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Read Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1012 – Wow! Daddy and Mommy!

Zombie Sister Strategy is a web novel produced by 一缕冥火, A Wisp Of Netherworld Inferno.
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Chapter 1012: Wow! Daddy and Mommy!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lin Qiao pressed her lips together, then turned and headed straight toward the door. While walking, she said, “Last night was an accident. Don’t… think too much about it.”

Hesitation could be detected from her eyes when she said those words. She was clearly aware that the man’s affection toward her might grow deeper after last night. She was right, though. Last night was an accident indeed. Her feelings about him had changed after the beginning, and he had sensed it. She had no plan of denying it. She just couldn’t accept it yet, as it happened too suddenly.

The smile on Wu Chengyue’s face grew smaller as he sighed helplessly, “Are you leaving already? So heartless…”

He had guessed that she would react this way. But still, he was disappointed to hear her say that.

But then, he thought for a moment and told himself that her current att.i.tude was already not bad. He had sensitively grasped the hesitation from her words. That was good! At least, that could be counted as some progress.

Lin Qiao looked at his face and somehow felt a little uncomfortable. He seemed to be disappointed to hear her describe last night as an accident. But, what else could she possibly say?

She couldn’t change the decision that she had already made because of that accident. She even wanted to leave the room as soon as possible, so he wouldn’t notice that she was hesitating. She worried that she might change her mind under his gaze if she spent a longer time in that bedroom.

“But, Teng will be a month old in a few days. Can we…” Wu Chengyue abruptly stood up and walked up behind her, then lowered his head to look at her while asking her with a begging tone, “Can we throw the party here?”

Looking at him right in the eyes, Lin Qiao had her pupils shrinking slightly. She quickly blinked a few times after that, then turned her eyes away from him and responded with a cold voice, “About that, you need to ask Viney. If he agrees, I won’t say no.”

She didn’t say no to Wu Chengyue, because she knew that he had the right to make the request. Viney could make his own decision, and she tended to respect that.

Wu Chengyue raised his hands and attempted to hold her. However, he paused for two seconds before touching her, and then dropped those hands.

“Can’t you stay here to wait for his answer?”

Lin Qiao turned and looked at him in a weird way as she said, “I need to go back to deal with what needs to be done next.”

“You can have someone bring your words back to your base. You don’t need to actually go back,” said Wu Chengyue. He himself had gotten used to working from outside his base, with absolutely no idea how exhausting it was for Xiao Licheng and the others to travel everywhere for him.

Unlike him, Lin Qiao liked to stay in her base to have everything under control. So, she didn’t plan to do what he said.

As she prepared to say no to his suggestion, she heard a series of car noises from downstairs. She paused briefly, then suddenly glared at Wu Chengyue with a fierce look in her eyes.

Wu Chengyue immediately raised both arms and explained with a bitter look on his pretty face, “It wasn’t me! It was Xiao Yunlong and Zou Shihui! I tried to talk them out of it!”

He betrayed his friends without hesitating.

Lin Qiao sensed the scent of her son from one of those vehicles downstairs. Duan Juan and Shen Yujen were both there too.

As Wu Chengyue reacted so quickly and apologized with a very good att.i.tude, Lin Qiao had no choice but to give up on blaming him. She gave him an angry glare, then immediately opened the door and walked out. Wu Chengyue followed closely behind her, worried that she might rush downstairs, scoop up her son, and run away.

The two of them walked to the gate of the yard, where the cars parked right before them. Four modified off-road cars were parked in the straight line. Xiao Yunlong opened the car door and came out the first.

“Oi! Brother! You’re pretty fast!” Xiao Yunlong looked at the two who were standing side by side at the gate and teased Wu Chengyue with laughter. The latter wore a faint smile. He ignored Xiao Yunlong, but fixed his eyes on his son, who was carried out of the car in the middle by Duan Juan.

‘Prepare to be tortured by the zombie lady,’ he said to Xiao Yunlong in his head.

“How come I never heard that Chief Xiao from Sea City Base now likes to kidnap babies from other people?” Lin Qiao looked at Xiao Yunlong coldly and said to him in a bland tone. However, her eyes landed on his face like sharp daggers.

Xiao Yunlong shivered slightly. Under her frosty glare, his face went stiff for a moment. Then, he gave an embarra.s.sed smile and explained, “Eh… How can this be kidnapping? We just want our Chief’s son to throw his one-month-old party here at his own home. Also, we invited Teng here openly. This is definitely not kidnapping!”

“Whoa! Daddy and Mommy! Did you have s.e.x last night? You both have this strong scent!” At that very moment, the baby’s voice was sounded loud and clear, filled with excitement.

Hearing that, both Lin Qiao and Wu Chengyue failed to control their expressions. The others tried so hard not to laugh out loud, because they didn’t want to be beaten up by the two. It was so difficult for them to hold their laughter off though!

Lin Qiao even froze. She honestly did not expect her son to say something like that in front of so many people! That was so humiliating! She wanted to kick that little boy’s a*s so much!

Wu Chengyue didn’t react as strongly as Lin Qiao did, but still, he failed to maintain his smile for a few seconds. Soon, he smiled again as he looked at Lin Qiao and rolled up his sleeves, seemingly prepared to teach the little boy a lesson.

“Teng! Mind your language! Your Mom might spank you!” He said.

“Oh…” Feeling the very unfriendly vibe from his own mother, Teng immediately shut his mouth.

“Hahaha! Hahaha… I’m sorry! I can’t help! Haha… Please let me laugh!” Xiao Yunlong couldn’t help but burst in laughter. He noticed the unhappy look on the faces of Wu Chengyue and Lin Qiao, so he quickly turned his face away and covered his mouth with a hand while speaking. Then, he sneakily gave Teng a thumb-up, but made sure that the boy’s parents couldn’t see his movement.

Teng rolled his eyes. ‘I was trying to save you, yet you laughed!’ he complained silently. ‘You are an awful teammate!’

A tiny person rushed at Wu Chengyue and held his thigh, then looked at Lin Qiao, who was standing beside him. The little girl’s tender face was toned with a happy look, and her eyes sparkled brightly.

Wu Chengyue scooped Ling Ling up and looked at her affectionately as he asked her, “Ling Ling, did you sleep well together with your little sister last night?”

Wu Yueling nodded heavily, then turned to look at Lin Xiaolu, who was walking over while holding Tongtong’s hand.

“Uncle Wu, good to see you.” Both the two kids greeted Wu Chengyue politely, then turned to Lin Qiao.

“Aunty,” Lin Xiaolu looked at Lin Qiao and called her happily.

“Aunty Lu,” Tongtong was a little scared. He hid half of his body behind Lin Xiaolu and then greeted Lin Qiao as well.


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