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Read You’re Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 44 Part2

You’re Beautiful When You Smile is a web novel completed by Qing Mei, 青浼.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 44 Part 2

Five minutes later, Tong Yao, dressed casually, and Lu Sicheng, now in a clean T shirt, walked downstairs one after another.

Seeing everyone sitting downstairs staring at her, Tong Yao scratched her head and figured that she probably wouldn’t able to get this thing behind her if she didn’t offer some sort of explanation……She embarra.s.singly said: “It’s so embarra.s.sing. I was just watching Cheng Ge take his pills and waiting to get him a new towel, but I somehow felt asleep leaning against the bed. After I fell asleep, I felt cold and grabbed around for blanket in a daze and then, I squeezed in with Cheng Ge on his bed……ur, sorry, did I scare you all? Actually, I even scared myself.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright.”

“It’s normal, it’s normal.”

“Ah, you just can’t stand the cold. It’s cold today. It’s normal for a girl to be afraid of the cold.”

“Have you eaten dinner? Come eat some har gow; it’s pretty good and we especially bought it for you two……”

Everyone went along with her explanation, though none of them meant what they said.

Tong Yao realized that it was better not to say anything further, so she stopped talking and sat down next to the dinner table. She felt that she needed food to help her get over her shock– –She was telling the truth just now. She wasn’t just shocked, it felt like her senses, which had been frightened out of her body, hadn’t returned yet.

She opened the take out box and found the har gow was still warm. She hurriedly separated the chopsticks and picked up one to send to her mouth. She saw through the corner of her eyes that Lu Sicheng had walked over to the sofa and sat down. He took the yogurt drink which Lu Yue had just put the straw in and sipped a couple of mouthfuls.

Little Fatty cleared his throat: “So, are you two……all done?”

The surrounding became dead silent all of a sudden.

Tong Yao with a har gow in between her lips: “?”

Lu Sicheng quietly glanced over the people around him who were all silently looking at him. He figured that when Little Fatty came downstairs the second time, he must have said something to the others. He ridiculed sarcastically: “So I lasted only 15 minutes?”

The atmosphere around suddenly relaxed. No one said anything to challenge him, it looked like they all took a sigh of relief.

With a second har gow in her mouth, Tong Yao: “? ?”

Lu Sicheng: “Is it good?”

Tong Yao nodded.

Lu Sicheng: “Oh, then eat some more.”

Tong Yao swallowed the food in her mouth, still oblivious about what was going on.


The next day, Tong Yao was sitting on her chair counting the compet.i.tion matches this week. Yesterday, which was Thursday, afternoon, they played the opening match. There was no game on Friday or On Sunday afternoon, at three o’clock, ZGDX would be back for the round robin in their own group and met their first opponent in the group: King.

During the spring tournament, King moved from the junior league into the major league by coming back from a major disadvantage to win the last match in the finals and became one of the 12 major league teams.

King’s mid was a Korean, his id was Ramen. He was hired by the Chinese team as one of top Master players on the Korean server. Tong Yao had been on the same team as him when she was playing ranked games. He was skilled, but Tong Yao had never played against him. She didn’t quite understand him.


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