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Read Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 987 – The Story of Ling and Heng (250)

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Chapter 987: The Story of Ling and Heng (250)

Feng Ling clearly sensed the murderous intent in the man’s gaze. Even if he recognized that this was Qiao Fei…

“Qiao Fei! Quickly let go!” Feng Ling rushed to push him away. “Hurry and let go…”

“Feng Ling, I…” Before Qiao Fei could finish speaking, his back tensed. The man who had abruptly approached had reached out and hauled him away. Qiao Fei lifted his head blearily and immediately received a harsh punch to his face. He staggered backwards and fell against Bentley.

As Qiao Fei’s back slammed against the car door, he finally sobered up a little. He lifted his head and immediately met Li Nanheng’s blazing, enraged gaze.

“Boss.” It had been too late for Feng Ling to stop his first punch. When she saw that he was about to throw another blow, she rushed to reach out and stop him.

However, Li Nanheng expressionlessly pushed her hand aside.

“Boss!” Feng Ling saw that he was really upset and frantically reached out once more. She held his arm. “Boss, don’t misunderstand! Brother Qiao drank too much, he doesn’t have any other intentions. We’re all people from the XI Base. Don’t beat up our own people outside. Boss…”

“Let go!”


Li Nanheng abruptly shifted his frigid gaze down onto her: “I told you to let go.”

Feng Ling understood why he was angry. Earlier, she was also startled when Qiao Fei threw himself at her and embraced her. However, it was really inappropriate for them to be fighting here.

Especially for her.

She held his arm tightly with force. Even through the fabric of his clothes, she could feel the man’s muscles tensing as he prepared to vent his anger through force. She refused to let go. “Stop beating him!”

Seeing her actions, Li Nanheng’s expression worsened. He was about to push her away when Feng Ling directly moved to stand before him. She opened her arms and took the initiative to hold his waist tightly.

She could smell the faint scent of alcohol on him. Did these two men make a prior agreement? One was drinking while the other carried the scent of alcohol back with him.

One was in a poor mood, the other didn’t seem to be feeling great either.

She embraced his waist tightly, causing the man to stiffened slightly; this was the first time she had taken the initiative to hold him. She pressed her head against his chest to say: “Li Nanheng! He is one of us! Don’t hit him!”

If it weren’t for Qiao Fei’s presence, perhaps Li Nanheng would be extremely happy to receive her embrace.

But right now, the little woman was being forced to do so for Qiao Fei.

Since he returned to the Li family, he had been feeling pressured and trapped by a casual promise he had carelessly made to the Feng family in the past. He had planned on staying away in case his feelings affected her rest, yet he could not resist the urge to return home and accompany her.

Who f.u.c.king knew that the moment he returned home, he would see the little woman he did not even dare to kiss, for fear of affecting her mood, being forcefully held in this b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s arms.

“Feng Ling.” The man’s voice came from above her head and was firm: “If you don’t wish to see any casualties, let go of me right now!”

“Boss, calm down. He really only drank too much. There’s nothing going on between the two of us!” Feng Ling held his waist, pressing her head against his chest to explain gloomily: “Stop fighting!”

Qiao Fei leaned against the car seat. Although Li Nanheng’s earlier blow wasn’t especially harsh, it was sufficient to leave him dazed. Now that the dazedness finally faded, he slowly stood up properly against the car door. As he watched the scene before him, he suddenly smiled. He quickly wiped the side of his lips and lowered his head to look at the bloodstain on his clothes. He immediately smiled again. He lifted his head to say: “Boss Li, this isn’t how you s.n.a.t.c.h a woman. This isn’t the XI Base either. We’re not at a training ground. Do you think you can speak with your fists?”

“You really aren’t f.u.c.king afraid of death!” Li Nanheng was about to charge forward but the young woman in his arms kept her death grip around his waist, refusing to let him move. He lowered his head to look at the little woman in his embrace and furrowed his brows: “What are you doing? If I were to cripple him, would you really form a grudge against me? Let go of me right now!”

“I’m not letting go! Boss, you can’t do this! This is all a misunderstanding! Do you think that n.o.body sees you when you do this outside! There are so many people pa.s.sing by this place. This isn’t a place where outsiders cannot come in like XI Base! Right now, the base is already troubled by rumors and most of them are caused by me. If a fight starts between you and Qiao Fei because of me, wouldn’t I become the person that really needs to leave?”

Feng Ling unhappily and hoa.r.s.ely said a lot before Li Nanheng finally calmed down a little. However, his cold gaze remained fixed on the fearless Qiao Fei who was smiling by the car door.

“Boss Li, even if I’ve left the base, I’m still addressing you as Boss.” Qiao Fei licked away the blood on the side of his lips. He spoke coldly: “When it comes to chasing girls, it’s always necessary to have a fair compet.i.tion. You are very outstanding, but I’m not lacking in any way. Since she likes you, it means I’ve lost. But I’m not wrong in using my own ways to express my emotions. There’s no need to look at me as though you want to kill me. America is fair and just society. It’s not only the Li family alone that is powerful. Even if you wish to kill someone outside, it won’t be as easy as you think!”

Feng Ling furrowed her brows and turned back to shout at him: “Qiao Fei! Stop talking! Leave!”

Qiao Fei shifted his gaze onto her: “I want a fair compet.i.tion.”

“Compete for what? I’m not one of those beautiful young girls that can be compared to a G.o.ddess! After pretending to be a man for so many years, I don’t even know how to love someone! There’s no need for anyone to do anything for me! No one will even know or miss me if I die outside one day! I’m not worth the two of you doing this!”

“You’re worth it,” After saying this, Qiao Fei did not say more. He wiped the side of his mouth once more and released a soft laugh. It wasn’t clear if he was mocking someone else or himself. He then opened the car door and removed his jacket to toss it in. He stood by his car door for a long moment, as if to resist the urge to turn back and return the blow, before finally climbing in.

The Bentley made a whistling noise against the ground before it drove away.

After confirming that Qiao Fei had left and that there was no one Li Nanheng could beat up, Feng Ling released a long breath. She then released the man’s waist and was about to take a step back when abruptly, a grip tightened around her waist, sending her back into his arms. She raised her head in confusion and was about to speak when, abruptly, a harsh kiss was pressed against her lips.


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