The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0373

Chapter 373: Faithful Love

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Seeing the police car had gone far, Su Qianci held Li Sicheng’s hands excitedly. “Did you plan the whole thing? You are so good!”

Li Sicheng chuckled and took her arm. “Let’s go.”


“Grandpa’s birthday is close. We should get him a present.”

She blinked. Grandpa’s seventieth birthday was half a month after the winter solstice. It was less than ten days, and she had completely forgotten about it. “What should we get him?”

In her last lifetime, Li Sicheng had bought grandpa a rare jade pendant carved with a pine tree and a parrot, symbolizing longevity and virtues. When grandpa received the gift, he had been very happy. While she… had given grandpa and an oil painting, for which Tang Mengying and everyone else shamed her. Although grandpa had not said anything, Su Qianci could tell that he had not been fond of the gift. Much later, she had learned Grandpa’s preferences. As a Chinese man, grandpa was very patriotic and never liked Western products.

Li Sicheng squeezed her face. “What are you thinking?”

Su Qianci shook her head. Thinking of her last lifetime, she couldn’t help feeling a bit upset. He drove the car out and took her to a mall. The mall was not too crowded. Everyone shopping there was well-dressed. He went to the top floor by elevator and walked to a store selling Jade. Seeing him, the owner walked up and called him, “Mr. Li.”

“Is my order ready?”

“Yes. We made it according to your design. Here it is.” The owner crouched down and took a box out of a safe. The box was locked, and the owner used a key to unlock it. Su Qianci immediately saw what was inside. The jade pendant indeed. The owner took the jade pendant out carefully, afraid that it would be scratched. The jade was of an emerald green and very transparent. What was rarer was that it was almost without flaws. The pendant was as large as half of a palm. The texture was so good that it felt you could squeeze water out of it. A pine tree was carved on the pendant, the leaves of which were represented by the natural green part of the jade. On the branch, there was a lovely green parrot, with a natural drop of red as its eye. The work was very well done. Below the pine tree, there was a lake and a ginseng tree, a symbol of longevity. It was a perfect birthday gift for an old man. This gift was very rare and very expensive.

Li Sicheng was satisfied. “Could you wrap it up for me?”

“Of course.” The owner was thrilled and carefully wrapped it up before giving it to him. He swiped his card and found Su Qianci looking at a pair of swans. They were not made of jade, but 18k gold. The lines of the swans were very smooth, decorated with diamonds and Jade, looking perfect under the light.

“Do you like it?” He leaned closer and looked at it.

Shrewd at his job, the owner quickly took the swans out and said, “They are a swan couple. Swans are the symbol of fealty. For its whole life, a swan would only have one partner until death. If one of the couple dies, the other one would live alone.”

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