Release that Witch – Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289: The Origin of the World

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“A demon?”

The two witches, momentarily stunned, asked, “Are you referring to the alien species in this world?”

For ancient witches, they felt it even harder to deal with people from the Cargarde Peninsula than adapting to the modern life. These people who had a strong resemblance to the demons had now become a part of the human society. They lived and reproduced just like human beings.

The ancient witches entered a combat mode almost instinctively when they encountered a demon. It hadactually taken Roland a great effort topersuade them not to easilygo on a rampage. Now, all of a sudden, he asked them to take precautions again, which was quite an unexpected change. Therefore, Roland chose Phyllis and Dawnen who were the first few witches that entered the Dream World with him and who were good at concealing their traces.

“You can put that way,” Roland said and then briefly talked about Valkries and what made her look suspicious. “I don’t see any magic stone on her, which is the biggest difference from a real demon. But you still need to be cautious and monitor her like she has one.”

Learning history was the most effective way to learn about this world. Who was so eager to learn about the past of the Dream World? If the “demon” called Valkries was really from the Cargarde Peninsula, she should have received compulsory education. However, based on what Fei Yuhan had told him, she had read the history chronically. It was indeed very strange considering that both of the two worlds were presently experiencing the Erosion.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” the two witches said with a nod.

“Even if she is a demon, don’t attack her in the sanatorium,” Roland continued after a moment of reflection. “There are many awakened martialists there, and your action may attract unwelcome attention. Plus, I also want to know how she came here through the memoryfragment.”

Room 0510 was not only connected to just a few Senior Demons but indeed a magnificent city in which a foreign race dwelled. If other demons could also come to this world through the gate, that would be great trouble.

“I see, but…” Phyllis said hesitantly. “What if you come across danger when we aren’t here?”

“Don’t worry. This isn’t the real world,” Roland comforted with a smile. “You’ve also noticed that those Fallen Evils could not hurt me. As long as I don’t voluntarily seek them, they won’t be able to do anything about me. You guys need to stay safe and call me every several hours.”

“As you command, Your Majesty,” the two witches chorused while placing their hands on their chests after exchanging a look. “We’ll set off then.”

When Epsiloneentered the meeting room, the room had just moved to a very special spot where the two realms overlapped. The floor and the wall were enveloped by a haze of crimson glow that swayed darkly like guttered candles.

Under such circumstances, this area constituted a virtual space completely separated from the outside world, which no physical entities could affect.

The area was also not traceable.

She sawBetta in a half-kneeling position, with his hands firmlyadhered to thefloor.He was half-transparent like a looming shadow.

Hehad been in this position for more than half a month.

“Not done yet?” Epsilone asked as she stared at Delta who was motionless beside her.

Delta’s mask flickered, and then he realized that he could not communicate directly with his mind at the moment. So he croaked, “This world has expanded a great deal, and it isn’t easy to have a full analysis of it anymore. But Betta is almost done. I believe we’ll soon get a result. What about you? Did you find anything?”

“Those magic power robbers have set up a trap to lure us.”

The rules in this world restricted the oracles’ power. Even though they acted on behalf of God, they still had to follow these rules.

“Just as I thought,” Delta replied flatly. “It does seem a nice plan, but we don’t need scattered magic power anymore.”

Epsilone nodded and remained silent.

A more effective way to destroy those that were out of God’s control was to directly kill the creator of the Realm of Mind. This world orginated from the creator’s consciousness. Like pillars that supported a house, oncethe creatorwas removed, the whole world would collapse, and the magic power would, naturally, return to the Divine Domain.

The problem was that this world was now so sturdy and strong, so it was extremely hard to find out the creator. Therefore, they had to first summon a great amount of magic power to analyze this world and locate the source.

The reason they had attacked the Prism City was to collect magic power for the current analysis.

Nevertheless, locating the creator did not mean they could remove him. The creator was always under the protection of this world, which was why they had failed in the last few attempts.

To fight against the protecting force, they must first lure the creator into the crack between the two worlds, where God could interfere with the rules in this world and thereby crush the enemy.

Even oracles like themmight fail.

But they had little time left.

They were God’s last hope. If they failed, God would directly destroy the Realm of Mind. Then their efforts for the past thousands of years would be wasted and all that they had achieved so far would turn into nothingness. They would not like to see the Realm of Mind end in this way if it was not absolutely necessary.

Beyond a doubt, it was all the creator’s fault.

Epsilone clenched her fists and then released them.

What was the matter?

Why did she feel angry?

As an oracle, she should not have had any emotions.

She should not have worried about the outcome of this mission but focused on working on the task.

Looking back, it seemed that she had never considered about this kind of problem before.

“What’s wrong?” Delta asked as he noticed her strange behavior.

“No, nothing…” Epsilone said as she turned around and sat down slowly at the corner.

When had the change started?

Epsilone thought for a while before she dimly realizedthat the change had started after the murder of the traitor.

At that time, she was under cover and thus successfully approached the traitor. The latter did not notice the danger until she attacked her.

Strangely, the traitor did not resist. When her arm went through the traitor’s chest, the traitor simply held her and whispered one sentence.

Epsilone did not really remember the content, but the traitor’s voice was, unexpectedly, familiar. Epsilonehad even felt a wash of warmth as if she had returned to someone’s arms long since forgotten at that moment.

The traitor had actually smiled tranquilly before she had died.

“Damn it. Why do I keep thinking about that?” _

“No, why am I so furious over this matter?” _

A multitude of thoughts crowded into Epsilone’s mind.

“What do you want to say?” Delta asked again. “We don’t communicate via mind here. Just say it.”

“I — ”

Just then, a ripple swept over the room, and Betta, who had been half kneeling on the floor, suddenly opened his eyes.

“The search is completed.”

“Finally,” Delta said while resting his eyes on Betta. “What did you find?”

Betta stretched out his arms, and three blurry figures appeared on his palm, which gradually become clearer as the lines restructured and reorganized themselves.

“There are three?”

“That’s right, but we only need to kill two because one of them has been already eliminated.”

Epsilone immediately deciphered the information from the images.

The three creators were —

“The traitor, Lan. Significance level, 1%.”

“Self-cognitive being, Zero. Significance level, 42%.”

“Unidentifiable being, Roland. Significance level, 57%.”

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