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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 447 – The Window Rolled Down, Revealing Mo Jingshen’s Stern Face (2)

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Read WebNovel Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 447 – The Window Rolled Down, Revealing Mo Jingshen’s Stern Face (2)

Chapter 447: The Window Rolled Down, Revealing Mo Jingshen’s Stern Face (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

It was really rare to smell tobacco on Mo Jingshen.

It was not bad to have this smell for this clean and handsome man. In the business circle, smoking and drinking were common. As for Mo Jingshen, no one could make him drink or smoke. As long as he didn’t want to touch the liquor or cigarette, no one could force him to.

But now he even had a cigarette with him.

Ji Nuan raised her eyes in the smoke and saw him standing there, his eyes on her as if looking at someone who had nothing to do with him, but if she were really someone who had nothing to do with him, he wouldn’t even bother to look at her.

He glanced darkly at her. He must have heard what she had been talking with that man on the way back. For example, whether she was still single or was seeing someone.

She did not deny it to avoid being pestered but did not expect a third person to be present.

Looking at his dark, deep eyes, Ji Nuan thought about it and looked away. She didn’t feel the need to explain to him and walked directly past him.

But just as she walked past him, her arm was taken. She paused, only to find that Mo Jingshen, who was still standing there, grabbed her arm.

Feeling the temperature of the man’s palm, Ji Nuan did not struggle but just turned her eyes to him and said, “CEO Mo, please keep your distance. Let go of me.”

Mo Jingshen looked at her, his eyes placid. He gazed at her face that remained expressionless under the light, and his cool, clear voice rang. “Did you go to the barbecue just now?”

Ji Nuan didn’t answer but tried to take her hand back, but he still held her arm easily. She couldn’t break free from him. She saw the light of the cigarette flickering at his fingertips, and some smoke curling over his handsome face.

The man casually threw the cigarette b.u.t.t into the dustbin of the smoking area nearby. He didn’t seem to be p.i.s.sed off by her cold att.i.tude but just said mildly, “It’s not good for your stomach to eat barbecue so late. Go to the staff for some digestion tablets.”

“Thank you, CEO Mo, but I didn’t eat much barbecue but just sat there for a while.”

His tone was flat, not enthusiastic, or cold, but Ji Nuan was apparently determined to keep him at arm’s length, and her tone was very cold.

Hearing her words, Mo Jingshen took a look at her. At this time, two men came out of the opposite villa. They were senior officials from provincial and governments and seemed to come for Mo Jingshen. They said, “Sorry, CEO Mo. We made an appointment with you to have a talk here but kept you waiting for so long.”

It turned out that Mo Jingshen and the two senior government officials made an appointment to meet here. No wonder he would show up here at such a time.

Mo Jingshen looked back at the officials and finally released Ji Nuan’s arm. Seeing Ji Nuan, the officials nodded politely at her, then came to Mo Jingshen and whispered something to him. Mo Jingshen nodded and talked with them.

He didn’t look at her anymore. The two men were both important government officials, so Ji Nuan smiled at them. Standing in her angle, she could only see the smile hovering over his lips when he was talking with the officials beside him; he looked n.o.ble and elegant.

She had wanted to go back to her room to rest. Now that they were talking here, she simply turned back upstairs and soon disappeared from their sight.

The next morning, events in the resort were all over, and many people left early to catch early flights. Ji Nuan did not get up late, but when she packed up and was ready to leave, it was half-past seven in the morning.

She had parked her car in the parking lot near the convention center and later had come in a car sent by the resort, so her car wasn’t there. The seaside resort hadn’t been open to the public yet and was surrounded by newly built roads. There was no traffic around, and the road was empty.

Last night when Ji Nuan went to sleep, she forgot that there was no car nearby. She should have called someone at the convention center to drive her car over, or asked Xiao Ba to drive her car in advance.

But now it was too late.

Standing at the gate of the resort, Ji Nuan looked around for quite a while. With a small handbag in her hand, she walked slowly on the wide and flat asphalt road, ready to cross the road to see if she could hail a taxi. She took out her cellphone to search the numbers, thinking if there were no taxi, she would ask Xiao Ba to call a car for her.

Then, behind her, she heard the sound of a car engine.

Ji Nuan looked back, only to see a large, s.p.a.cious, black Bugatti standing on the empty asphalt road.

She looked at the empty road around here and at the approaching car behind her.

The black Bugatti approached her from far away and finally stopped beside her.

She was wondering who it was when she turned just in time to see the driver’s window come down.

The driver was Shen Mu.

At the sight of Shen Mu, she instinctively glanced at the back seat.

“CEO Ji.” Shen Mu smiled at her. “You didn’t drive when you came?”

“My car is at the convention center. I forgot to ask someone to drive it over for me.”

“The roads around the seaside resort are newly built. Vehicles outside are not allowed to pa.s.s. It will take you at least thirty or forty minutes to walk to where you can take a taxi. It’s so hot. It’s already thirty degrees early in the morning. How can you walk on foot like this? You’ll get sunstroke.”

“It’s all right.” Ji Nuan gently waved the cellphone in her hand. “I can call someone to pick me up.”

“It’ll take you a long time to get a taxi. Where do you live now? Or do you need to go directly to MN Group’s building in Hai City? Get in. Let me drive you back.”

“No, thanks.” Ji Nuan refused with a smile. “You guys just go home. Thank you.”

She said, ‘you guys,’ because although Shen Mu was driving this car, Shen Mu and Mo Jingshen both lived here last night. At such a time, he couldn’t go alone, so Mo Jingshen was in the car for sure.

Seeing that Ji Nuan had no intention of getting in the car, Shen Mu said again, “We’re going downtown, too. It’s on our way. It’ll take you a long time to get a car.”

“No problem. I ate too much this morning, so walking on the road can help me digest. There’s no traffic on this road anyway. It’s safe!”

Shen Mu: “…”

Just then, the window of the black Bugatti’s back door rolled down, revealing Mo Jingshen’s stern face.

His handsome face looked indifferent. As his cool, placid eyes rested on her, he said coldly, “Get in the car.”


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