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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 906 – The Story of Ling and Heng (169)

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Chapter 906: The Story of Ling and Heng (169)

Li Nanheng bypa.s.sed Qiao Fei and was about to drag Feng Ling up when out of the corner of his eyes, he glimpsed several members of the Team Three pa.s.sing by.

These members of Team Three seemed to look inadvertently at Feng Ling. When they glimpsed that Li Nanheng and Qiao Fei seemed to be confronting because of Feng Ling, they immediately whispered to each other, “It seems that what those guys said is true. Feng Ling may be a woman. Is Boss hiding a woman in the base to facilitate doing something private with her?”

“Probably. Wasn’t Deputy Drillmaster Qiao in Team Two? Why is he in such good term with Feng Ling who used to be in Team One? Someone saw him poured hot water for Feng Ling just now, but he never treats other members so nicely!”

“Gee, if Feng Ling is a man, they must be gay. If Feng Ling is a woman… umm, that’s a problem… The base stipulates that women are not allowed to partic.i.p.ate in training or become members of the base. If Feng Ling is a woman… oops, I can’t imagine what will happen…”

“They saw Feng Ling drop a sanitary napkin in the canteen last time, didn’t they? I think Feng Ling is probably a woman. Otherwise, why did Auntie Jie Li leave suddenly? That’s very suspicious. Is it because she found out that Boss Li secretly hid a woman beside him…”

“Hush, don’t blab. Boss Li had been away from the base and stayed in the Li family for several years. I think maybe he doesn’t know Feng Ling is a woman either.”

“No one knows whether Boss knows it or not, but I think Feng Ling is really like a woman. From his height to his face, he’s nothing like a man. And I haven’t seen his Adam’s apple. Do you notice his Adam’s apple?

“I have never been too close to him, so I haven’t really noticed…”

“How could he use sanitary napkins if he wasn’t a woman? Did he use it to wipe his b.u.t.tocks at night?”


“d.a.m.n, quiet. If they hear us… you’ll be doomed…”

“But is he male or female?”

They whispered and walked away, “I don’t know, but I think he may well be a woman! Let me test her some time…”

Although those people were far away from here, Li Nanheng could read their lips.

But he didn’t go up to punish them. He only put one hand in his trouser pocket and looked at Feng Ling coldly. “The police station has been busy pursuing the murderers of a criminal case and needs reinforcement. They asked us to send a sniper over. Since your training has reached the standard, you don’t have to worry about the inspection and can go to the police station to help for a few days.”

Hearing this, Qiao Fei was about to say something, when Feng Ling had already nodded. “Okay, no problem.”

“Pack up and go to the police station tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to bring a sniper rifle. There are a few snipers among the murderers. Take instructions from the police. You’ll go there alone.”

“Okay.” She nodded again.

When she was worried about Auntie Jie Li in the cafeteria today, she noticed that some of the base members pa.s.sing by seemed to look at her with a strange look.

Maybe they had heard about the sanitary napkin thing from those members of Team Three. No matter how reasonable Auntie Jie Li’s explanation sounded, it was just too coincidental, let alone the long-standing rumors about her. It was normal for them to had doubts about her gender.

Of course, they were just suspecting. She was never interested in others’ opinions on her.

Since Feng Ling had accepted the task, Qiao Fei could not do anything to stop her. After all, he was only a drillmaster, not the person in charge of the base.

Qiao Fei looked back at Feng Ling again, asking her with his eyes if she could handle this task, and Feng Ling gave him a rea.s.suring look.

When Li Nanheng noticed the two’s eye contact, his eyes darkened, but he didn’t say anything. He turned around expressionlessly and coldly glanced in the direction where those members left, and his voice was icy. “Leave early tomorrow morning. Now you can go pack up and don’t have to attend the training at night.”

Feng Ling was worrying about the training at night because she feared that she might not be able to hold on. If she excessive exercise, she might bleed a lot.

Although Qiao Fei was trying to protect her, he couldn’t spare her from the evening training. It was unexpected that Li Nanheng helped her.

Was it because the task she was going to perform was very important? She couldn’t believe the cold-blooded demon had spared her from the training at night!

Feng Ling stood up, holding the hot water cup. “OK, Boss.”

Without looking back, Li Nanheng walked out indifferently as if he had come here for no one but to deliver an order.

After Boss Li was gone, Qiao Fei whispered to her, “This is fine. At least you won’t have to do training in the next two or three days. The exercise intensity won’t be as great as it is now, but you’ll still have to be careful.”

Besides, there were many rumors about Feng Ling in the base in the past two days. Many people paid particular attention to her, so she’d better be away from the base for a few days and come back when people no longer gossiped about her. After all, no one would take this matter very seriously.

Feng Ling returned the hot water cup to him. “I’m going back to pack up. Thank you for the hot water, Deputy Drillmaster Qiao.”

Qiao Fei took the cup. She was just holding the cup in her hand and hadn’t taken a sip yet.

He nodded silently.

Feng Ling left.

Qiao Fei looked at her receding figure, then glanced in the direction that Boss Li had gone away, and pondered.

With a man’s instincts, he had a feeling that Boss Li knowns something.


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