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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 520 – A Man Who Had Been Abstinent for More Than Three Years Was Undoubtedly Horrible

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Read WebNovel Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 520 – A Man Who Had Been Abstinent for More Than Three Years Was Undoubtedly Horrible

Chapter 520: A Man Who Had Been Abstinent for More Than Three Years Was Undoubtedly Horrible

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Ji Nuan raised her hands to cover her head. “And my head.”

If she didn’t show the white feather now, the man might really do something to her.

Obviously, he almost lost control of himself just now.

The man’s eyes remained deep and dark. His desire hadn’t been relieved, but he had to hold it back when he saw her in pain. His heart had softened as soon as he saw her lowering her head and rubbing it with her hands.

“Sorry, I’ve been living like an ascetic these years, so I lost control of myself just now.” He reached out to rub the part of her head that was. .h.i.t gently. “Still hurts? My bad. Just stay here and recuperate, and I’ll try to control myself, ok?”


She thought Mo Jingshen, the ‘beast,’ was just playing pathetic in front of her.

She didn’t speak but hung her head low, letting him rub her head. Mo Jingshen saw the old wounds on her head and didn’t go on. He helped her put on the clothes, but Ji Nuan didn’t let him touch her. He didn’t stop, and his gaze rested on the hickey on her collar bone. Then he looked away and straightened her collar to cover that mark.

“Ok, you sleep in the bedroom and me in the study. I won’t touch you.” He helped her put on the clothes and said in a low voice.

She was almost stripped naked by him, and even her trousers were almost taken off by him. Now he said he wouldn’t touch her?

Ji Nuan looked up at him and flicked her untidy hair back. “I want to go home.” She said with a straight face.

The man looked at her. After several seconds, he said, “No way.”

She lifted her eyelids and stared at him. “It’s dangerous to stay here. Even taking a taxi home at midnight is not as dangerous as staying with you.”

“Well, when my wife is in my arms, as always, I can’t control myself. I’m sorry.”

“Who is your wife?”


The man looked down at her, and the flame was still burning in his eyes.

If she hadn’t fallen from the sofa and hit her head against the end table, he would have got her back to the sofa and continued.

He wouldn’t just let her go.

A man who had been abstinent for more than three years was undoubtedly horrible. Ji Nuan didn’t think her fragile body could stand him. The most dangerous man was by her side. How could she dream of living here safely for recuperation?

Was it different from putting her next to a tiger that had been hungry for three years? Although the tiger said seriously, “You can rest a.s.sured. I’m a vegetarian.”

Although her head was injured, she was not stupid.

Seeing that she remained silent with a straight face and her hands crossed over her chest in a defensive gesture, Mo Jingshen sat beside her, gently lifted her slightly disheveled hair from her forehead, and whispered, “Still hurts?”

His voice was patient and gentle.

Ji Nuan rubbed her shoulders and the part of her head that had just been hit, saying flatly, “Much better now. I didn’t seriously. It hurt when I fell from the sofa, but now it’s better.”

The man drew near her and held her arm. “Let me have a look.”

Ji Nuan immediately backed away. “What do you want to look at?”

She had just put on clothes. Did he want to undress her again to check her shoulders?

Ji Nuan pressed her hand against her clothes to stop him from touching her clothes again. She glanced out of the window. At the end of August, it was almost autumn. It was the rainy season and was drizzling outside. And it was really late now.

She ducked aside to keep a distance from him as she said seriously and sternly, “Mo Jingshen, since you said you did all those things just to save me, I’ll still take you as my friend and even appreciate you, but it’s impossible for me to be Mrs. Mo again. If you stop hara.s.sing me, I will take you as a person who I owe, but if you don’t, then don’t blame me for being rude and ungrateful! After all, we’ve divorced and have literally nothing to do with each other. I don’t mind being taken as an ingrate, understood?”

“Ok.” The man responded casually. “You know you will be taken as an ingrate. That’s good.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

She glared at him for a while before she jumped up from the sofa. Seeing he have no intention to continue, she stood by the sofa but still kept a distance from him. She touched her own collar bone and couldn’t help being angry when she thought of that hickey.

Ji Nuan turned into the bedroom as she looked out of the window, saying, “Don’t forget what you said just now. I’ll sleep in the bedroom and you in the study.”

He didn’t respond but frowned at the fact that she tried to keep a distance from him.

Ji Nuan didn’t look at him. When she reached the door of the bedroom, she stopped, looked down at the gray men’s slippers on her feet, rolled her eyes, tipped her tongue against her right cheek, and suddenly turned to say, “I’m hungry.”

Mo Jingshen sat still on the sofa. “There are ingredients in the kitchen. If you’re hungry, cook for yourself.”

Ji Nuan immediately turned around. “Am I not a patient? Why should I cook for myself? Didn’t you put me here to recuperate so you could take care of me yourself?”

Mo Jingshen said indifferently. “I’m not going to cook for an ingrate.”

Take care of her himself?

How could he do that when she kept such a distance from him?

Ji Nuan: “…”

She glared at the back of the man for quite a while, turned to the bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

Back in the room, she turned on the light and looked at her reflection in the window. Although she had been dressed, her clothes were still untidy. Fortunately, Auntie Chen bought more than one pair of clothes for her. There was another pair of clothes in the bag on the bed that she could wear when she left. Otherwise, she would not be able to see anyone in such an untidy dress.

When she woke up this morning, Mo Jingshen carried her to dinner. She fell asleep at noon, slept until the afternoon, and was hungry by now.

After she closed the door, her stomach growled. Ji Nuan pursed her lips and covered her stomach with her hands. She thought for a moment and went straight to the bathroom in the bedroom.

She went in and unb.u.t.toned her clothes in front of the large floor mirror inside. Sure enough, she saw the hickey on her collarbone, sensual and striking.

Ji Nuan gnashed her teeth and cursed Mo Jingshen in her heart. She tilted her head, narrowed her eyes in disbelief, and raised her hand to lift her hair, only to see a faint but visible mark under her ear.


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