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Read Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 150 – Past Hauntings- Part 1

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Read WebNovel Young Master Damien’s Pet Chapter 150 – Past Hauntings- Part 1

The wind picked the dried ones that had fallen from the top of the trees to run and move, hitting and jumping in the air not too far. Penny hadn’t expected Damien to kiss her, at least not like this as the leaves drifted on the ground. She felt him pull closer to him, his hand that had been resting to his side had curled around her waist, bringing as close as he could as he kissed her. She wanted to push him away but with every move of his lips on hers, she could feel gooseb.u.mps form all over her skin. 

Penny tried to take a step back but there was nowhere to go. Even the little s.p.a.ce which was there, Damien followed right along with her. His tongue rubbed on her own, moving back and forth and kneading it like a dough. He had somehow managed to lift her head up, tilting her face so that he could kiss her much better. 

But it didn’t stop there. When Damien pulled away with a breathless Penny under him who was in his arms, he dived back in this time to nip on her lower lip making her yelp softly. 

“Damien-” came her voice to only be silenced with his lips which he placed back on but that didn’t stay too long there. His lips sucked on hers by the time where Penny’s resistance had turned weak. She didn’t know why she couldn’t fight him right now, almost as if in a trance state. 

Damien’s lips sucked on her lips which he had only wounded at the tip of his teeth to sooth it back but not ever gently. Just as his movements turned gentle, Penny’s hand tried to push him away again. Her cheeks had turned red and hot realizing what they were doing. Or rather what he was doing to her. 

As if reading her mind with the expression that pa.s.sed by her face, he pushed her securely on the tree, such that her back now was pressed against the bark. Damien let her lips go but the hand that was on the waist went to catch one of her hand before both the hands were placed on the uneven bark next to her head.

Penny breathed in and out, her cheeks red and flushed which made Damien want to bite her. She looked breathtakingly delectable. Her eyes looked wild but he held a higher intensity than hers. 

“Master Damien,” she whispered his name, and he could tell that the kiss had affected her. Evidently the girl was trying to hold it in but she couldn’t.

“What is it my adorable mouse?” Penny’s already flushed face looked even more embarra.s.sed. Her already reeling head reeled out more at his words and actions. When Damien bought his face close to her she could feel her heart start to beat faster, “Are you going to call me a pervert again? Or is it shameless? But what can I do, when the girl I have affections for looks so pretty like an apple ready to be eaten,” he whispered the words right next to her ear. Penny flinched when his teeth nipped her ear, “Shall I bite this?” 

Penny could feel more gooseb.u.mps form over her arms and neck. Raising the little hair at the nape of her neck for attention just by his words. He already bit it, what was he asking a question for? Had he planned to chomp her ear off her body?!

“I won’t bait you again,” Penny apologized for bringing up his name back in the black witch’s house.

“Oh, no,” came out his dramatic voice and she gulped, “If you don’t do it, I cannot impose you with things like these in the name of punishments,” was he bullying her? Penny wasn’t sure if it was but she wanted to go back to the room and maybe lock herself before hiding herself in the blanket. Could she disappear right now?

“Ow!” she yelped again when he bit the top of her ear lobe. 

She heard Damien sigh softly, “What do you keep thinking in the tiny head of yours. I wished I can find it out one day,” Oh, G.o.d no! thought Penny to herself, “It feels like you are having an inner monologue all the time when I am talking to you. Head in the clouds,” he murmured. 

“I apologized, master. Shouldn’t you let me go…” but Penny’s words fell on deaf ears. 

She felt him place his chin on her shoulder for which he had to crouch his back before turning his head that faced her neck, his breath hitting on her warm neck, “Unfortunately, I am shameless. It is who I am and I am not ashamed of it. I cannot help myself anymore,” Penny wondered if Bathsheba had given him something to drink back at the house. 

But Damien had not taken a drop except for the water that she had used with her…blood. Was it her blood? Or was it the water? Or maybe it was just him.

The next second Penny didn’t know what happened. When she went to blink, her eyes closed and opened to find herself back in Damien’s room, on the bed with Damien on top of her. 

Penny’s heart started to race, her heart beating loudly and her breathing turning shallower which lowered the small smile that had formed on Damien’s lips. Letting go of her hands immediately, he touched her face, “Are you alright?” he asked where she failed to answer. 

Worried, Damien moved away from Penny and helped her sit up while she looked dazed. When Penny finally looked at him, she looked away to suddenly have herself being pulled in Damien’s arms, “I wouldn’t do something you don’t like, Penelope,” he held her close with both his arms around her. This only made Penny somewhere guilty as she felt her lips slightly tremble which she bit to stop it, “Did something happen?” 


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