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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 618 – It Wasn’t Just a Job, It Was a Job Worth Tens of Billions

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Chapter 618: It Wasn’t Just a Job, It Was a Job Worth Tens of Billions

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“Why are you looking at me?” Seeing Ji Nuan’s unmoved gaze, her aunt immediately sensed that her temper was just like her mother’s; although they appeared indifferent on the surface, they actually hid a lot of temper underneath. Her aunt immediately harrumphed: “I’m just being concerned for you. After all, for wealthy people like you, even if you don’t genuinely like someone, you would get into marriage alliances with someone for their money. It’s unlikely that you won’t find a partner. The problem lies in what sort of person you’ll end up with.”

Her aunt heaved a heavy sigh: “I heard that in marriage alliances among the wealthy, young ladies are often given away to those bald, fat, and rotten old man. At the thought that a child like you may face such a future, my heart aches for you on behalf of your mother.”

“Big Aunt must have watched too many bittersweet dramas. Typically, only mediocre television shows would feature plots that portray the wealthy in such a distasteful manner; all of the wealthy ladies land themselves in terrible marriages, and none of the rich heirs can obtain a happy ending. After all, these sorts of plots are meant to satisfy the desires of the lower cla.s.s citizens. It’s no wonder that there are often r.e.t.a.r.ded directors coming up with these sort of dramas to brainwash the people,” Ji Nuan ate calmly as she spoke. “As for what the truth is like, Big Aunt, I’m sure you saw it for yourself when you visited the Ji family years ago.”

Her aunt’s expression immediately stiffened; because Ji Nuan’s words had a hidden meaning.

That year, when they visited the Ji family, they had indeed experienced a true, wealthy family setting. Although it wasn’t as grandiose as depicted in movies, it was undoubtedly a home belonging to the rich. When it came to the people there, be it money, background, or even their inner qualities and upbringing, it was impossible for her to compete with them.

There wasn’t any rotten old man lingering around. Instead, she had met the relatives and friends of the Ji family. The children from those families were well brought up, and aside from being slightly spoiled, it was clear that they were well-educated. They were heaven and earth apart from regular people.

Her aunt’s shoulder stiffened, and she held in her temper to say: “That’s true. It isn’t very realistic to marry an old, rotten man. After all, your appearance is still quite all right. At the very least, you should be able to marry a rich, playboy heir.”

Ji Nuan did not respond. No matter what she said, this aunt would still be able to find words to comfort her own imbalanced heart.

Although this was a small city, thankfully, Ji Nuan was used to their homecooked food. There was nothing ill-suited for her. The dishes were simple to cater to her grandmother’s body condition, but at least the tableware was clean. As Ji Nuan ate, she contemplated ways to leave with her mother’s things quickly. There was no need to stay in this place for too long.

Her grandmother spoke up: “Ji Nuan, ah, if you’re not busy, you should come to Ji City frequently in the future. If you have any difficulties, we can help you with it too.”

Ji Nuan did not take these words seriously. What sort of help could she possibly need from them?

Her aunt suddenly continued: “Sisi and Keke will be graduating from university in two years. When they do so, looking for jobs will surely take up some money. If you are currently well-off, why not leave some money behind. Take it as you’re helping your cousins.”

“Mom, after I graduate, I’ll have to buy brand new clothes suited for work and other necessities.” Song Sisi interjected.

“That’s right. Ji Nuan, you’re not lacking in money. I saw that the gifts you brought back this time aren’t cheap. There’s actually no need to be so wasteful. Why not give us cash directly?” Her aunt paused: “We don’t need much. For each of your cousin, a hundred thousand yuan will do. Before you leave, you should give us two hundred thousand yuan. What do you think of it? If we still need anything else in the future, we’ll give you a call.”

Hearing the words ‘two hundred thousand yuan,’ Song Keke and Song Sisi’s eyes lit up. They exchanged glances and pushed each other gently and playfully. It was clear they were secretly celebrating.

Her grandmother nodded: “That’s true. After all, we are your mother’s only remaining relatives. Your aunt isn’t an outsider either. It’s good to help one another. Ji Nuan, you’ve always been in a big city, and you’ve met plenty of people. If you know any suitable marriage partners, don’t forget to introduce them to Sisi and Keke.”

“The people that Cousin knows are surely rich.” Song Keke placed her bowl and chopsticks down, saying: “Oh yes, earlier, I didn’t dare to touch it but I saw that Cousin had an especially expensive laptop in her luggage. Big sister, don’t we need one for our studies?”

The moment Song Keke said these words, everyone’s eyes shifted onto Ji Nuan’s figure.

Ji Nuan’s expression was mild. She did not return their gaze and only smiled naturally to say: “I brought my laptop with me to travel all the way to Ji City; this clearly means that I have important matters to handle with it. My work doc.u.ments are all contained in there; it’s quite important to me.”

Hearing these words, Song Keke, who was originally excited about a new laptop, became disappointed.

Her aunt glanced at her: “You have a job?”

Ji Nuan returned the gaze: “You brought up that I’m no longer young. Is having a job that strange?”

It wasn’t just a job, but a job worth tens of billions.

However, she could not bring it up here. Otherwise, there was no way this family would relent before they managed to drink all of her blood.

Two hundred thousand yuan? Ah, no wonder her mother refused to support this so-called family that year. Ji Nuan now somewhat understood why her mother wasn’t close to them. Since her mother did not support them, she naturally would not satisfy their request.

Two hundred thousand yuan? She wouldn’t even offer them twenty thousand yuan.

After all, the moment she began fulfilling their requests, their demands would never end. Did these people think of her as an ATM?

These sorts of relatives; even if she gifted two hundred thousand yuan to every beggar, she still wouldn’t leave them with any money.

Afterward, no matter what her aunt tried to say, or how the two sisters tried to interject, Ji Nuan refused to entertain them. She focused on eating her food, and gradually, the atmosphere turned awkward. Of course, the person feeling awkward was not Ji Nuan, but these few people who clearly wanted to speak, but were neglected over and over again.


Gradually, these people were unable to taste much of the food, while Ji Nuan filled her stomach up. She stood up and entered her mom’s room; it was just as messy as before. Song Keke had declared that she would clean it, but she clearly had no intention of giving up the room. The room was thus left untouched.

When they saw that Ji Nuan had entered the room, and had even taken out her mother’s yellowed photos, Song Keke and Song Sisi exchanged glances and stood up to leave.

“Big sister, look at this.” Song Keke brought up her phone and found a photo: “Look, isn’t this Ji Nuan?”


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