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Read Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 362 – A Stranger’s Voice

Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle is a web novel produced by Qian Nishang, 芊霓裳.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 362: A Stranger’s Voice

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He couldn’t afford it?

He was the Capital’s leading conglomerate and yet he claimed that he couldn’t afford to buy her a drink?!

The beauty pouted her lips, she noticed the luxury watch around his wrist, it was worth at least tens of millions.

“Mister, how are you not able to afford it? Surely you must be joking?”

Gu Mohan took a sip of the gla.s.s of wine in his hands, giving her a faint smile. “My wife is strict and hence, I don’t have any cash with me.”


Okay, this was an irrefutable reason.

Since Gu Mohan didn’t bother to give her any attention, the beauty then s.h.i.+fted her gaze towards Fu Qinglun, changing her target. The two men were both handsome and wealthy, regardless of whichever one she managed to seduce, she would still get a good deal.

“Mister, how about you buy me drink?”

Fu Qinglun didn’t bother to even look at the beauty, he moved his lips and spoke, “I do have the money but I only treat my wife to drinks.”


The beauty was greatly disappointed, she didn’t antic.i.p.ate the two men to be henpecked and so she left with great resentment in her.

After she left, there was no one else to pester them, so the two men continued drinking before Fu Qinglun asked, “Mohan, are you really going to marry Qi’er?”

Gu Mohan slowly raised his lips and his deep and narrow eyes became difficult to read under the neon lights.

“Please don’t take Qi’er’s life away.”

Gu Mohan finished the wine in his gla.s.s and got up, taking his black coat with him. He lightly patted Fu Qinglun’s shoulder. “Qinglun, I shall give you a piece of advice, you’re playing with fire by being indecisive between two women. I’m leaving first, you can keep drinking.”

After walking out of the bar, Gu Mohan stood along the streets. The cold wind blew against his face and he felt drunk.

The same beauty from before rushed out, landing her gaze on Gu Mohan. He stood under the faint yellow lights and with the black coat under his arms, his silhouette was perfectly masculine and he had a strong, wild force in him. He was too irresistible.

After one glance at him, the beauty was turning into a lovesick fool.

All of a sudden, Gu Mohan turned around and saw the beauty.

He stretched out his slender finger and beckoned her over. “Come here.”

The beauty was filled with joy, “Mister, do you finally want to buy me a drink?”

Gu Mohan placed one hand in his trouser pocket and he took out his cell phone with the other hand, dialing a familiar number.

In the apartment.

Tang Mo’er remained in the room alone, it was brightly lit as she switched on all the lights. However, she did it because she was in denial, her entire world was a pitch black that had swallowed her up.

Huddled on the floor beside the bed, her long eyelashes were fluttering around, making her look even more pitiful.

Her ringtone suddenly sounded, disrupting the silence.

Who was it?

She found her cell phone and answered it, “h.e.l.lo.”

There wasn’t any sound on the other end, it was completely silent.

Tang Mo’er was shocked, she instantly wrapped her fingers around her cell phone tightly. She knew who had called, it was… Gu Mohan.

He called her.

However, he wasn’t saying anything.

Tang Mo’er felt bitterness in her mouth, she bit down on her lower lip with her and she spoke, “President Gu…”

“Ah!” She suddenly heard a woman scream out coquettishly.

Tang Mo’er’s black pupils instantly contracted, what… exactly was he doing?

“Ah, you should more light-handed, you’re hurting me.” The woman moaned.

Tang Mo’er’s eyes turned moist and she instantly covered her mouth with her tiny hand and her tears fell uncontrollably.

It was as though he had a knife in his hand and personally stabbed her in the heart. She curled up in pain.

“Gu Mohan!” She shouted his name out loud.

“Ha,” he chuckled, “You were just calling me President Gu a moment ago. Why are you calling me Gu Mohan now? Are you afraid that I’ll sleep with another woman? Tang Mo’er, you’re being cheap too.”


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