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Read Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 702 – End of Second Volume of Mo’er and Mr Gu (1)

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Chapter 702: End of Second Volume of Mo’er and Mr Gu (1)

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Just seeing his wife and son by his side, Gu Mohan was satisfied with life.

It was all he needed.

Raising a brow, he answered his beloved wife, “Hm, okay. Then his nickname shall be Niuniu.”

Since Tang Mo’er had gone through natural childbirth and was rather young, she recovered pretty quickly and was granted a discharge from the hospital on the third day after her childbirth.

They hired a renowned confinement nanny to help support Tang Mo’er and Niuniu. But Tang Mo’er now faced a problem on her first journey as a new mommy.

For some reason, Tang Mo’er wasn’t able to produce any breast milk.

No matter how hard the confinement nanny and Tang Mo’er tried, they weren’t able to get a single drop of breast milk out.

Niuniu would be in his mother’s arms, wanting to feed on her breast milk but once he wasn’t even able to get a single drop, he would start wailing loudly.

The maid downstairs opened the door and once Gu Mohan stepped into the living room, he could hear Niuniu’s wailing cries. Quickly unb.u.t.toning his suit, he threw it to the maid, leaving only a white s.h.i.+rt on and rus.h.i.+ng upstairs without any hesitation.

In the room upstairs, once he entered the room, he could smell a pleasant, milky scent. “Ah!” Tang Mo’er suddenly shouted because of the pain.

“Madam, what’s wrong?” The confinement nanny was about to rush over but a tall figure beat her to it, rus.h.i.+ng beside Tang Mo’er at the speed of lightning.

He knelt on the bed, supporting himself with his arms beside Tang Mo’er. He was towering her from above, looking at her face that was fully contorted. “What’s wrong, where does it hurt?”

His deep and magnetic voice sounded so tender and loving.

As he stood there, he formed a shadow that shrouded all over her body, the clean, masculine scent from his body traveled over. It smelled good.

She hadn’t expected his arrival and Tang Mo’er quickly stretched her arms out, pulling her clothes up so that he wouldn’t see her bare upper body.

“Get out!”

Her face was blus.h.i.+ng red, she was breastfeeding Niuniu, how could he just barge into the room like that?

Gu Mohan had figured out what she was concerned about. His Adam’s apple bobbed unconsciously and he pinned her with an unwavering gaze.

He hadn’t laid his hands on her ever since they learned of the news of her pregnancy.

Tang Mo’er pushed him away and when little Niuniu didn’t manage to drink his milk, he bit her chest.


Tang Mo’er teared up because it seriously hurt.

Gu Mohan’s heart wrenched when he saw his wife suffering in pain. He lifted the wrist with a luxurious watch around it and spanked little Niuniu’s b.u.t.tock. “Little rascal, how dare you bite Mommy?”

Niuniu was seriously brazen, he wasn’t even able to get near her chest even if he wanted to!

Wah! Little Niuniu started to cry once Gu Mohan spanked him.

Tang Mo’er was stunned, she balled her hands into fists and pummeled him. “Why did you hit Niuniu?”

Little Niuniu quickly took the chance and laid comfortably in Tang Mo’er’s arms. His face was covered in tears and he was still kicking Gu Mohan’s thighs while he cried.

He continued kicking away even while he cried. Wah! Cries…

Tang Mo’er was worried about her son, more than anything else. “Gu Mohan, get out right now!”


Gu Mohan hadn’t expected himself to be kicked out by his own wife and disliked by the mother and son duo at the very same time.

Indignant, he looked stonily at little Niuniu, he hadn’t even exerted any force when he spanked Niuniu earlier on. Niuniu was just being a crybaby around his mama.

This little rascal!

Seeing little Niuniu settle in Tang Mo’er’s arms comfortably, Gu Mohan felt somewhat indignant and displeased about it.

As he observed Tang Mo’er carefully, she was wearing a pink cotton pajamas and her silky hair was entangled around her neck. A few strands of hair even made it inside her pajamas. Like this, she was simply seductive.

He lowered his body, leaning over to kiss Tang Mo’er on the lips.

Once little Niuniu lifted his head and saw Daddy kissing Mommy, he pouted his lips and wah! He started wailing once again.

“Gu Mohan!”

The consequence of kissing Tang Mo’er without any permission was that Gu Mohan was chased out of the room.

At night.

Tang Mo’er had fallen asleep and she heard little Niuniu cries while she was still in a sleepy state. In an instant, she opened her eyes, wanting to go and check on her son.

But before she could do so, a tall figure appeared beside the baby’s cot. Gu Mohan had bent down, picking his son up and carrying him in his arms.

Little Niuniu was unwilling to accept him, he wanted his mama to hug him instead.

“Shh, son, don’t be noisy, let mama sleep for awhile more.” His voice sounded so attractive and tender at night.

After a while of coaxing, Little Niuniu made some sounds and fell asleep in Daddy’s arms, though he was still very unwilling about it.

Gu Mohan held little Niuniu in his arms and under the faint yellow lighting, he exuded an indescribable charm.

Tang Mo’er watched him as he coaxed Niuniu to sleep. He was wearing a navy blue, silk pajamas and had rushed over from the bedroom next door once he heard Niuniu crying.

From this, she could see that he was indeed a responsible man, just like how she had imagined, he was a good father.

Tang Mo’er buried her face in the pillow and went back to sleep without any worries.

The confinement nanny had bought some pork loin and she had boiled some soup with it, to nurse Tang Mo’er back into health.

Once Tang Mo’er smelled the pork loin soup, she started retching and wasn’t even able to have one spoon of it.

“Madam, this is extremely good for your body. Other new mommies also have this during their confinement, you have to eat it even if it doesn’t taste good,” the confinement nanny insisted.

Tang Mo’er knitted her brows, looking at the confinement nanny pitifully. “I really can’t eat his, can’t you boil some other kinds of soup instead of this one?”

Heavy footsteps could be heard, Gu Mohan had pushed the door open and entered the room.

It was in the afternoon but Gu Mohan had returned early from work.

Ever since Niuniu was born, he had never went on any business trips. He would always be home every morning, afternoon and evening. Once he stepped into the house, he would always head for the bedroom to check on his wife and son.

He wore a custom-made suit that day, his s.h.i.+rt was ironed to perfection and his trousers were tailored to fit his long legs. He was exuding the charisma and refinement of an elite businessman who belonged in the high society.

After dropping his car keys on the cabinet, he loosened the tie around his neck. When he noticed Tang Mo’er’s contorted face, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Sir, Madam doesn’t want to have to have this pork loin soup, why don’t you have it, don’t waste it,” the confinement nanny said.

Pork loin soup?

Gu Mohan lowered his head and glanced at the bowl of soup.

The confinement nanny was in her 40s and had a straightforward personality. “Sir, pork loin soup is good for men, it helps to nourish the kidneys.

Nourish the kidneys?

Once Tang Mo’er heard that, she lifted her head and glanced at his waist. It was that same trim waist she was familiar with, an A4-sized waist, a male dog’s waist.

Did he even need anything more to nourish his kidneys?

Tang Mo’er felt a pa.s.sionate gaze landing on her face while she glanced at Gu Mohan. Her figure had already recovered to its previous state since she didn’t even put on much weight to begin with. Her waist was slim and tiny and her skin became even more smooth and radiant than before her pregnancy.

Tang Mo’er glared at him with her l.u.s.trous eyes. “President Gu, don’t drink that soup. Overnouris.h.i.+ng the kidneys would result in hair loss instead.”


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