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Chapter 696: The Index Finger of Ji Nuan’s Hand That He Held in His Palm Twitched

After receiving a call from the hospital, Mo Jingshen left XI Base and headed for the hospital.

Dr. Wendell said that when Ji Nuan was abducted by those Cambodians her head must have hit somewhere when she was taken to the car. The injury to her head caused a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which was not fatal, but the timing of her awakening or even recovery became unpredictable.

Mo Jingshen returned to the hospital in the same clothes, black trousers, and a black T-s.h.i.+rt. As he was told that it was unknown when Ji Nuan would wake up, he looked a bit decadent and depressed.

Except for changing and showering, he hadn’t freshened himself up for days. His short black hair was blown messy by the wind. On his handsome face, his facial features were so defined. He coldly left.

He walked to the outside of the ICU and gazed through the gla.s.s.

Ji Nuan was so weak now that she couldn’t have brain surgery in the operation room but in the ICU.

Through the protection gla.s.s, Mo Jingshen looked silently at Ji Nuan who was lying there and didn’t even need to be anesthetized during the operation, because she was completely unconscious.

The doctors were busy operating on her. From time to time, the medical devices beeped and images of cardiac respiratory and blood pressure monitoring flickered.

He looked at the faint heartbeats shown in the image and a dark gleam flickered across his eyes. His tall and straight figure seemed to freeze in front of the gla.s.s.

K hurried to the hospital, only to see Mo Jingshen coldly standing. He quickly walked up to him.

K knew Ji Nuan was still in danger and Mr. Mo couldn’t leave the hospital soon, so he respectfully reported to him Atuta’s situation in the base who would survive only for a few days, and briefly told him how he had dealt with Atuta’s men. Then he left and didn’t disturb him anymore.

The corridor outside the ICU was silent again.

Mo Jingshen looked at Ji Nuan who lay unconscious, slowly raised his hand, and put it on the gla.s.s.

He gradually closed his palm, clenched his fist, and his joints turned white.

A week later…

Ji Nuan had still not awoken. She had an oxygen tube in her nose and a needle in the back of her hand. The back of her hand, which was full of holes, was pale except for the bruise of pinholes.

But fortunately, since this morning, her wounds had gradually healed and her internal organs injured by the bullet had also recovered well. Although she was still in intensive care, she could be visited for two hours a day.

Qin Siting walked into the ward and saw Mo Jingshen sitting by the bed and looking at Ji Nuan who was sleeping.

These days as Ji Nuan was in a coma, Mo Jingshen had been accompanying her and entrusting all the affairs of his company to his a.s.sistant and vice president. Ji Nuan couldn’t eat and Mo Jingshen also barely ate these days and they had to take him to the dining table to make him eat something.

Qin Siting walked behind him. “The cell phone that you put outside rang and I took a look. The call is from the Ji family. Ji Hongwen couldn’t contact Ji Nuan these days and he must be worried about her.”

Mo Jingshen took a look at the time. “I’ll call him back.”

Qin Siting nodded. “I think you’d better not tell them Ji Nuan was so badly injured before her vital signs are stabilized. Otherwise, there must be a lot of people coming all the way here to visit her, especially Grandfather Mo. He is no longer young. Don’t let him worry.”

Mo Jingshen didn’t speak and his eyes were still fixed on the face of the person lying unconscious on the bed.

He looked as if he cared about nothing in the world except for waiting for Ji Nuan to wake up.

Qin Siting didn’t know what to say, so he just patted him on the shoulder and then took a look at Ji Nuan who lay motionless, her face almost transparently white, as if she were not a real person in this world.

Mo Jingshen put his hand on the other hand of Ji Nuan that was covered with bruises and held it tightly in his palm.


Another half a month pa.s.sed.

Mo Jingshen could accompany Ji Nuan in the ward every day now.

He held her white, soft hand in his. At this time, the phone he put beside the bed vibrated. He glanced at it and lifted his other hand to pick it up.

“Mr. Mo, Atuta has an adoptive father in Mexico who was a gang leader in Mexico. This man had spent many years in war-torn countries all over the world for more than 20 years ago. Most of his power was s.n.a.t.c.hed from him in recent years and the rest of his men and wealth was unsustainable, so he sent Atuta to get the information about the underground arms deal from you in order to earn the tens of billions of black money. Now we’ve found Atuta’s adoptive father who was diagnosed with liver cancer a few months ago and is dying on the sickbed. Now his men had almost all gone because Atuta was caught by you. He has only a dozen men left who had all been controlled by us. He wants to speak to you on the phone. Would you like to answer?”

Mo Jingshen said coldly, “Why doesn’t he just die quietly? What does he want to say?”

Mo Jingshen took the phone and an old and feeble voice rang on the other side. “Mr. Control, I had met you many years ago, but at that time you didn’t notice me. I never expected that now my only adopted son fell into your hands.”

Mo Jingshen didn’t speak but stroked Ji Nuan’s hand gently and each of her fingers as if trying to warm her cold hands and keep them from getting cold.

“Mr. Control, China has an old saying, ‘do not kick against the p.r.i.c.ks.’ I know I’m not in a position to negotiate with you, but I don’t have any offspring except Atuta who is my only adopted son. He has been by my side for many years and has been loyal and respectful to me. I will give you the rest of my fortune, as long as you spare his life. Now I want to know, what have you done to my adopted son?”

There was an icy and contemptuous smile on Mo Jingshen’s face. “You should ask what I’m going to do to you.”

He meant that he not only wouldn’t spare Atuta’s life, but also would wipe them off all.

The man on the other side of the phone froze and was about to speak again when Mo Jingshen widened his eyes as he noticed that the index finger of Ji Nuan’s hand that he held in his palm twitched.


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