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Read Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 522 – Disclosing Her Identity

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Read WebNovel Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 522 – Disclosing Her Identity

Chapter 522: Disclosing Her Ident.i.ty

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

What shocked them wasn’t Lin Qiao herself, was that outfit which she had changed into—black army cap, long military coat, black gloves, and army suit. At the same time, her waist-length hair were tied up behind her neck.

To the people on the scene, that outfit was way too familiar, to the extent that they even ignored Lin Qiao’s face which didn’t fit the outfit.

Seeing that outfit, Mrs. Lin and Lin Wenwen had their eyes glowed, as they suddenly figured something out. Yuan Tianxing, Lin Feng and Lin Hao all frowned slightly, then their eyes turned sharp. Only Duan Juan and Qian Xiaoai seemed to be relatively calm.

Du Yuanxing, Long Qingying, Li Zheng, and the group of people behind them were all stunned and confused.

Standing behind the table, Lin Qiao glanced at the people in the room, then turned her eyes to the door. Receiving her signal, Qiu Lili waved a hand from behind her. Following her move, the door was shut loudly.

Lin Wenwen, Long Qingying, and Cheng w.a.n.gxue glanced at each other, then followed Mrs. Lin and sat into the empty seats on the other side of the table.

Lin Qiao didn’t sit down, but propped her upper body with both hands on the table.

She slightly lowered her head, her eyes fixed on the area under the table. “This outfit, you should know what it means. Although my appearance and ident.i.ty have changed, I a.s.sume you guys have all guessed out who I really am.”

Maybe because of her words or the vibe that she had been giving out at the moment, or the tense atmosphere suddenly formed in the room, the people in the room quieted down. Then, Lin Qiao slightly raised her head. The white part of her eyes suddenly turned back to black.

She stood straight and raised a finger. Following her movement, her army cap suddenly rose into the air and transformed into a cloud of dark mist. The mist gathered on her fingertip and turned into a small flake of black fire within a blink.

Meanwhile, she said, “I lost my memory before, so I didn’t tell you who I really was. This time, I went to the South, to the cliff where I blew myself up, as I thought I might be able to recollect my memory of the past five years from that place. When I woke up in this zombie body, I had no memory about these five years at all, so I didn’t remember that I was the leader of Hades Base, or how I died. But, I did remember my family.”

While speaking, she raised her head and glanced at Mrs. Lin and Lin Wenwen, then turned and gave a glance to Lin Feng and Lin Hao.

“So this time, I went to the cliff. Not only did I find my memory there, but I also found my power back.” She spread her fingers, her palms turned up.

The tiny fire flake was jumping and changing shape on her palms

.”The previous owner of my current body was called Lu Tianyu, but from now on, that name has lost its meaning, because it has become me. It’s me, Lin Qiao,” While speaking, Lin Qiao suddenly clenched her hand and grasped the dark fire.

“I guess you don’t believe me now, but it’s fine. You have the right to not believe me. Hades Base is gone now, so we’re building a new one. Also, Yang Jianhua has died… I killed him. So now, forget everything about him,” Lin Qiao suddenly mentioned Yang Jianhua’s death, then glanced at the Lin Family people.

As she expected, when she mentioned Yang Jianhua’s death, Lin Feng, Lin Hao, Lin Wenwen, and the others all popped their eyes, looking at her with surprise.

Abruptly, Lin Qiao waved a hand.

Bang! A human head fell on the table before her.

She didn’t throw away Yang Jianhua’s head. On the contrary, she preserved it well in the lake water, so it hadn’t even rotten.

Everyone on the scene took fright when Lin Qiao suddenly threw out that human head. Mrs. Lin instantly covered her own mouth with a hand, as she almost burst into screams.

However, their expressions changed when they recognized that head as Yang Jianhua’s head. They just clenched their teeth and glared at it.

“In fact, before I left, I had told my Mom and Wenwen about who I really was. Maybe you think that I’m lying to you, but they’re my family. I couldn’t possibly deceive them,” Lin Qiao glanced at Mrs. Lin and said.

Mrs. Lin sighed as she glanced at Yang Jianhua’s head, then quickly turned her head away before nodding.

“Mom! Why didn’t you tell us?” Lin Feng couldn’t even remain sitting. With a grim look, she stared at Mrs. Lin and Lin Wenwen.

“Why are you blaming Mom? Didn’t you find that she has so many things in common with our sister? Did you need Mom to tell you about that?” Lin Wenwen talked back to Lin Feng.

Hearing her, Lin Feng turned to Lin Qiao silently. He opened his mouth slightly, then finally managed to something, “I thought it was my illusion.”

“I had a feeling, but I never believed it,” Lin Hao looked at Lin Qiao, then at Mrs. Lin and Lin Wenwen.

At that point, the other people had all come back to their senses. They glanced at each other, feeling that they had problems processing what they had heard.

“Both Qian Xiaoai and I can prove it. She is our Boss indeed. She has changed on the outside, but not on the inside,” Duan Juan suddenly gave her word. While speaking, she turned to Yuan Tianxing.

She looked at Yuan Tianxing with a complicated expression that contained hesitation, discontentment, expectation, and other feelings.

Yuan Tianxing was wearing no expression now, as his eyes were fixed on Lin Qiao. Abruptly, he burst in laughter and said in a relaxed tone, “I believe her.”

How could he not believe her? He suspected her since long ago. He never showed that on his face, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t believe her now.

He was fond of her, so of course he remembered all her little habits.

Like the family affection between Lin Qiao, Lin Feng and the other Lin Family people, he had special feelings for Lin Qiao as well.

“Da-d.a.m.n!” At that moment, Du Yuanxing finally recovered from the shock as he wore a very complicated look. Of course, the people behind him were having the same kind of expression.

“Alright, I’ve already told you who I am. From now on, you can’t blame me for causing troubles behind your back,” Lin Qiao abruptly clapped her hands and reminded those people.

“First of all, Hades Base has been destroyed. We had nearly six-hundred-thousand residents, but ninety percent of them had died. Including the thousands of people in this new base, about a thousand who chose to stay in the old Hades Base, and the thousands who have been sent to Earth Dragon Base by Long Yubai, less than ten-thousand Hades Base people are still alive. So, this new base will not be called Hades. We’ll come up with a new name for it. Also, this base will not be built in the same way as the other human survivor bases.”


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