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Read Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1007 – Reverse the Situation

Zombie Sister Strategy is a web novel made by 一缕冥火, A Wisp Of Netherworld Inferno.
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Read WebNovel Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1007 – Reverse the Situation

Chapter 1007: Reverse the Situation

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Wu Chengyue joined the battle alone, but he almost suppressed the crazy level-eight creature once he showed up. As a result, the war situation was instantly reversed.

Lin Qiao spent a short while watching him fight. She knew that the level-eight creature wouldn’t be able to end the fight any time soon. She was grateful to Wu Chengyue for helping her. Moreover, the feeling that had been buried deep in her heart was aroused again.

She looked at him; the man was powerful indeed! That powerful man had been growing a stronger and stronger affection toward her, and affecting her more and more deeply.

She took a deep breath, then turned her eyes away from him, toward the other underground creatures. More and more underground creatures showed up on the battlefield. They were surrounded by zombies, but the latter could hardly hurt them.

Besides, they were strangely strong. They were able to sweep away a large group of zombies by simply wielding their arms. Thankfully, the zombie crowd was huge.

Lin Qiao reached out both hands to feel her energy that she had left inside the bodies of those underground creatures, then started to control it.

The netherworld fire that was buried inside the body of a level-six underground creature nearest to her was activated immediately. Once again, the fire started to absorb energy from those creatures.

“Roar…” The level-six underground gorilla roared with fright, then began scratching its own chest. Soon, the same thing started to happen to the other underground creatures, as tens of underground creatures at level five or six started to harm themselves again.

After the short, intense fight that happened just now, Qiu Lili, Yun Meng, and the other zombies were all injured. Not many of them still had the power to fight.

Among them all, Qiu Lili and Lin Kui suffered the least.

Lin Qiao looked around, then suddenly started moving. As long as she didn’t need to focus on the level-eight one, she still had a way to deal with the lower-leveled ones.

A buffalo-sized level-seven underground gorilla was desperately scratching its own chest with its sharp claws. The red light shining out of its skin was sparkling.

Lin Qiao suddenly showed up on its neck, with her legs around its neck. She held the creature’s head with both arms, and in the next second, both the creature and herself disappeared.

A few seconds later, she showed up again beside another level-seven underground creature. She repeated what she did just now and brought the second level-seven creature into her s.p.a.ce.

Added with the first five level-seven underground creatures and the ones she caught later, ten of them were tortured by her netherworld fire. They were brought into the s.p.a.ce before they even noticed her moves.

“Wow! Is Chief going to keep them all in her s.p.a.ce?” Qiu Lili saw what Lin Qiao did, popping her eyes as she said with surprise.

“She can be stronger in her s.p.a.ce. If she didn’t need to fight the level-eight one earlier, she might have thrown those things into the woods inside her s.p.a.ce long ago,” Lin Kui stood up and walked to Qiu Lili’s side as he talked to her while wagging his tail.

“I see,” Qiu Lili nodded while thinking.

The two of them turned their eyes to the area where rumbling thunders had been heard from. The level-eight creature was ferociously chasing behind Wu Chengyue, getting struck by his lightning from time to time.

It was super strong. Wu Chengyue’s lightning had landed on its body a few times, but failed to leave any wound on its skin. All the lightning managed to do was make the red light that was shining out of its skin flicker.

Wu Chengyue slightly raised his eyebrows, then abruptly put his palms together, seemingly holding something. Next, he suddenly moved both hands downward.

A deafening thunder was heard. It was so loud that all the zombies and underground creatures on the scene stopped moving and automatically raised their heads to look at the sky.

A bolt of lightning, that was at least one and a half meters thick, descended from the sky straight at the enormous underground creature.

“Roar!” The level-eight underground gorilla stopped moving as well. It raised its head and looked at the sky alertly. Following its movement, the huge lightning bolt fell on its head, not even giving it the time to dodge.

Boom! As the lightning bolt landed, even the earth quaked a little. A huge and deep pit was created in the middle of the road that the level-eight creature was standing on. The creature was pressed down to the bottom of the pit.

“Roar!” This time, the underground gorilla gave a shrill scream. Apparently, the huge thunderbolt had hurt it severely.

Wu Chengyue showed up by the edge of the pit, and a second huge lightning bolt fell from the sky in the meantime. By the time the meter-thick lightning bolt fell upon its head, the level-eight creature hadn’t recovered from the first thunder strike.

“Hrrr…” The first lightning bolt had injured the level-eight underground creature already. As the second bolt landed on its body, it fell to the ground without being able to get back up.

It still struggled and tried to get back on its feet, seeming unwilling to admit defeat.

Wu Chengyue expressionlessly looked around, but didn’t see the zombie lady. About ten level-seven underground creatures were also gone.

He frowned slightly. Was the zombie lady going to deal with so many underground creatures by herself all at once? Could she do that? She probably could… Her power seemed to be highly harmful to those creatures.

Wu Chengyue trusted Lin Qiao with her power. However, she hadn’t restored all her power after all. Besides, she brought ten level-seven underground creatures into her s.p.a.ce at once, not one or two. That really made him worry.

At that moment, the ten level-seven underground creatures that had been thrown into the woods inside Lin Qiao’s s.p.a.ce were all staying motionless, vigilantly sensing the scents in the air and listening to the surrounding sounds. They seemed to be trying to locate themselves.

All the scents they sensed were strange, while the scents from their friends were gone. That made them panic a little.

Lin Qiao quietly landed on a tree in the middle of the woods. She crossed her legs and sat on top of the tree, then closed her eyes to focus her mind and control the power of her s.p.a.ce. While suppressing the ten creatures with the s.p.a.ce power, she released her own power to control the netherworld fire inside their bodies, quickly absorbing their energy and turning it into hers.


Waves of beast roars were heard from the woods. Those creatures sounded wrathful and frightened.

Mo Yan and his zombie girl looked at the woods with confusion, wondering what Lin Qiao was doing this time. On the other side of the lake, the goats and roe deers were all terrified by the beast roars. They didn’t run away, but got down on the ground and buried their heads in the gra.s.s, trembling.


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