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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 63 – If I Don’t Kiss Here, Shall I Change the Spot to Kiss? En?

Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? is a web novel created by Qingqing Who Laughs, 青青谁笑.
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Read WebNovel Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 63 – If I Don’t Kiss Here, Shall I Change the Spot to Kiss? En?

Chapter 63: If I Don’t Kiss Here, Shall I Change the Spot to Kiss? En?

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“So, was the third-rate idol sent there by you? Could it be that when I arrived there, you had already prepared to deal with Han Tianyuan?” Ji Nuan basically understood the situation from last night.

“Actions have to be made quickly. We can’t give him any opportunity to attack back, or the one in danger would still be you,” the man calmly explained. He did not plan to keep this topic a secret for too long.

Ji Nuan lowered her head and slurped up another bite of noodles.

Since everything last night had happened under Mo Jingshen’s sight, then the reason why it had gone so smoothly was now answered.

“If I had known that you were looking from the side, I wouldn’t have worked so hard.” Ji Nuan used her chopsticks to push the noodles back and forth. “Hopefully, I didn’t cause any trouble for you by suddenly interfering.”

“What trouble could there be?”

Ji Nuan rubbed her chin with one hand and glanced at him. She suddenly smiled. “That’s true. I just wanted to take to opportunity to discipline that guy with the surname Han. Otherwise, suppressing the feelings in my heart would drive me insane. But if you were close by, why didn’t you tell me?”

Mo Jingshen’s gaze was as calm and quiet as the ocean. “Do you feel better now?”

Ji Nuan glanced at him and suddenly smiled.

So, he had purposely created this opportunity for her to vent?

Ji Nuan pursed her lips as she lowered her head to continue eating the noodles but was unable to stop herself from smiling widely.


The time was already half past ten in the night. Ji Nuan had eaten a lot earlier, so she moved around in the living room for a while to aid with digestion.

Earlier on, Mo Jingshen left to answer a phone call. Ji Nuan did not disturb him until she heard his returning footsteps. She glanced toward him. “Oh yes, earlier on, when I was tidying things up, I found that there was a door in your study that can’t be opened.”

Mo Jingshen’s calm eyes seemed surprised for a moment. His gaze seemed to hold unfathomable depths.

“If you can’t open it then let it be. There are already more than enough rooms for you to use here.”

“Uu, that’s true.” Ji Nuan was slightly tired from walking and sat down on the sofa.

Mo Jingshen walked over. Ji Nuan thought that the door lock was not damaged. Rather, it seemed to have been locked on purpose.

However, last night, she did not see Mo Jingshen stop in front of that door. So, it should have been locked a long time ago?

She wanted to ask something when the man behind her suddenly held her waist. His handsome face was right before her eyes. His lips pressed against her cheek; his breath was especially warm. “Why didn’t you wear that sleeping dress?”

After being busy for a night, she had forgotten about what she had promised in the day.

Ji Nuan coughed.

She could not speak.

Just pretend that she heard nothing.

The man’s soft voice was seductive. “Not speaking, do you want me to kiss you?”

Ji Nuan turned her head to face him to explain that she was still wearing her daytime clothes because she had yet to shower.

When she turned around, the man kissed her.

Since last night, his kisses seemed to have the power to restrain her movements. Although she was drugged last night and was begging nonstop in the beginning, she was still suppressed by Mo Jingshen’s energy.

If not for the drug causing her to be extra active last night… enabling her to get off the bed in the morning, based on last night’s situation, she suspected that she would have been extremely sore today.

Who said that the second time would not hurt?

This kind of thing required an adjustment period. Not to mention, based on this man’s energy and… cough… size… and all that… she could not adjust immediately.

He kissed Ji Nuan until she melted in his arms. If she were to continue being kissed like this, the fire would spread. She quickly raised a hand to press against his chest.

She could not move him and was instead kissed even more deeply.

The kiss made her body go soft and numb. Even her head was soft and numb. After trying to push him away, her body was losing energy. Finally, because it was difficult to breathe, she could only lay softly and weakly in the man’s arms while her hands subconsciously held on tightly to his clothes.

In her daze, the man suddenly reached a hand into her shirt, causing her to return to her senses. She tried to push against his chest again.

“Last night we just…” She wanted to ask if he could let her sleep well for a night.

Mo Jingshen released her. Ji Nuan tiredly took two large mouthfuls of air. She then discovered that her clothes were unkempt as she was pressed against the sofa.

Her hands tightened on her clothes. “It seems like staying here would allow you to touch me whenever you please. It was my failure not to take that into account!”

Mo Jingshen chuckled lowly. He did not plan on giving her any time to neaten her clothes. He pressed with his lower body, pushing her down as she was about to sit up. His pupils were deep, as though they wanted to swallow her whole. His voice was low and seductive. “Why do you say so?”

Ji Nuan’s face was bright red. “At the Yu Garden, the sofa is in the living room on the first floor. Auntie Chen and the helpers are all there so you can’t do anything. You can only do it in the bedroom…”

“We’ve never tried, how do you know that I can’t?” The man’s voice was extremely hoa.r.s.e. His last word had yet to land as he lowered his head to kiss her once more.

Ji Nuan shrunk under his body. Saying that she was kissed until she was trembling would not be wrong.

Her entire body tightened. She felt that all her senses were occupied with the sensation on her lips. She was completely moved, yet she was burning up from head to toe.

After kissing for a moment, he gradually moved to kiss her face, her lips, her cheek, her chin, and finally behind her ears. This man appeared all too familiar with every part of her body. When Ji Nuan felt her earlobes being sucked on, her brain exploded instantly, and her body trembled harshly.

He lowly chuckled, biting her ear. “Don’t hold it in. Just be like last night. Wasn’t it good?”

Like last night?

Ji Nuan dazedly remembered the scene where she clung on to him like an octopus last night…

And the way she cried and yelled which was completely unlike her…

She quickly used one hand to cover her eyes, so she could not see the man’s burning gaze. Her other hand tightened around his clothes, yet she lowered her head to avoid him. “People who work also need to have a break. After so many times last night, you should let me sleep well… ah… do-don’t kiss…”

The man’s kiss landed on her ear again. She was unable to control herself. Even her tone became a lot softer and more delicate.

Mo Jingshen knew that she was sensitive. He also knew where she was sensitive.

Her entire body had several sensitive areas. It was only that he usually let her off and did not tease her, enabling her escape.

He lowly chuckled by her ears. “If I don’t kiss here, I’ll change the spot to kiss? En?”

Ji Nuan subconsciously offered her lips. She would rather be kissed to the point of stupidity than lose control after being kissed in other areas.

In the end, that kiss did not land. Instead, the man directly ripped her clothes open.

Ji Nuan was shocked. She quickly shrunk her body with a bright red face, trying to stop his actions. “Don’t…”


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