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Read Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 758 – Something Is Wrong

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Chapter 758: Something Is Wrong

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Wu Chengyue finally had a chance to stay in All Beings Base by using his daughter as an excuse. Why would he return to his own base because of a message from Huaxia Base?

He told Xiao Licheng to reply to the message from Huaxia Base with—’Wu Chengyue is too busy to deal with a zombie emperor.’ The zombie emperor was coming at Huaxia Base, not Sea City Base. So, he didn’t care if the zombie emperor would grow stronger or not.

Xiao Licheng looked at his Chief, feeling a little speechless. “Chief, you’re gonna get retaliated!”

Wu Chengyue smilingly waved his hand and said carelessly, “I’ll deal with all the small problems, and they don’t dare to bring us any big trouble!”

His top priority now was to win the heart of his future zombie wife. He had no spare time for Huaxia Base and the zombie emperor! The zombie emperor wasn’t causing any damage to his base anyway.

Xiao Licheng looked at Wu Chengyue helplessly. He was not able to stop his Chief from doing what he wanted to do.

Lin Qiao, who was hiding in her office, looked at Xie Dong with surprise and said, “What? He’s not going? Huaxia people will be sad, won’t they? They are counting on him! I’m sure they’ll promise him a pretty good deal if he agrees to go. Why did he refuse?”

Xie Dong looked at her and shook his head. He didn’t understand why Wu Chengyue refused to help Huaxia Base either. That man didn’t even return to his own base. Instead of that, he stayed in Lin Qiao’s base like a jobless man.

Lin Qiao frowned, feeling a little annoyed, because Wu Chengyue was again staying in her base.

“How’s Heilong Base now?” She leaned against the back of the chair, arms crossed before her chest while asking the question.

“Heilong Base people have divided into two groups,” said Xie Dong with a deep and dry voice, “Some of them stayed in the underground base while others escaped. Gao Haoyun didn’t bring any base members when he left, other than his subordinates. Some people escaped the base themselves, as they lost the hope in their base. We learned from those who escaped that about fifty thousand people have died in the ma.s.sive zombie attack. We are not sure how many escaped successfully yet. The buildings in Heilong Base aren’t highly damaged, but many ordinary zombies are still lingering in the base now.”

Hearing about that, Lin Qiao asked, “I think the surviving people are all disappointed in Gao Haoyun. Who’s leading them now?”

“Du Kunsheng, the other leader of that base, and his subordinates. I think a lot of people chose to stay,” said Xie Dong.

“I guess they’ll stay underground for a while. When the zombies leave, they’ll come out to rebuild the base,” Lin Qiao could guess what the people who chose to stay underground were thinking.

“Did Mo Yan let Gao Haoyun leave just like that?” she then asked.

Mo Yan was able to strike a helicopter down from the air with his lightning. Why did he let Gao Haoyun get away so easily?

Speaking of Mo Yan, Xie Dong showed doubts on his face. “I think something is… not right with Mo Yan.”

“Oh, what’s wrong?” Lin Qiao asked with curiosity.

“The day Gao Haoyun left, Mo Yan did launch a fierce lightning attack. However, his lightning was not aiming at Gao Haoyun’s helicopter. His lightning was unstable, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes focused, and at times scattered. A couple of helicopters were hit by the lightning, but he failed to stop Gao Haoyun in the end,” Xie Dong told Lin Qiao about what happened that day. After a short thinking, he continued, “His vibe seemed to be quite strange at that time. Even those zombie dominators, zombie kings, and queens under his command stayed far away from him. None of them got close to him.”

“What happened? It sounds like he lost control,” Lin Qiao was a little surprised. She raised her head and looked at Xie Dong as she made a guess.

“I didn’t figure out what exactly happened. I didn’t dare to get too close to him, so I stayed at a distance away to sense his vibe. That vibe was unstable indeed, and was agitated,” Xie Dong thought for a moment and then said.

Lin Qiao slightly dropped her eyes, recalling how she faced Mo Yan twice. Back then, nothing was wrong with his vibe. Why was his vibe unstable now?

“Does anyone else know about that?” Lin Qiao looked at Xie Dong and asked another question.

“I don’t think so. They don’t have the keen sensations that we do,” said Xie Dong.

Humans weren’t as sensitive toward zombies as zombies themselves. When Mo Yan’s vibe was unstable, his subordinates stayed away from him, but guarded him in every direction to stop anyone else from approaching him.

Lin Qiao nodded and said, “You keep following Mo Yan… Also find out who from the other bases are willing to help Huaxia Base.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Xie Dong responded, then turned and left.

Lin Qiao kept reading the statistical materials about the people who recently joined the base.

w.a.n.g Jian, Li Honglin, and their people registered in Yuan Tianxing’s place two days ago when they arrived in the base. After that, their accommodations were arranged.

“We have superpowers. How can we live together with these commoners?” Those superpowered people were unhappy when they were guided to their accommodations.

They were actually arranged to live together with those commoners. The accommodation was not bad, but they believed that they deserved better than the commoners.

The soldier who guided them to the accommodation responded impatiently, “You should thank us for giving you a place to live. If you want a better accommodation, you can pay for it with credits. With enough credits, you can even have your own flat!”

“Credits? What credits?” Those new base members didn’t know what credits meant.

Another soldier who was nicer than the first one explained to them, “You get credits when you make contributions to the base. In our base, commoners and superpowered people are the same… We are all humans. The capable people may not have superpowers, and the superpowered people might not make a better contribution to the base than commoners.”

“Why not? We have superpowers. We can go out and hunt. Can you commoners do the same?” A superpowered man argued.

The soldier pointed at those commoners beside him and said, “They may not be able to go hunting, but they managed to come all the way here by themselves.”

“Alright, cut the c.r.a.p! If you don’t want to live here, fine. There are some sheds down there. Do you want to live there?” said the impatient soldier. He really didn’t like those arrogant superpowered people who considered themselves so much better than the others. Did they really think that commoners could not survive without them?

w.a.n.g Jian and a couple of his men were arranged in the same flat. Li Honglin and his men were separated.

What made Chen Hao happy was that he and Lu Tong were arranged in the same flat without Li Honglin. So, Li Honglin would not be able to protect Lu Tong anymore.

Lu Tong became nervous once he found himself becoming flatmates with Chen Hao. He couldn’t write his feelings on his face though. What he could do was to secretly try and switch to another flat.


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