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Read Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 1208 – Smiling at Another Man

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Chapter 1208: Smiling at Another Man

The manager brought Xuan Ying to a luxurious room that had full privacy and Xuan Ying sat on the sofa.

Unbidden eyes landed on Feng Lingxue. She sat on a rich heir’s lap, the heir’s hand around her slim waist and they were behaving intimately. There were many other heirs around, including Xuan Mu. Everyone had their eyes on her, coveting her.

Xuan Ying’s eyes were just like spilled ink, his gaze dark and dangerous. He had already incapacitated Xuan Mu before giving her to him and he knew that Xuan Mu wouldn’t be able to do anything to her.

The entire South Palace was under his surveillance. Ah Zhou had reported to him, Xuan Mu hadn’t laid his hands on her.

But he hadn’t expected Xuan Mu to send her to his friends right after getting out of his sickbed.

Xuan Mu would always hang out with his friends, drink alcohol and have fun with women. There was once, Xuan Mu held a party and they forced a young model to drink tons of liquor. That time she had almost lost her life. After that fiasco, the South d.u.c.h.ess used her influence to keep this incident under wraps.

Xuan Ying’s eyes narrowed, he wasn’t surprised with Xuan Mu’s actions. However… she seemed rather accepting of it. She hadn’t resisted even when those men took advantage of her.

She even leaned her face on Young Master Zheng’s chest.

Xuan Ying’s entire countenance was dark and dangerous. She betrayed him over and over, treating him like a fool and he had to try so hard to restrain himself from thinking about her. Every little thing regarding her, how she was. .h.i.t and tortured at the South Palace was reported to him. He had to teach her a lesson and let her suffer a bit!

Everything had been within his control.

But he was somewhat annoyed. It was hard to explain, but he could feel that… she had changed.

Which part of her had changed?

He had no idea either.

Music started playing, a beauty went on stage to perform pole dance. Pole dance was one of the most popular performance segments in the bar. The men all started standing up, blowing whistles.

“Master.” Ah Zhou poured a gla.s.s of red wine and handed it to Xuan Ying. Xuan Ying leaned against the sofa, his legs crossed casually as he took a sip of the red wine, his gaze riveted on the stage.

The beauty was young and beautiful, performing a s.e.xy dance that hyped up the crowd. The corners of his lips kicked up into a sardonic smile. This was considered a good performance?

These humans probably hadn’t watched anything better.

Xuan Ying recalled the scene in the Capital that day. Feng Lingxue used just one piece of fabric to perform an aerial dance. Even up till now, he had been unable to forget about it.

There was a sudden commotion. “Does anyone want to watch Ah Jiao’s Room’s Feng Lingxue perform a pole dance?”

Xuan Ying froze while still holding the wine gla.s.s, lifting his eyes to look over in Feng Lingxue’s direction.

The heirs were excited. “Feng Lingxue, I heard that your dance is stunningly beautiful, hurry up and go dance, let us check it out.”

But Xuan Mu only sneered. “What is she going to perform? Her appearance is totally ruined, don’t go up on stage and scare everyone!”

When Young Master Zheng saw the scar on Feng Lingxue’s face, he shook his head with regret.

Feng Lingxue knew that it was the best chance for her to escape tonight. Out of the heirs, Young Master Zheng was the most lascivious.

She could only put her hopes on him and target him. She must seduce him so that he would take her away from this place.

“Okay, I will go on the stage,” Feng Lingxue suddenly spoke.

Young Master Zheng’s eyes lit up. “Feng Lingxue, are you serious? The scar on your face is really ugly!”

“Young Master Zheng, please lend me this.”

Xuan Ying could hear a wave of applause and cheering. “Feng Lingxue! Feng Lingxue! Feng Lingxue!”

Feng Lingxue had already gone on stage. She put on a white face veil.

The lights were dimmed, only leaving the few spotlights on the stage on. Feng Lingxue unb.u.t.toned her black trench coat, throwing it down the stage.

“It belongs to me!”

“It belongs to me!”

The men started fighting for the trench coat she had thrown down.

Feng Lingxue wore a translucent black chiffon blouse, it perfectly hid away the gruesome-looking wounds on her body while revealing her svelte waist inside. She wore a pair of fitting black pants, her legs looked a mile long. Once she went on stage, she took their breath away.

With a twist of her slender hips, Feng Lingxue started dancing around the pole. Her body was flexible and she could get into many different positions. After so many years at Ah Jiao’s Room, she had a womanly aura that other women didn’t have.

Once she started dancing, everyone was shocked, they even forgot to breathe. Feng Lingxue could feel a blazing gaze on her. It was from the private room.

Xuan Ying.

Xuan Ying was looking at her.

Ever since she went up on stage, he pinned her with his gaze. Feng Lingxue lifted her eyes, looking in his direction.

The entire time, Xuan Ying’s eyes seemed to rake through her, traveling all over her body. Bringing the wine gla.s.s to his lips, he finished it in one gulp, feeling as though his throat had been raked over hot charcoal.

He had no idea how long he hadn’t been laid.

Ever since he gave her away to Xuan Mu, though he had many concubines at the Snow Mountain Residence, he simply wasn’t in the mood. Moreover, those concubines weren’t there for that purpose.

Now that he watched her performing a pole dance, he felt his desires being rekindled.

Was she seducing him now?

Xuan Ying raised the corners of his lips slightly, giving her a condescending look when she looked over in his direction.

How could those heirs even compare to him? A promiscuous gold digger like her would surely choose him as a target.

All of Xuan Ying’s gloominess just disappeared when she took the initiative. He had no idea why. Why was she playing hard to get?

If she had just opened up and begged him at the engagement banquet, he… probably wouldn’t have allowed Xuan Mu to carve her face. Look, in the end, she still had to seduce him, beg him, pleasure him now. Why was she being obstinate?

Xuan Ying looked at her with superiority, but the next moment, Feng Lingxue’s gaze s.h.i.+fted as she looked in Young Master Zheng’s direction, even smiling at Young Master Zheng.

“F*ck!” Young Master Zheng cursed. He almost drooled, he simply couldn’t wait, he wanted to just pin her underneath of him.

When Xuan Ying witnessed the scene, “…”

His facial features tensed up, flinging his arm to smash the wine gla.s.s on the ground.

She wasn’t seducing him!

She was seducing that powerless Young Master Zheng!

How dare she?

How dare she?

Xuan Ying’s chest heaved up and down, his eyes turning menacing and he suddenly lifted his hand, holding his head.

His head really hurt.

It was as though it was going to split open.

His breathing got heavier, he felt really unwell, to the point where he felt like hitting someone, killing someone. A demonic violence spread through his blood and bones as the rage threatened to rear its head.


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