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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 828 – The Story of Ling and Heng (91)

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Chapter 828: The Story of Ling and Heng (91)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Boss, this bed was really too crowded for two people. I can sleep on the sofa.

She would like to say it again, but this never seemed to work.

Feng Ling hadn’t even spoken the words that had come to the tip of her tongue when Li Nanheng laid down. He patted the other side of the bed and turned to look at her. “Come, lie down and try.”

Feng Ling didn’t move.

“What are you waiting for? Lie down and see if it’s crowded. If it is, I will continue to sleep on the sofa.” The man’s voice was placid but insistent.

Since he had said so, Feng Ling glanced at the empty s.p.a.ce beside him and sat on the bed.

However, as soon as she sat down and hadn’t decided to lie on her back or on her side, her arm was suddenly tugged from behind. Caught off guard, she fell back uncontrollably and fell into his arms. Feng Ling hurriedly struggled to get up but was still pressed onto the empty s.p.a.ce beside him on the bed by him.

Feng Ling just lay still in bed as if petrified.

The man beside her tried the distance with his arms outstretched and then his hand pa.s.sed over her body and touched the other side of the bed. In the end, he commented, “It’s okay. This bed won’t be too crowded for two people.”

Feng Ling felt that she might have been a little too cautious in recent days. At this time, she could only stay silent. When Li Nanheng sat up, she still stayed in place but just turned her eyes to look at him.

“Okay, I’ll sleep here tonight.” Nanheng got up and pressed the bed under him with his hand. “This bed is soft enough. I slept on the sofa last time and it hurt my back for two days.”

Then he got up and took a box of cigarettes and a lighter, saying without looking back, “You can sleep if you’re tired. I’m going out to smoke a cigarette.”

Feng Ling looked out of the window. The rain had stopped. She replied, “Okay.”

The boy’s voice was so gentle and soft that Li Nanheng stopped his footsteps. He looked back at her, turned around the silver lighter in his palm, then turned around, and stepped out.

While Boss Li went out to smoke, Feng Ling hurriedly got up and locked the door the moment the door of the ward was closed again. Then she rushed into the bathroom to take a shower.

She wore the breast wrapping cloth for a day and now she was a little sweaty. If she didn’t take a bath now, she might be unable to fall asleep because of the sticky feeling on her body. Based on her understanding of Li Boss, it would take him some while to finish smoking a cigarette, and Xiao Xu had returned to the hospital. They would probably meet outside. Then it would take them at least ten minutes for them to smoke and chat. She could take a quick bath in this period of time.

It took her five minutes to take a bath, three minutes to wrap her chest, and one minute to dress. As she expected, less than ten minutes later, when Feng Ling opened the door of the bathroom, she heard the familiar footsteps approaching from outside. She rushed to open the lock from inside lest the Boss would discover that she had locked the door from inside. Then she hurried back to the bathroom to tuck the wrapping cloth and the clothes that she had just taken off to the bottom of the laundry bag and cover them with other clothes to make sure they wouldn’t be discovered. At this time, she heard the door open.

Li Nanheng bought a hot gla.s.s bottle of milk in the supermarket downstairs and came back. When he entered the door, he heard the sound in the bathroom. Feng Ling seemed to have just taken a shower. Here he could smell the shower gel floating out of the bathroom.

He casually glanced at Feng Ling’s wet hair dangling from his forehead and then at his cheeks that were tenderer than usual after taking a bath. Unable to control his eyes, he glanced at his neck but he didn’t see anything he wanted to see, because Feng Ling had b.u.t.toned up to the top. He withdrew his gaze deadpan, walked to the sickbed, and put down the bottle of hot milk. “I bought it on the way back. Drink it before sleep. It can help you sleep.”

Feng Ling stuck her head out of the door of the bathroom while wiping her hair with a dry towel, saying, “Boss, I’m a good sleeper. Drink it yourself.”

“Really?” Li Nanheng glanced back at her, sneering. “Last time I stayed here with you for a night and heard you roll over all night. Are you sure you’re a good sleeper?”

Feng Ling: “…”

Wasn’t it because you were sleeping in my ward?

Feng Ling put down the towel and felt that if she really slept in the same bed with Boss Li tonight, it would even be more difficult for her to fall asleep.

“OK, I’ll drink it immediately.” With that, she continued to wipe her hair. After the hair was almost dried, she casually shook her hair and walked out. When she picked up the bottle of milk, she found it was still hot. .

“I asked the supermarket guy to warm it up. Now the temperature is just right. Just drink it.” The man unb.u.t.toned his coat and lay down on the bed carelessly, leaving her half of the bed.

Feng Ling opened the lid, took a sip, and smacked her lips.

Li Nanheng had closed his eyes. The Li’s Corporation had a bunch of trivialities for him to deal with during the day. He was tired. Now he just wanted to sleep. Hearing this guy smacking his lips, he asked without opening his eyes, “Is it delicious?”

“Not bad. Boss, you bought sweet milk, which is delicious.”

“Ok.” The man seemed very satisfied, but he was too tired, so he just grunted in response with his eyes close. Then he rolled over and went on to sleep.

Seeing that this man actually fell asleep in her bed in no more than ten seconds, Feng Ling drank milk while thinking about whether she should go to bed or not. Then she looked down to check her clothes and the breast wrapping cloth.

After drinking the milk, Feng Ling gently put down the bottle and turned to go back to the sofa. The man in the bed suddenly turned over at this moment. The man said huskily without opening his eyes, “Come to sleep.”

Feng Ling was silent…

Did he wake up?

She looked back at the man on the bed. “Boss, I like kicking and waving in sleep. I’m afraid I may disturb you.”

The man didn’t speak but turned sideways to give her the other half of the bed. Although he didn’t speak, he was apparently signaling her to go to bed to sleep.

Feng Ling walked over and when she lay down, she unconsciously touched her own chest. After making sure that Li Nanheng would not find anything strange about her body unless he touched her chest carefully, she lay stiffly flat beside him.

Although she was already accustomed to training and living together with a group of men in the base and it was no problem for her to use the men’s bathroom in men’s clothes, sleeping in the same bed that was so small with a man was totally a different story…


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