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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1191 – The Story of Ling and Heng (454)

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? is a web novel created by Qingqing Who Laughs, 青青谁笑.
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Read WebNovel Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1191 – The Story of Ling and Heng (454)

Chapter 1191: The Story of Ling and Heng (454)

“You know, like knows like. Feng Ling is also an orphan. She grew up alone without the care of her parents. And this boy was the one who demanded most vehemently to transfer to another team because he felt that the base wanted to kick them out, so they were a.s.signed to a female drillmaster,” Han Jin said and laughed. “However, he was the first to be knocked down by Feng Ling with only two moves.”

Li Nanheng’s face was expressionless. “Is it funny?”

Seeing Boss Li’s dark face, Han Jin quickly stopped laughing. “No, no, it’s not funny at all. I just stated what happened.”

Li Nanheng continued to raise his gun and his eyes were cold. “Like knows like? So the boy ma.s.saged her, poured tea, and served food for her?”

Han Jin felt his head ache but he still nodded seriously. “Yes, that boy did go too far!”

Li Nanheng didn’t fire this shot in the end. He threw the gun heavily on the gun rack, and said coldly, “Newcomer? Boy? He is already nineteen years old!”

“Yes, he is not a boy anymore. He should behave himself!” Han Jin echoed.

Li Nanheng glanced at him coldly. Han Jin instantly felt a chill down his spine and hurriedly smiled. “Boss, actually… you know what kind of person Feng Ling is. You haven’t got her although you have been chasing her for so long, so that brat won’t win her heart so easily, right? Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

He hadn’t got her?

Humph, she obediently nestled in his arms just several days ago, OK?

These people definitely never saw Feng Ling like that.

Li Nanheng felt that Feng Ling’s icy heart finally melted a bit, but now he really worried that his little wife was stolen by that little brat!

Although it was unlikely and he trusted Feng Ling, that kid was also an orphan and was excellent and always so attentive to Feng Ling. Maybe Feng Ling might think a person of such an active personality was more suitable for her.

The more he thought about it, the darker Li Nanheng’s face became, and in the end, he simply pulled the zipper down on his jacket, took off his jacket, and turned away.

Seeing Boss Li’s expression, Han Jin had a foreboding that even if Ah Feng tried his best, he wouldn’t be able to stop Boss from entering the base hall today.

Gee, he’d better shut up…


Since Feng Ling took over the whole team of newcomers, she had been very busy. Dealing with these newcomers had already exhausted all her energy. She must wake up at five o’clock every morning to arrange morning training, but some of them often came late, and she had to go over and drag them out of the bed.

At first, they were not used to getting up early. They never expected that a female drillmaster would dare to drag them out of their beds. Although they were not naked, they were still very embarra.s.sed. After Feng Ling did this for two days, they consciously went to the training ground on time and never dared to be lazy again.

Feng Ling didn’t care about it though. This was XI Base and she had been living with so many men here for years, so she was not very sensitive to gender differences. Besides, although the newcomers were about the same age as her, they were still kids in her eyes. All she cared about was that they could attend the morning training on time.

Every day, she dragged those late risers from their beds, coldly and severely supervised them in training, and hit them ruthlessly when they made mistakes. In this way, three or four days later, these brats all obediently surrendered under her leather boots and dared not to resist her at all.

And they even took up all her spare time. Whenever she was idle, they would come over and cozy up to her. Even if Feng Ling had always put on a cold face, she was still a pretty girl in their eyes. Although they dared not to provoke her during training, they tried to get closer to her whenever they got a chance.

Although most of them failed.

Only the boy named Wan Ke never gave up and seized every chance to cotton up with her.

Feng Ling knew this guy who resembled her in many ways, so she would occasionally show a kind smile to him, but her smiles usually disappeared very soon. And after smiles, she would become that cold, strict drillmaster again.

It was another day when she was busy from 5:00 in the morning to 9:30 in the evening. When she finally returned to her residence, it was already dark, and Feng Ling went straight to the base hall.

At this time, there should be no other people in the base hall except for the patrols.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she had just walked to the door of the base hall and was about to step up the stairs, suddenly a burst of force came behind her, and when she turned around in surprise, she was taken by the wrists before she could see the person clearly.

Before Feng Ling could utter a word, a patrol glimpsed the figures of Boss Li and Feng Ling flashing past. After confirming that it was indeed Boss Li, he thought about it and decided to pretend not to see them. The other people all thought the same as him, so they just silently watched Feng Ling being forcibly “taken away” by Boss Li as if nothing had happened.

Two minutes later, Ah Feng walked out and took a look at the time. “That’s weird. Did anything happen with those newbies today? Hasn’t Feng Ling come back?”

However, at this moment, Feng Ling’s mouth was covered by the man, so she couldn’t call for help. She was forcibly taken to a dark place behind the base hall. If she hadn’t told that this person was Li Nanheng from the familiar smell and embrace of the man, she would have drawn her gun from her waist long ago!

In the base at this time, except for a few important places, most of the lights were off. In the open s.p.a.ce behind the base hall, Feng Ling could see nothing but darkness and became a bit nervous.

But she was too tired and didn’t want to waste any effort to struggle. She knew Li Nanheng was a bit angry at her because she had completely ignored Li Nanheng these days, so she simply gave up struggling and let the man hug her from behind in the dark. The man’s wet and hot kiss fell on her neck.


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