Release that Witch – Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245: The Great Immigration

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At the Sedimentation Bay in the Kingdom of Wolfheart.

White drove his wagon into the busy dock area.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve arrived at our destination. No matter what life you used to lead, you’ll have a brand new life from today onwards. I wish every one of you good luck. It has been a priviledge being of your service! Now, I can offer you one more additional service as a courtesy,” White said as he reined in his horse.

His business had been pretty good recently. After the arrival of the Graycastle ships, he had obtained more business opportunities, especially of short-distance transportation services. Every time he transported residents in the surrounding towns and cities to the port, he could earn around 10 silver royals, and normally, he could do that twice a day. He could have offered another ride at night had he not cared too much about the condition of his wagon. In that case, he would actually earn a little bit more than what he had got back in the church.

Further, the compensation was not paid by the passengers but by the Graycastle men. He only needed to stamp on the traveling document before he proceeded to the sentry post to request for his remuneration. The compensation was based on the number of the passengers he carried, and the Graycastle men had never delayed any payment.

Because of this, many people at the Sedimentation Bay started to provide similar transportation services, including sailors and handymen. Even though a lot of them did not know how to maneuver a carriage, they could ask someone who did to join them. The service was in such a high demand that they did not really need to worry about attracting customers. It was a job that allowed people to earn quick money. The only factor they needed to consider about was the traveling distance, as the farther the towns were, the higher expenses it would incur.

Graycastle men would like to offer help to anyone who was willing to leave the Kingdom of Wolfheart, both rich and poor. Apparently, the King of Graycastle did not really care about money. White thus did not want to lose such a lucrative business opportunity.

Everybody loved money.

White had also heard of the war in the north. There was suddenly a huge influx of refugees in the Kingdom of Wolfheart, so the rumor could possibly be true. Also, Smarty had told him that the lord of the Sedimentation Bay, Baron Jean Bate, transferred a large number of his personal properties to a ship, in an apparent attempt to leave this place. In consideration of these recent events, White also had to find a retreat for himself.

If he could earn a huge sum of money now, he would be able to live a better life in the future.

“What kind of service?” someone asked immediately.

“Some useful experience and kind advice,” White answered as he pointed at the port where a great number of large ships docked. “Look over there. Although everyone wants to leave for Graycastle, not everyone will have a pleasant journey. I had been at the Sedimentation Bay before they came here, so I know a lot. Perhaps, my advice could help you.”

“Then… please tell us…”

“Sure, but you have to pay me. Not much. One silver royal would do.”

White knew poor people did not really care about what kind of situation they were venturing into. They only needed to be fed and clothed. Therefore, he mainly targetted at refugees who had a little bit of savings. They loved to hear little tips and advice. Since White did not charge much, and they did not even pay for the ride, they did not mind buying the information.

Because White used to be that kind of person too.

“Haha, that’s a game that Rats normally play,” a well-dressed man with brown hair sneered. “But this man is obviously not as daring as Rats. One silver royal only. Here you go.”

Soon, the servant beside the man handed White the money.

White smiled stiffly. It appeared that the man was a noble, a diminished noble actually, for he had to now share a wagon with civilians.

“… Here’s my payment,” another young man said hesitantly and produced a silver royal from his pocket.

White waited for a while. It appeared that only two people were willing to pay, but it was better than nothing. He then decided to let the customers go.

Just at that moment, the young man said to the other passengers, “Don’t go just yet. I’ll share the information with you for free.”

“Hey, what did you say?” White stiffened.

“I paid,” the young man swelled up. “I paid for your information, but it doesn’t mean I can’t retell it to someone else. What? Anything wrong here?”


“You probably want to bail out, but you won’t benefit anything from it. Even if I share the information to everyone at the port, it won’t affect your future business. However, you’ll lose one silver royal if you choose not to say.”

White’s lips parted. He suddenly did not know how to respond to such a sharp argument.

“You thickhead. You can do whatever you want. Why did you tell him?” the noble protested irritably. “You’re wasting our time.”

“I’m not doing anything wrong. I have nothing to hold back,” the young man said flatly. “I think it’s unfair not to let the coachman know.”

“Fair?” the noble echoed while casting a scornful glance at the young man as he looked at a fool, and then turned to White. “Oi, leave that man alone. I paid you. Are you telling me or not?”

White glared at the young man. He had to amit that the young man was right. “Alright, alright. I’ll say. What bad luck… you guys stay here. I’ll tell you all.”

Then White related the information he knew to his passengers. He told them what kind of people Graycastle men preferred, the departure time of the ships, some details they needed to pay attention to upon registration, as well as the second screening after their arrival. White particularly placed emphasis on the second screening process, for this was the information he had obtained from the soldiers and that the guide of the First Army would not reiterate. According to the Graycastle men, witches would partake in the second screening to detect lies. Once a person misrepresented in his application, he would be labeled as a “dishonest” man, and it would be a lot harder for him to find a decent job.

Apart from that, the noble status would not give them any privilege. On the contrary, people in Graycastle hated those who always boasted about their noble status, so it would be more advisable to keep a low profile. As long as one could read and write, or have a specific skill, he did not need to worry about his life there.

“Thank you for your kind reminders,” the young man said to White as he got off the coach at last. “This did save us a lot of trouble.”

“Bah, don’t mention it. You paid me,” White grumbled and smoked his pipe deeply. “Those people should thank you, but they’re all gone.” “Young man, don’t always try to be nice, especially nowadays… Otherwise, people will take advange of you someday.” 

He used to be like that too.

However, he had got nothing for being nice but only a fake leg.

“Perhaps, but this is my duty as a knight.”

“Haha, do you think I’ve never seen a knight? Or are you saying the knight on a book? Forget it. The last time I’ve heard of a knight was when I drank with a Rat in a tavern.”

“Everyone doing it doesn’t mean it’s right.”

“Yes?” White said as he raised his brows. The man looked serious. “Are you a knight?”

“Er… No, I’m not knighted, but my father was, but he…”

White gave the young man a look of comprehension. He now understood that this man had nothing but an ambitious dream. White waved his hand and said, “I’m not interested in your family. By the way… what’s your name?”

The young man immediately raised his head and replied, “Manfeld Castein.”

“OK, Mr. Castein,” White said as he exhaled a pipe of smoke and clambered onto the horseback. “An additional piece of information for you. There’s no knight in Graycastle anymore.”

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