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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1524 – You Are My Little Love Song (91)

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Chapter 1524: You Are My Little Love Song (91)

Qin Siting walked over, squatted down in front of her, and lifted her legs. “Don’t move.”

Shi Niange: “…”

Right now, I don’t even dare to move. My body is already stiff, okay?

When he removed her shoes and socks, Shi Niange felt that her blood was about to freeze.

She pursed her lips and tried her best to divert her attention. She placed her gaze on her feet and saw that her feet had tripped hard. The front of her ankle was red, and the ankle by her side was slightly swollen. Although the swelling was not serious, it would probably be swollen to the point where she could not walk tomorrow morning if not treated in time.

Qin Siting was studying medicine like her. There was no need for her to go to the hospital for such a simple injury. He applied the ointment on his hand, heated it up in his palm, and then placed it on her ankle. Shi Niange looked at his hand and her ankle and did not know what to think.

However, she still felt that everything was worth it.

In the past half a year, they barely contacted each other and barely spoke more than ten sentences.

Although she almost lost her life because of a moment of impulse, fortunately, he was good at driving and stopped. Thankfully, she was there and was able to see his other side.

A battered and exhausted side?

No, it was his other side.

There were tens of thousands of good-looking boys, but under his gentle and jade-like appearance, it was clear whether his heart belonged to a steel man or a soft little boy.

Qin Siting was a man. He was no longer a teenager. He was already twenty years old.

“Qin Siting, if you were more heartless, you wouldn’t have done anything even if you had just left me on the road.” Shi Niange looked at him as she spoke. “It’s still daytime. I’ll take a taxi home.”

He rubbed her ankle but did not say anything. It was as though he did not hear her. He seemed to be afraid that her ankle would really swell tomorrow. He helped her ma.s.sage for a while before standing up and placing the ointment on her hand. “Apply the ointment on your shoulder.”

Shi Niange looked at the dark brown bottle in front of her and took it silently. She looked up at him and saw that he had already turned to the window. His back was facing her.

As it was winter, she wore a thick coat with a turtleneck and a pink smock. If she wanted to apply it on her shoulders, she had to take off the sweater.

She didn’t really want to apply the ointment on her shoulders, but he had bought the ointment. If she applied it, she would recover faster and suffer less.

She got up and limped into the bathroom. She then closed the bathroom door with a red face. After all, she believed that Qin Siting was a gentleman. After closing it, she did not lock it from the inside. She went to the mirror and took off her coat.

The coat had a zipper at the front and was easier to remove, but the sweater had to be removed from her head. It was a little difficult for her to remove it with only one hand. As she could not lift her other arm, it hurt when she lifted it. She endured it and slowly took off the sweater. She lowered her head to look at her shoulder. It was indeed red and swollen. It looked even more serious than when the doctor came to the police station to check.

She sighed secretly and applied some ointment to her hand. Then, she carefully applied it. As she applied it, she recalled how Qin Siting had applied the ointment on her ankle earlier. Then, she continued to apply it seriously.

A few minutes later, Shi Niange put down the small bottle of medicine and picked up her clothes. However, she fell into a difficult situation.

Earlier, she had endured the pain of taking off the sweater. However, it was really difficult to put it back on.

Shi Niange stood in the bathroom, feeling conflicted. Finally, Qin Siting came to knock on the door. “Are you done applying it in your shoulder? Why isn’t there any sound?”

“Ah, I’ve already applied it. It’s just that…, it’s just that….” Shi Niange said awkwardly,” I can’t lift my shoulders. I can’t put on the sweater by myself. Wait for me for a while. ”

After a moment of silence, Qin Siting asked, “Are you dressed inside?”

Cough. Although it was a very normal question, Shi Niange’s ears were still red. She looked at herself in the mirror. The pink, tight strap was not very revealing, but after all, the two of them had never been intimate. They were still in the hotel room. If she dressed like this and let him see her, she would always feel ashamed.

But she really could not put it on. She could not stay like this, okay? She did not know how many days it would take for her to recover. Furthermore, she had to go to school tomorrow.

“I wore it on the inside… but….”

The moment she finished speaking, the bathroom door suddenly opened.

Shi Niange’s voice instantly choked in her throat. She turned to see Qin Siting walk in.

He glanced at the pink suspenders on her and did not say anything. His expression was as natural as if he had seen a female cla.s.smate in a spaghetti strap dress in summer. He took the sweater in her hands and found the cuffs and high collar. He stood behind her and helped her put the sweater over her head. He then raised her hand and reached in.

After putting on the sweater, he picked up her coat and walked out.

Shi Niange’s heart was still beating irregularly. She followed him out blankly and saw that he had placed her coat on the sofa.

She raised her eyes to look at him.

Qin Siting also turned back to look at her.

She tried her best to forget the way he stood behind her to help her put on her clothes. She forcefully suppressed her wildly beating heart and said, “I still mean what I said. Right now, you’d better find a quiet place. If you really can’t, then rest here today. I won’t disturb you.”

He looked at her slightly messy hair because she had just put on a sweater and did not respond.

Shi Niange limped over to him and stood in front of him. “Qin Siting, every wealthy family has different stories. The Qin family is big and powerful. There must be many secrets that are not known to outsiders, but I believe that you can handle them well. I won’t ask or tell anyone, but can you let me accompany you?”

She raised her hand and raised a few fingers. “I swear, I won’t disturb you. I just want to watch you and accompany you here. Even if I leave now, I won’t be at ease, so let me stay.”

Qin Siting looked at her for a while and suddenly raised his hand. Shi Niange subconsciously shrunk her head.

She had clearly been hit by accident earlier and felt a little traumatized.

It was only when his hand landed on her head and stroked her messy hair that Shi Niange’s heart trembled.

“Have you eaten?” he asked.

Shi Niange looked at him in a daze. In fact, she had eaten, but she still subconsciously answered, “No… I’m hungry now. Do you want to eat together?”


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