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Read Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1153 – She Was A Big-cat Lover

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Chapter 1153: She Was A Big-cat Lover

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Lin Wenwen started to exercise Dong Xinxin’s body, the people in All Beings Base had spent two days looking for her. Not even a trace of hers was found, and the people were almost driven crazy.

They had no idea where she had gone. At first, they thought someone took her away. However, all superpowered people and zombies in the base had searched throughout the entire base over and over again, but nothing was found. No one could possibly take away a person from such a strictly guarded base without leaving a trace.

If she made herself disappear, where did she go? Did she go somewhere else? Did she wake up? If she went somewhere else unconsciously, that sounded so dangerous!

Lin Hao, Lin Feng, and the others were worried and helpless, not knowing what to do. All they could do at the moment was keep looking.

Qiu Lili went to Lin Jing’s place and sighed, “Where is she? I couldn’t sense any of her vibe and scent from her room. She vanished into thin air! Do you think she can be in her s.p.a.ce? I wonder if she’s awake. What if she’s still unconscious? Her s.p.a.ce isn’t suitable for living creatures to stay in, is it?”

Lin Jing smiled and comforted her, “It’ll be fine if Miss. Lin is really in her own s.p.a.ce. That’s her superpower. Her self-protection awareness will allow her superpower to keep her safe. I think she’ll be fine.”

Qiu Lili came to spend a short while at Lin Jing’s place every day because Lin Kui asked her to look after Lin Jing before he left, also because she wanted to know more about Lin Kui.

Lin Jing was always alone. Qiu Lili figured that she might be lonely sometimes, so she decided to come to keep her company whenever she could. Besides, Lin Jing was a very tender person, and being with her made Qiu Lili feel peaceful. Therefore, Qiu Lili grew fond of spending time with her after doing that a few times.

“Really? I hope you’re right. If it’s like that, will she come back once she wakes up?” Qiu Lili said delightedly, having her eyes glow when she heard what Lin Jing said.

“I think so,” Lin Jing nodded.

Qiu Lili rested her upper body on the back of the couch near the window and looked outside with her pair of large, ruby-like red eyes, “I wonder when will Chief and the others come back.”

Lin Jing followed her eyes and looked outside as well, “I don’t know. I think what Chief is up to must be something very important. Maybe they won’t come back so soon. Chief isn’t the one that you miss, is she? It’s Kui, right?”

While saying that, Lin Jing looked at Qiu Lili with a meaningful smile.

“Ah… Eh… It’s not like that… Well… I do miss him a little bit. There’s no big cat playing with me these days,” Qiu Lili tried to explain bashfully at first. However, seeing the look in Lin Jing’s eyes, she shyly admitted.

Except for Lin Qiao, whom she tended to rely on, she never cared so much about anyone after she turned into a zombie. However, ever since she watched the zombie guy transform into a huge black panther, Qiu Lili was thinking about his panther form every single day. She only thought of Lin Kui’s human face occasionally.

Lin Kui had a scar on his face. He wasn’t a super handsome man, but wasn’t average-looking either. He could be counted as good-looking. The seven or six centimeters long scar near his eye corner added a masculine presence to him.

Lin Jing smiled and said, “You’re so special! Don’t girls always like cute little animals? Most of the other girls love kitties while you like big cats.”

Qiu Lili shook her head, “Kitties are cute indeed, but I like the big ones. The big ones are adorable, pretty, full of strength. I like tigers the most. They have such beautiful stripes.”

“Leopards have beautiful spots,” said Lin Jing.

Qiu Lili sighed and said, “But I like tigers more. Why didn’t Lin Kui turn into a tiger?”

Hearing what Qiu Lili said, Lin Jing started to worry about her little brother. If someday a tiger-power possessor showed up, his future girlfriend might be stolen from him.

At that moment, far away in the Northwest, Lin Kui somehow had a sense of crisis. He had no idea where that came from. He turned his round, fluffy head, then raised his ears and looked around. Detecting nothing abnormal, he turned back and lay back on the branch.

It was inconvenient for him to shift back into his human shape at the moment because there were no clothes for him to wear.

Duan Juan and Shui Mingjun were sitting on a rock near the tree, eating solid food while chatting. Yan Huiguang was standing alone on top of a tree that was about thirty meters away from them, with a sullen look on his face.

“Has he always been like this, pulling a long face?” Duan Juan glanced at Yan Huiguang, then turned and asked Shui Mingjun.

Shui Mingjun took a sip of water. Hearing the question, he raised his eyes and cast a glance at Yan Guanghui, then said, “No. Before, he was only quiet.”

Yan Guanghui used to be quiet, cold-looking man, who had a lot of thoughts going on in his head.

Duan Juan took a sip of water as well and sighed, “I guess many have changed after the apocalypse.”

Under the harsh survival condition, many people were forced to change themselves. Shui Mingjun didn’t say anything to her, but nodded slightly to agree with her point.

“What did he do before?” Duan Juan asked with curiosity.

“He was a doctor. Don’t you know?” Shui Mingjun said, then gave her a questioning glance.

“Should I know that?” Duan Juan was confused.

“Hmm, no,” Shui Mingjun shrugged.

At that moment, Lin Kui suddenly leaped off the tree and said to the two of them, “Lan Lu is coming back. Chief isn’t with him.”

He sensed Lan Lu’s scent. The latter was with a few others, but not with Lin Qiao.

“Isn’t Chief coming back? So, we’ll have to keep waiting,” Duan Juan stopped eating and looked at Lin Kui. She thought for a moment, then continued, “Lan Lu is back, so what about his level-nine Chief?”

“He’s here too,” said Lin Kui, “His vibe is very weak though. I think he’s lost consciousness.”

“It’s definitely our Chief who knocked him out. Only she was able to approach that crazy level-nine man,” said Duan Juan affirmatively.

From her tone of speaking, Shui Mingjun detected how confident she was about her Chief.

“Si Kongchen hasn’t gone far. We should be careful,” Lin Kui twitched his nose and blinked as he reminded the others.

Hearing Si Kongchen’s name, Duan Juan and Shui Mingjun instantly grew vigilant. “Is he coming at us?” Duan Juan asked.

Lin Kui shook his ears and said, “Probably. I’m not sure now, because there’s still quite a distance between him and us.”

Hearing that, the two relaxed slightly.


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