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Read Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 543 – She’s That Kind of Person

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Chapter 543: She’s That Kind of Person

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lin Qiao smiled and said to her, “Human beings have desires. All men and women have desires. Once a person tastes it, he or she will keep longing for it. They may not have a strong s.e.x drive, but they’ll still want it. Yan Fangyu is a little different from the others. She’s not very thirsty s.e.xually, but she will not suppress her own desires. As she needs to maintain her virtuous impression, she definitely won’t let the others find out that she has slept with more than one man.”

“More than one?” Qiu Lili was confused.

“She had secretly imprisoned some men she liked. She went to find them when she wanted it. She provided those men with food and water, but forbade them from leaving, so that they wouldn’t tell the others about what was happening between her and them. If those men disobeyed her, or if she got tired of them, she would kill them and destroy the body,” said Lin Qiao blandly.

Hearing that, not only Qiu Lili, but Shen Yujen was also stunned.

She was from Sea City Base, and she was pretty familiar with Yan Fangyu. For that exact reason, she was very shocked right now. She couldn’t have imagined that the prettiest woman in Sea City Base would actually do something like that.

Yan Fangyu had always been a beautiful and elegant being in the eyes of the entire Sea City Base. She was like a G.o.ddess who was beyond their reach.

People compared her with Lu Tianyu, and liked her even more.

“I was surprised too. If I didn’t get close to her and read her mind, I wouldn’t know that she was planning to seduce Yuan Tianxing and lock him up. She has been brewing that plan since Yuan Tianxing was in Sea City Base,” Lin Qiao sneered and said.

That woman did play her cards well. She had done something evil, but no one in the base knew about those things. Additionally, she used Lu Tianyu’s awful reputation to cover herself.

That kind of woman was dangerous.

“Oh my! She’s that kind of person!” Qiu Lili finally recovered from the shock. Thinking about what Lin Qiao just said, she continued, “Did you say that she’s interested in Yuan Tianxing? What should we do? She’s not here to abduct him this time, is she?”

Lin Qiao shook her head and replied, “I’m not sure, but I guess she won’t make any move this time. I guess she’s only here to find out about our real situation. She’s a woman who likes to have plans.”

“Yuan Tianxing is in danger, isn’t he? Better an open enemy than a false friend!” Qiu Lili got a little anxious, “Should we inform him about it and tell him to be careful?”

Lin Qiao nodded, “Hm… I’ll first tell Wenwen about it and ask her to tell him. After that, Lili, you go and warn him again.”

“Eh? Why do you want me to talk to him after Wenwen does it?” Qiu Lili didn’t understand.

“Because Tianxing might not believe Wenwen’s words. Only when you show up and warn him about the same thing will he be on the alert,” Lin Qiao smiled and said.

“Since you know that he might not believe Wenwen, why will you ask her to talk to him? Why don’t you just let me do it?” Qiu Lili was still confused.

“Ahyaya, what’s in your head? You’ve been here for so many days, but have you not found out that Lin Wenwen is fond of Yuan Tianxing? I guess Big Zombie Sister is only trying to create an opportunity for their relationship.” A silvery voice was suddenly heard, carrying a scornful tone.

Qiu Lili turned back and saw Yun Meng standing by the door with wet hair.

“I see… Can’t you talk politely? Do you want to be beaten up?” Being reminded by Yun Meng, Qiu Lili seemed to have understood Lin Qiao’s meaning. But then, she felt annoyed about Yun Meng’s words, so she glared at the latter and yelled back.

“Blah… Come over and hit me! I’m not afraid of you now!” Yun Meng stuck her tongue out toward Qiu Lili and then made a face. In front of the others, Yun Meng would act maturely and calmly. But for some reason, her nature would show itself when she was with Qiu Lili.

Perhaps, it was because they were at the same age, and the atmosphere between them was less solemn.

“Yun Meng is right. I do want to create a chance for them. Otherwise, our Wenwen might suddenly change her mind and stop liking him! Yuan Tianxing is such a nice guy, so we have to keep him in our family!” Lin Qiao said with a smile.

She found that Lin Wenwen seemed to have become much less obsessed in Yuan Tianxing ever since she started exercising and learning combat skills. She still liked him, but not as pa.s.sionately as before.

They were both in that small base, but they only saw each other once every couple of days. That was so not like what Lin Wenwen would do!

Lin Qiao had also been thinking about how to make Yuan Tianxing give up on herself. Lin Wenwen might be able to help her.

“How can you change your heart that easily if you really like someone?” Qiu Lili pouted and said. After she said that, all three of them paused briefly, then turned to Shen Yujen together.

She was the perfect example.

However, Shen Yujen only gave a smile.

The rain kept falling, and the weather was getting colder and colder. So, people went back to their own rooms after dinner once it turned dark.

That night, when all was still, Lin Wenwen carried a bowl of herbal tea and pushed open the door of the conference room which was located on the second floor. As she expected, Yuan Tianxing was still working in that room, under the light of the energy saving lamp.

“Tianxing, have some tea. It’s freshly made!” She came in and said to Yuan Tianxing gently.

“Oh, thank you! Aunt Lin made it, right? Just put it aside,” Yuan Tianxing raised his head and gave her a glance, then lowered his head to keep looking at the drawing.

Lin Wenwen carried the tea bowl to his side, and put it somewhere convenient on the desk. She didn’t want to interrupt his work, but still, she stood beside him and said a few words to him.

“Brother Tianxing, my sister asked me to tell you something.”

Hearing that, Yuan Tianxing immediately raised his head and looked at her, “Ah, what did she say?”

Lin Wenwen responded, “My sister wants you to… be careful of Yan Fangyu.”

“Eh? Does your sister know?” Yuan Tianxing paused slightly. He thought that Lin Qiao meant how Yan Fangyu was trying to figure out the truth about the zombie wall, so he subconsciously asked that question.

“Eh? She knows what?” Lin Wenwen didn’t know what he was thinking, so she was pretty confused.

“Didn’t your sister tell you to remind me not to let that woman find out how we’ve been controlling those zombies?” Yuan Tianxing looked at her confusedly.

“Eh? No… She wants you to be careful, in case that woman tries to seduce you…” Lin Wenwen looked at him with a meaningful look.

Yuan Tianxing didn’t respond. It turned out that they weren’t on the same page at all.


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