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Chapter 1058: Reincarnation

Monk Xuanyi said that Lu Jinwen was so consumed with murderous rage that he would not have a good ending.

It was a premonition.

It was also a ticking time bomb which made everyone uneasy.

“Grandpa, Grandma likes dandelions and has been kind and pure all her life. We all know she cherishes love and freedom. Why are you trapping her forever in this sinister place? Aren’t you imprisoning her love and freedom? Won’t Grandma be unhappy?” Little Gu Yelin asked.

Upon hearing these words, Lu Jinwen startled slightly. But his posture remained the same. He was still hunching his body and his soft lips were kissing her icy-cold forehead with a heartfelt tenderness. His lips gradually curved into a smile and he said his last sentence.

Many years later, when Gu Yelin helmed the corporate world, he would still recollect this scene from his childhood. This was also the last time he saw Grandpa.

“Lin Xuanji, you came into my life as you wished, how can I let you go as you wish? I will come up with a way to develop a road that leads to forever. Wait for me, I’ll come and find you soon.”

Lu Jinwen fell asleep in the master bedroom. He had a dream. In his dream, it was snowing. He was holding her hand to climb a mountain.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.” She raised her head to look at the snow falling from the sky.

“Xuanji, this is for you.” There was a lollipop in his hand.

Lin Xuanji stretched her hands out and beamed at him. “Mr Lu, how did you know I like lollipops?”

With that, she lunged forward immediately into his arms. He stretched his strong arms out to embrace her tightly. Her body was so soft and warm…

Lu Jinwen gradually opened his eyes.

His deep, cold almond-shaped eyes stared at the crystal chandelier above him. Was it a dream?

He stretched his hands out to feel for the person beside him.

But it was empty.

There was nothing.

It was only a dream.

At this moment, he felt an item. It was a lollipop.

It was the lollipop that he did not manage to give to her. He clutched the lollipop tightly in his palm. His eyes felt hot suddenly and soon a film of tears appeared.

He was dreaming.

In his dream, he had brought her to see the snow on the mountains.

In his dream, he had brought her to see the four seasons, the flowers falling at the courtyard and the clouds in the sky.

In his dream, he had hugged her and given her a lollipop.

He was able to do all the things in his dream that he was unable to do so in reality.

It was so beautiful.

But he was still not content. In the end, he was not even able to see her for the last time. The news about her pa.s.sing was even heard from someone else.

All the things that he had ever wished for in his entire life were just in front of him, all within his grasp. But all of a sudden, they disappeared like transient bubbles.

He could only dream of all these wonderful things.

He had lost everything he loved in this lifetime.

His one and only love.

His everything.

The void in his heart was looming bigger which made him feel unbearable. He lifted the blanket and got down from the bed.

In his haste, he knocked over a gla.s.s cup accidentally. He was not wearing shoes and he stepped onto the gla.s.s shards barefooted, which pierced right through his flesh.

“Xuanji…” he called.

There was no response.


“Xuanji, where are you…”


He called her name repeatedly and his voice reverberated around the wide room. He turned his head left and right to look for her. His deep almond-shaped eyes gradually lost focus and became

He was akin to a child who had lost his way and was combing the entire world.

What was he looking for?

He was looking for his heart.

He had lost his heart.

The man opened the door and ran out in his black silk pajamas, which billowed in the cold autumn wind. His footsteps were fl.u.s.tered and hurried and were not as composed as before. As he ran, he left a trail of blood on the floor.

He pushed open the door to the bas.e.m.e.nt and got up the icy-cold bed.

Lin Xuanji was still lying on the bed, looking as ravis.h.i.+ng as ever.

“Xuanji, so you were here. I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.” He sat on the bed and gently embraced Lin Xuanji.

He bowed his head and kissed her forehead tenderly while murmuring, “Xuanji, I miss you,”

Xuanji, I miss you.

He missed her so much.

He hugged her with all his might but why was her body so cold? It was like ice.

He froze and panicked like a child who had done something wrong. “Xuanji, why are you so cold? Let me help you rub your hands.”

He rubbed her icy-cold hands but no matter how much he rubbed, her hands were still cold as ice.

What was going on?

What was going on?!

Tears brimmed in his eyes and finally, droplets of tears cascaded down his face. He started to cry. His shoulders shook uncontrollably as he sobbed.

He hugged her and cried in excruciating pain.

It had been a tumultuous relations.h.i.+p between the two of them. Their hearts had grown cold from the numerous trials and tribulations they encountered.

There were no loving scenes of them in his memory. If there was an afterlife, even she would not be willing to begin again.

They had never truly owned each other before, but they kept losing each other. He had given him all his love and tenderness but she still abandoned him in the end.

Missing someone was toxic and he became critically ill.

One drop, two drops, three drops of blood… fell onto Lin Xuanji’s face.

Lu Jinwen frantically wiped off the blood on the face, dirtying his hands and her face in the process.

He was actually crying blood.

It was at this moment that he smiled. He was crying and smiling like a fool.

A crazed, lovesick fool.

“Xuanji, you still haven’t called me… Hubby. I won’t be able to hear you call me… Hubby again in this lifetime.”

He was thinking that she was still unable to bring herself to forgive him.

Because she did not even deign to call him “Hubby”.

She had achieved victory in this battle of love. In the end, she pierced right through his heart like a sword.

She made him cry and smile. She made him insane.

She made love elusive to him.

Actually he could not bear to die. Leaving together with her would be a reprieve for him but he still wanted to hold on to a possibility.

As long as he was living, there would still be hope.

Lu Jinwen was insane to the point of being possessed. At this moment, the bas.e.m.e.nt door was pushed open and Monk Xuanyi appeared.

Monk Xuanyi looked at Lu Jinwen and sighed. “Benefactor Lu, your tie with her has ended. Why are you still being so stubborn? Sigh, well since I have fate with Benefactor Lu, let me do this for you. I will help you and send both of you back to the past.”

Monk Xuanyi took out the wooden fish and started to knock on it…

Devotees were swarming in and out of the temple. Dong dong dong. The sounds of someone knocking the wooden fish were getting closer. Lu Jinwen opened his eyes immediately.

Where was she?

“Heavens, please bestow me a husband.” At this moment, a sweet and pleasant voice rang out.

Lu Jinwen looked down to see Lin Xuanji kneeling down and holding an oracle lot in her hand.

He wanted to move forward but at this moment, a gentle and refined figure barged into his vision. Lin Xuanji looked back and flashed a radiant smile at the person…


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