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Read You’re Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 16 Part1

You’re Beautiful When You Smile is a Webnovel completed by Qing Mei, 青浼.
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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 16 Part 1

Subject: What the h.e.l.l, I just saw Cheng Ge and the new ZGDX Mid girl playing
duo on OB (an online viewing system)!


Yesterday, I checked the ranking of our ZGDX Little Fatty and as expected, he
was losing hard as usual. Out of curiosity, I also checked who were his teammates
and found that Little Fatty was playing duo for several matches with someone with
the ID “smiling.” Hahahahaha, you all know who that is!

Our Little Fatty was playing with his usual style, using all kinds of champions as
Support and successfully leading his new teammate in a dive to Diamond 2!

— –Do you all think this counts as campus bullying, the old bullying the new……

And today, our Cheng Ge stands up, probably to make up for the bullying of his own team!

ZGDX Mid and Bot are playing duo, hahahahahahahahahaha! Right at this moment!

(posted 2016-5-2 17:30)

(lots of comments followed)……

503rd post


I’m back. Let me recount the highlights of our ZGDX first Mid and Bot duo– —

In the first match, Cheng Ge, playing Jungler, robbed Smiling’s blue.

In the second match, Smiling robbed Cheng Ge’s red.

In the third match, Smiling played 0/7/3 Yasuo.

There was no fourth match.

Because the duo parted ways.

I can almost imagine the moment they had their breakup. I hope they didn’t
start a fight.

PS: It’s so difficult to be a fan for this team. Except for Old Cat and Old K who
would play duo nicely, you can never see any other members playing
peacefully……thus, Old Cat and Old K, you two have to be nice to each other(T__T)

(posted 2016-5-2 20:12)



Tong Yao quickly moved the mouse and read all the posts with great interest,
“feel sorry for the new girl,” “feel sorry for Cheng Ge who would be getting a
salary deduction tomorrow,” “feel sorry for the unpopular Little Fatty,” and “feel
sorry for myself for being the fan of such a silly team.”– –towards the end, she
couldn’t even recognize the words “feel sorry.”

“Cheng Ge, the roommate of one of your fans wants to see the bot of ZGDX playing
duo before she dies.” She kept moving her mouse while read each post aloud.

Little Fatty: “I’d love to see that before my salary disappears.”

The man sitting next to Tong Yao ignored his Support but glanced at Tong Yao,
“Am I supposed to be responsible for my fan’s roommate?”

“A good idol always cares for everyone in the world.”

“I’m just an internet addicted old man.”




“You posted on Weibo again?”

“You just played your game, it has nothing to do with you.”

“It’ll have nothing to do with me if you tell your fans not to tag me.”

“That has nothing to do with me.”

Tong Yao closed the web page and stood up to stretch, she was hungry.

As she was about to call for food delivery, the manager, Xiao Rui, slowly walked
down from the second floor. He walked before Little Fatty and kicked him as he
spoke to Lu Sicheng, “Kids, don’t you all think it’s about time for us to arrange
some skirmishes?”

— –A skirmish, as in two teams arranged to play a match, following all the rules
of a regular match……Skirmishes are very important in a professional’s career.
They can test new champions, practice new strategy, or even get to know new
teammates during the skirmish……

When Tong Yao heard ‘skirmish’, she reflectively straightened up to look at
Xiao Rui. Lu Sicheng, on the other hand, simply replied, “oh,” then continued
with his game without even raised his eyes to look at Xiao Rui.

Little Fatty pushed Xiao Rui’s foot away, “Rui Ge, the Spring Tournament just ended.
Who plays skirmishes during the off season? We’re still here because we played the
finals, all the other teams have finished their after-season games more than half of
month ago. They’ve all gone home now?”

“Most of the teams aren’t happy with the result of their after season games, so no
more vacations.” Xiao Rui shrugged. “See how hard they are trying. Then look at
yourselves. You’re still happily going about your lives after losing the championship
in the Spring Tournament. Not even annoyed by CK……”

Little Fatty: “Yang G.o.d and them are all so happy, they are grinning from ear to ear.”

Xiao Rui: “They can go play MSI, sure they’re happy. This year, the MSI will be
here in Shanghai, right in front of our home.”

MSI is a mid-sized international compet.i.tion held after the Spring Tournament,
attended by the Spring Tournament champions from each of the six regions:
Korea (LCK), China (LPL), Taiwan (LMS), Europe (LCS, EU), and North America
(LCS, NA), along with wild card teams (formed by teams from areas other than the
above 5 regions)– —

This year was the second MSI, held in Shanghai.

Last year, the champion of the 2015 MSI was the team from LPL. After they won
the championship, everyone felt that LPL teams were so strong that they would win
in the worldwide finals a few months later as well……However, a few months later,
the three teams from LPL all performed badly at the S worldwide finals, two teams
were eliminated in the group matches, the other didn’t even qualify for the final eight.
It was the worst record that LPL had ever experienced…..

After the defeat, the opinion of MSI had changed. Some still thought it was an
important tournament, only next to the world finals. Yet, some others insisted that……

— –It was only a tournament for the purpose of entertainment!

— –The other regions weren’t taking it too seriously, otherwise, how could LPL win
the championship? !

— –Garbage LPL! Garbage MSI!

With the bad experience from last year, most people still didn’t have much confidence
in this region’s teams. No one was optimistic for the result of this year’s MSI……

Little Fatty was exactly one of those people.

Little Fatty: “What is there to be happy with when you’ll get punched into the dirt right
in front of your own home?”

Xiao Rui pointed at Little Fatty’s nose, “Don’t you talk.”

Xiao Rui then turned to ask Lu Sicheng, “Cheng Ge, you don’t have any problem with
a skirmish, right?”

Translated by Team DHH at


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