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Read Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1029 – Dig Out Their Background

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Read WebNovel Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1029 – Dig Out Their Background

Chapter 1029: Dig Out Their Background

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Being stared and pointed at by the surrounding people, Bai Xuer had her face reddened with anger. She pulled her cloth out of the woman’s hand and kicked the latter away.

“Don’t ever come to me again! Jiang Anan has nothing to do with me!” She yelled and then quickly followed behind Lin Qiao and her friends, also giving a glare at Ding Biao, who was standing beside her.

“Why didn’t you stop them?”

Ding Biao glanced at the woman behind and stayed silent, then turned and headed toward the parking lot that Lin Qiao and her friends were heading toward. A discontented look was detected from his eyes.

“Ou…” The woman suffered a heavy kick. She was suffering from malnutrition, and Bai Xuer kicked her violently out of anxiety and anger. At that moment, she lay on the ground without being able to get back up. All she could do was watch Bai Xuer and Ding Biao walk away together.

In the parking lot, Lin Qiao said to Duan Juan, “Dig out their background, and also find out what happened with to that lady.”

While speaking, she put Wu Yueling into the car, then took over Teng from Duan Juan. Tongtong sat in the backseat while Lin Xiaolu took the front seat and buckled herself up. Shen Yujen took the driver’s seat, as she was always the driver.

Duan Juan nodded, then quickly stepped backward and stopped Bai Xuer and Ding Biao.

“I’m sorry. My boss is busy. She has no time to talk to you. Please leave!”

“Your boss? Hah, she can be a boss? I’m impressed! What can she do?” Sensing the respect in Duan Juan’s tone of speaking, Bai Xuer said with scorn.

Duan Juan figured that Bai Xuer might have an issue with the previous owner of Lin Qiao’s body. However, that didn’t mean that her boss should be dealing with her. Besides, what Lu Tianyu did to her didn’t seem to be lethal at all.

She warned Bai Xuer, “No matter what happened before, she is now my boss. Stay away from us if you want to live.”

While speaking, Duan Juan turned her eyes and gave Ding Biao a threatening glance, giving out a killing intent.

“How dare you threaten us! Lu Tianyu survived a year ago, and I’d like to know what she can do now!” Hearing Duan Juan’s threat, Bai Xuer was infuriated.

Who didn’t know about what Lu Tianyu could do? She was nothing but a wh*re who had to sleep with different men to earn food. She had no idea why the woman in front of her tried to protect Lu Tianyu.

Bai Xuer wasn’t stupid. Earlier on when Duan Juan made a move, she didn’t manage to react timely. But now, she had realized that Duan Juan wasn’t ordinary. She thought a moment about why a capable person like Duan Juan was calling Lu Tianyu ‘boss’. Also, she had noticed that the car Lu Tianyu just got into was modified with high quality.

She herself was a level-four superpower possessor, yet she didn’t get to sit in a car like that. Why on earth could Lu Tianyu, a commoner, live a better life than her? The more she thought about it, the unhappier she became. Her eyes even turned red because of her jealousy.

Unlike Bai Xuer, Ding Biao was slightly nervous after receiving the threatening glance from Duan Juan. He wasn’t afraid of the latter though, and just stayed expressionless while watching Lin Qiao’s car drive away.

His eyes were slightly narrowed, and no one could guess out what he was thinking. However, Lin Qiao had read his mind since the beginning. Of course, he thought she didn’t know what he wanted.

As Lin Qiao had left, Ding Biao turned his eyes back to Bai Xuer and spent a short while looking at her, then turned and left. But before leaving, he left her a few words, “Deal with your own mess. Don’t leave it to me.”

Bai Xuer noticed that he quickly glanced at Jiang Anan’s mother while saying that. She knew that he wanted her to secretly deal with Jiang Anan and her mother.

They thought Duan Juan wouldn’t understand their eye signals, yet she had it figured out. If she couldn’t even understand that obvious eye-contact between those two people, she would be unqualified to serve under Lin Qiao’s direct command.

She didn’t say anything but gave Bai Xuer a glance, then turned and left. She would be gathering information in secret.

Lin Qiao’s car made a few circles in the base. After all the people who were secretly having eyes on them were taken care of by Wu Chengyue’s people, they drove straight back to Wu Chengyue’s house.

After getting out of the car, Lin Qiao noticed that Wu Yueling had calmed down a little. Earlier on, the little girl’s reaction was a little abnormal, but not too serious.

In the living room, Wu Yueling sat on the long couch silently. Lin Qiao threw Teng by her side, then looked at him. ‘You’re the one who wanted to take her out. Now you go and cheer her up!’

Teng didn’t know what to say.

It was only about four pm, and Wu Chengyue wasn’t home. He left home to work after Lin Qiao and the others left.

“Ling Ling, are you still scared?” Before Teng could crawl to Wu Yueling, Lin Xiaolu came over and leaned against the arm of the couch. Meanwhile, Teng crawled on the couch with all fours, then sat down beside Wu Yueling.

Hearing Lin Xiaolu’s question, Wu Yueling shook her head. She was indeed a little nervous and scared back in that crowded market, but she felt much better after coming home.

“Then how about we go back there tomorrow?” Teng raised his head and looked at Wu Yueling with his puppy eyes, “That place is so interesting. There were so many people! We haven’t seen the third floor yet!”

Wu Yueling looked at him while hesitating. She didn’t like that place. However, seeing her little brother looking at her with those puppy eyes, she didn’t have the heart to say no to him.

Lin Xiaolu glanced at Teng, then at Lin Qiao. As Lin Qiao stayed silent, she thought for a moment and then said to Wu Yueling, “Ling Ling, you won’t be so scared if you went there a few more times. You see, haven’t you gotten used to us? You used to be afraid of us too! Besides, Teng is such a naughty kid. There is no chance for him to stay at home all day. You need to get used to going out as soon as you can, or you won’t be able to play with Teng.”

That worked well. Since it was about Teng, Wu Yueling hesitated.

Lin Qiao gave a smile and said, “Ling Ling, Teng is your little brother. He is still very young, so he needs your protection and care.” She had to understand that and grow a sense of responsibility, so she would grow strong.

Lin Qiao’s words generated a strange feeling in Wu Yueling’s heart.

‘Teng is your little brother. He is very young… He needs your protection and care!’

Those words brought an indescribable feeling of satisfaction to Wu Yueling’s little mind. It was like a sense of accomplishment, wasn’t it? It sounded like she was very capable.

She didn’t understand it, but a determined look was already shining in her eyes.

Lin Qiao smiled faintly on seeing that and stayed silent.


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