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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1074 – The Story of Ling and Heng (337)

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Chapter 1074: The Story of Ling and Heng (337)

Feng Ling leaned on Li Nanheng’s shoulder and slept soundly; her body was full of the mellow aroma of red wine, and her face, which had always been cold, was red and relaxed.

Xiao Xu was very embarra.s.sed on the side. He pretended that he didn’t exist and tried to sleep, but he couldn’t, so he simply quietly lifted the blindfold and glanced at the two of them. Then his eyes suddenly lit up. He threw the blindfold away and stared in surprise at Feng Ling who was sleeping leaning on the shoulder of Boss Li.

Feeling Xiao Xu’s gaze, Li Nanheng didn’t look at him but still read the magazine expressionlessly.

But although his face looked cold, Xiao Xu noticed that he adjusted his sitting posture to make Feng Ling more comfortable. This change exposed his real thoughts.

Xiao Xu smirked and retracted his gaze. Gee, it seemed that this ten-hour flight worked. At least it melted the solid ice between the two a little bit.

“Sir, would you like to order a gla.s.s of red wine?” The flight attendant asked him in a low voice, seeing that he was not sleeping anymore.

Xiao Xu paused for a while before he glanced at Feng Ling who was asleep over there. “Did she drink red wine before she slept?”

The flight attendant now saw that the three first-cla.s.s pa.s.sengers should know each other, so she nodded: “Yes.”

Xiao Xu raised his eyebrows. “How much did she drink?”

“A whole bottle.” The flight attendant smiled. “I brought a bottle of red wine to pour a gla.s.s for this gentleman, but I went to the economy cla.s.s to help and, when I came back, I saw the young lady had already drunk a lot. Fortunately, the flight would be over in more than a dozen hours. She could wake up after the plane landed, so we didn’t wake her up.”

A whole bottle…

Was Feng Ling so desperate to stay away from Boss Li? Knowing how bad she was at drinking, she still secretly drank a whole bottle.

But the flight attendants did not dare to stop her. Why did Boss Li also let her?

Or did it mean that Boss Li ordered this wine actually for her?

Xiao Xu couldn’t help glancing at them again. Li Nanheng remained silent. Although Xiao Xu stared at him gaping, he didn’t pay attention and remained cold and silent.

“Boss.” When the flight attendant walked away, Xiao Xu asked in a low voice, “As you know, Feng Ling is not good at drinking. Although there are still more than a dozen hours to fly, are you sure she can wake up when the plane lands?”

Li Nanheng said indifferently, “There will be a car to pick us up in Hai City.”

“Yes, but if she can’t wake up, will you carry her out?”


“Haha, I got it. Boss, you made her go to Hai City together with you and pretended to be indifferent to her, but in fact, every step she takes is under your control! Did you learn this from Mr. Mo? You guys are really tricky.”

Li Nanheng, who was reading the magazine, paused and glanced at him. “Tricky? I am not a G.o.d. How can it be my plan? You overestimate me.”

“You are not a G.o.d, but Mr. Mo is. Mr. Mo has said that if he doesn’t take Feng Ling away from you, you will probably die in her hands, so he introduced Feng Ling to a job, and then you can concentrate on the arms dealing business,” Xiao Xu chuckled as he said. These people were really sophisticated and shrewd.

“Humph! He just wants to find someone he can trust to protect his wife. There is only one woman in the entire XI Base. Who else can he choose if he doesn’t choose Feng Ling?” Li Nanheng didn’t bother to speak to Xiao Xu but continued to read the magazine in his hand.

“I was almost deceived by you a few days ago. Now it seems that you have known this arrangement early on, but you deliberately kept her in the base and now she had to go to Hai City with you. Are you afraid that she will get lost at the airport alone?”

“After all, she had never taken a civil airplane and knew nothing about a normal airport, so I was worried about her. She stayed in the base for so many years. I can’t just let her get lost in the airport, which will be a disgrace to our base.” Li Nanheng still looked at the magazine in his hand and his tone was indifferent.


Xiao Xu tutted in his heart. Did the Boss think he was an idiot?

“After Feng Ling left the base, you had been looking for her for two years. And when you got to know that she was in Boston, you rushed there, but she didn’t give you any chance to approach her. Then the two of you were in a cold war in the last nine months. Now she finally sits next to you and there is no place on this plane where she can run or escape. You two can have a good talk. Why did you let her drink so much?”

Li Nanheng’s eyes were calm. “I have nothing to talk to her.”

“So do you really plan to leave her alone after sending her to Hai City?”

Li Nanheng glanced at him coldly and ignored him. Xiao Xu suddenly saw Feng Ling’s head move at this moment, and immediately closed his mouth, lest she heard what she shouldn’t have heard.

Feng Ling did not wake up, but although the leaning posture was comfortable, she still felt a little sore in her neck after a long time. She moved her head slightly, rubbed her cheeks that were blushed with alcohol against Li Nanheng’s shoulder, and then adjusted her posture to continue sleeping, however, when she lowered her head, her head lost the support of Li Nanheng’s shoulder and almost hit the armrest of the seat.

Li Nanheng raised his hand to protect her head in time, stroked her forehead and raised her head. Then he pushed her back to the seat and let her continue sleeping, but Feng Ling who was asleep subconsciously looked for a more comfortable sleeping position and her head slowly leaned on his shoulder again.

Li Nanheng lowered his eyes and glanced at the little woman who would only lean on him after falling asleep. In order to get his signature so as to leave XI Base and escape far away from him, this woman even waited for him in the restroom.


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