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Chapter 17

Lin Shan’s first reaction on confiscating items in someone’s home was based off of another Stephen Chow movie she had seen previously. In the “Royal Tramp”, the characters went to confiscate items in someone’s residence. To her, it was one of the most vivid part of the movie.

Thus, Lin Shan was extremely excited.

Trying to pa.s.s the Civil Service exam was like trying to cross a single-log bridge with thousands of men and horses. It was so crowded that her remains couldn’t be found. Now that she has transported through time and became the Prince Consort, she has been given the great task to confiscate someone’s home. That is definitely a much better job compared to a government job. It’s at least state level!! Even if she couldn’t get any profit from it, she could still be in the spotlight for a bit.

On the second day after the imperial edict was made, Lin Shan made her way to the Wu residence. By the time she had arrived, the whole residence had already been surrounded by soldiers. Aside from Wu Liang Zhi, who was in prison, everyone else in the household were kneeling in the lobby while waiting for their fate to be set.

The Crown Prince hasn’t arrived yet. Hence, no one dared to make a move. They decided to give Lin Shan the authority. Once the Prince Consort makes the command, confiscation will begin.

At this moment, Lin Shan was sighing at the luxurious Wu residence. It looked even more magnificent compared to the Palace. The moment she walked in, everything was dazzling gold. Even the hand rail was gold! It’s as if he was afraid people wouldn’t know he was rich. This was like a pirated copy of the newly rich!


Why would he make the house like this? Anyone who comes in would know you’re a corrupted official! He truly has no IQ!

Lin Shan was at a loss for words. Suddenly, her eyes caught onto the antique shelf in the living room. She quickly scanned her eyes over the entire shelf. Her eyes shone brightly when she caught sight of a golden ru yi*. Out of everything here, that was the most convenient and easy to carry item!

“Da ren**, what do you want us to do with the family members?”

The subordinate interrupted Lin Shan’s thoughts and brought her back to reality. Lin Shan reluctantly looks away from the golden ru yi and realizes that there were a bunch of people on their knees waiting in the lobby. The group consisted of the old, the weak, the women, and the children. All of them looked terrified.

Lin Shan has never been in this situation before. She didn’t know what to do: “What did the imperial edict say?”

“The imperial edict only indicated the fate of Wu Liang Zhi. It didn’t say anything about the rest.”

What? The King didn’t do his whole job. She has to deal with all these other people? Even their daily lives? What they eat and drink? That is so annoying! She thought about it and waved her hand: “Since the King didn’t say, then just let them go. Let them go where they want to go.”

The subordinate was shocked and hesitated for a moment. Then, he carefully worded his words: “Are you sure, da ren? These are the family members of a corrupted official. If we let them go so easily, perhaps the common people will be angry….”

“Ohh.” Lin Shan shook her head as she mumbled to herself, “You’re right. It’s probably not a good idea if we just let them go…”

“Your subordinate is untalented. Please guide us with your wisdom, da ren….”

“Okay. Then secretly let them go. Use the back door. Don’t let people see. Oh, and also give each person a silver tael as a dismissal fee. No more than that, do you understand?”

The poor subordinate was startled. It took me awhile before he was able to react. He trembled and stuttered: “Da ren is wise. Your subordinate shall do as you say.”

Just like that, the family members were free. Usually, under these circ.u.mstances, they would have been forever banished as slaves. Now, not only were they free, they were given a silver tael each. From history, I’m afraid our Lin Shan is the first who has ever done something like this.

After this incident, the news will spread to the common people. However, instead of anger, the people will be praising Song Luo for his righteousness and generosity. People will begin spreading his great virtue and Song Luo will gain even more female fans.

Of course, this will occur later on. Right now, Lin Shan’s eyes only had room for the golden ru yi. The family members have been sent away and the rest of her subordinates were busy confiscating items.

While no one was looking, Lin Shan secretly approached the antique shelf as she stared around her surroundings.

The coast was clear! Just like a sinner, she grabbed onto the handle of the golden ru yi.

So heavy! It’s real gold!!

At that moment, a stern voice caused Lin Shan to almost drop the ru yi: “What are you doing?”

Lin Shan was alarmed that she had been caught. She quickly placed the golden ru yi back onto the shelf as she turned around and tried to smile: “Nothing..just looking…..”

Lin Shan paused in the middle of her sentence. She rubbed her eyes as she focused onto the person in front of her. She was appalled. What? How come it was Lian Feng? Why isn’t he wearing a mask again? Could it be he has changed from the underground organization to above ground?

Although her heart still felt a bit odd, she also felt relieved and revealed the golden ru yi. A sly smile appeared on her face as she ran towards Lian Feng.

Lin Shan placed her arm around his shoulder and said: “Bro, don’t be like this. You scared me half to death…”

Facing her mischievous face, her counterpart frowned. He effortlessly pushed aside Lin Shan’s hand  and glared at her: “Who are you?”

Lin Shan was caught off guard. Then she remembered that Lian Feng didn’t know she has seen his real face before.

He’s likely acting. Plus, they somewhat had an argument last time. He’s probably still a bit annoyed at her. Oh my goodness, he should just man up. Why does he have to hide the truth?

Lin Shan totally couldn’t tell something was wrong. Thus, once again, she placed her arm back onto his shoulder. In addition, she took out the golden ru yi and said: “Bro, based on our relations.h.i.+p, why are you so shy? I’ll apologize for what happened last time. Don’t be mad, okay? Look at this ru yi, it’s gold! Let’s hide it and then secretly sell it later. Fifty fifty (50% each)…how come you’re not saying anything?

..You want more? Ohhhh you are so black hearted… how about seventy thirty?? Come on…. Eighty twenty??? Hey.. you seem like a decent guy. How come you’re so corrupted? Ninety ten? You want to kill me? ….h.e.l.lo!?! Say something!!”

Lin Shan still had her arms around her counterpart’s shoulder as she kept on talking. It wasn’t until after awhile did she realize something wasn’t right.

“Why didn’t you bring the golden sabre today, huh? This jade pendant….” Lin Shan’s eyes caught the jade pendant that was hanging from his waist. For some reason it looked like the one she stole from Du Ming Yue…

Suddenly, Lin Shan had a very bad feeling..

At that moment, a subordinate came back with the accounting book. He swiftly got down onto one knee and respectfully greeted: “Your humble servant would like to greet the Crown Prince and the Prince Consort. This is what I’ve found from the Wu residence. Please take a look, your Highness.”

It was as if time froze. Lin Shan robotically turned around as she stared into the eyes of a man who had the exact same face as Lian Feng. Her face started to twitch.

“What…what did he call you?”

Their faces were very close to each other. Lin Shan could clearly see his crinkled brows and annoyed expression: “Prince Consort, please get your hand off me while you speak.”

Her companion’s voice clearly indicated to Lin Shan that she wasn’t dreaming. This was not a joke. The person in front of her was truly the Crown Prince, Du Hao…even though he has the exact same face as Lian Feng.

Lin Shan literally bounced off from Du Hao. The golden ru yi spun twice on the ground as she rushed to place it back onto the shelf. Recalling what she said in front of Du Hao earlier, she knew she was in big trouble. She instantly got down on her knees.

“Your Highness, I know my wrongs. Earlier, I was just joking with you. Please forgive me…” Lin Shan lowered her head while her thoughts were running like a whirlwind in her mind. She couldn’t understand why Du Hao and Lian Feng looked exactly the same. Could it be Lian Feng was really Du Hao?

No, that isn’t possible. Du Hao was fighting a war until recently…

Lin Shan’s sudden apology surprised everyone. They all looked at her in astonishment. Du Hao, however, did not move. He intently looked at Lin Shan for a moment and then turned his glance towards the subordinate with the accounting book: “Bring it over. Let me see.”

Lin Shan’s head was still down the entire time. After awhile, her legs started to feel numb but Du Hao still hasn’t taken any action. Therefore, she secretly lifted her head to peek.

What? Where did the Crown Prince go? Everyone else was busy confiscating items. No one even seemed to noticed her kneeling in the corner.

Lin Shan suddenly had a very odd feeling. She felt like she was dreaming and couldn’t understand what was going on. She slowly got up to rub her sore knees as she looked around once more. No one was definitely paying attention to her. Du Hao had left without a trace.

What the heck is going on? Lin Shan feels like her brain was about to explode. She ma.s.saged her temple as she left the room.

* ru yi -okay, I have nooo idea what this is. I found an image on google but I still don’t know what it’s used for. However, the word “ru yi” literally means “pleasing to oneself”… here’s a picture to show you. You can do the guessing.

**da ren – I cannot translate this term appropriate because it literally means big person. Big, in this context, means superior. In the Ancient times, any time a person is greeting someone they see as superior to them (usually based on power and status), they will refer them as “da ren”. The subordinates are not calling the Prince Consort as Prince Consort because his role has changed into a superior chancellor.


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