the father, who was not a young man didn’t know what the woman wanted with a simple book. When she caught the unwillingness look in his eyes, she didn’t hesitate to pull out one of her very treasured dolls that was made of wooden twigs to form into a bundled doll. 

Not waiting for him, she twisted the leg of the doll that resulted in the white witcher’s leg being twisted and he screamed in pain.

“AHHH!” with a blank look on her face, she twisted the leg of the doll even more and she could hear the man’s screams echoing back by the walls of the church. 

“I told you what you wanted to know!” the witcher replied through his gritted teeth. He felt the tear in his muscles and the burning pain that erupted from his legs to spread throughout his body. 

Laurae turned to the first bench and sat down on it, “I told you to read it. Read,” she said, waiting for him to tell her what mysteries were there in the book. The woman knew that Sabbi had entrusted her something very important and she had to get it done quickly. 

The white witcher saw the black witch move her hands back to the doll by going to the next leg, ready to decapitate him. He took the book in his hands, huffing for air as he struggled with his twisted leg. 

“Read it loudly and don’t bother to lie. I will find out if you lie,” Laurae informed him to be cautious. Unlike Penny, who had found out on how to deflect the voodoo magic by making use of the plant rosemary as it was written in one of the books by Isabelle, not everyone was well versed with it, “Read the two pages straight,” she added before crossing her legs, placing one hand over the other while holding her knees, she looked at the chapel. 

If there was something everyone was aware of it was that every black witch regardless of their gender, they were all crazy and psychotic. Opening the book, he started to read from the first page. 

“The importance of garlic is as good as to fight the body for cold and immunity than can be grown with other benefits. You need to scallop the outer skin before consuming it. Always found underground these letting things can be grown in-“

“Stop it,” Laurae stared at the man to see if he was playing with her, because if he was then she wouldn’t mind tearing the voodoo doll to pieces as she wasn’t in the mood to play, “Read it properly. Move to the next three pages and read from there,” her eyes narrowed at the man when he continued to look down at the book and said,

“To cook with garlic, you can either create a paste or chop them into fine pieces by shaping them as you need and require depending on the consumer-” the black witch sighed loud enough to have the priest stop talking about it. Out of curiosity, he looked at the woman who appeared to be annoyed by what he read, “What is this book?” he asked her. Either the black witch had lost the little amount of sanity that was there with her or she was looking for amus.e.m.e.nt. 

“I was wondering the same,” answered the woman, “Do you know any high standing witch who can help me decipher this book?” looking at the way the man was eyeing her, she said, “Maybe not,” she started to walk up the aisle. Her footsteps quiet when a cross came flying towards her and she caught it. “Child,” she commented.

Turning around she threw the wood after looking at it, “You white witches are such idiots. Thinking you can kill a black witch with a wooden cross. For people who haven’t found a way to stop a black witch from entering the church, I don’t know what kind of protection you all speak about with the others.”

She had thrown the voodoo doll as she didn’t want to make use of it right. Instead, she walked forward while the father tried to inflict harm on her by throwing the holy water again and trying to stab her that only resulted in him getting his arm twisted. 


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