The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0381

Chapter 381: Cherish the Right Person (Part 2)

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Kingstown First Hospital.

In decades, the hospital had taken in many pregnant women giving premature birth. However, this was the first time that it had been a headline. Even doctors that had worked here for decades had never seen anything like this.Outside the delivery room, a dozen people had gathered. Although they were blocked outside, and no large cameras were allowed, it was still easy to tell that they were taking pictures with hidden cams, and some were even broadcasting live and writing articles.

Cheng You was there as well in case of any emergency. God knows how long Cheng You had waited for this moment. Tang Mengying was the most despicable kind of mistress. Cheng You had seen how this woman had wronged her boss. It was her who almost made Su Qianci divorce Li Sicheng. Everything was because of this baby. As everything was about to come to an end, Cheng You was very excited.

As soon as the baby was born and a DNA test was performed in front of everyone, Tang Mengying would lose all her leverages. At that time, the entire city would learn what kind of person she was. The slap in her face would be so loud.

“It’s too crowded. Don’t stay here.” A nurse said impatiently. “Wait outside. Why do you want to watch a woman giving birth?”

Cheng You backed off, and a reporter gestured everyone to hush. Everyone became silent. Seeing that, the nurse knew that she could not chase these people away and went to the delivery room. Cheng You heard footsteps that were familiar. She turned around and saw Rong Rui. Cheng You was a bit dazed. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Did he want to make a scene when his first love was giving birth?

Rong Rui looked at Cheng You and his look softened. “I came here to put an end to everything.”

“End?” Cheng You asked. Rong Rui took out a key card, swiped it, and pushed the door of the delivery room open.

Cheng You stared her eyes wide and blurted out, “How daring!”

Rong Rui pushed the door open, and the doctors inside all looked at him.

“Hey, you can’t just enter. Go out now!” A nurse shouted immediately, wanting to kick him out.

However, Rong Rui disregarded it and walked up. “Tang Mengying, it’s me.”

In great pain, Tang Mengying’s eyes lit up when she heard Rong Rui’s voice. “Rong Rui, Rong Rui…”

Her tears fell uncontrollably. Reaching out a hand toward him, Tang Mengying said, “Rong Rui, I’m here. Let him in…”

“No. He can’t. It’s the delivery room.”

“No, let him in. Otherwise, I will not push.” With her face pale, Tang Mengying yelled.

The pain almost took her consciousness away. After negotiating with the doctors, Rong Rui put on some protective clothing and a mask after less than twenty minutes. He walked over and looked down at her.

Tang Mengying’s legs were apart. From Rong Rui’s angle, he could even see blood trickling down.

“Rong Rui…” Tang Mengying reached out a hand and grabbed him. Overjoyed, she cried, “You’re here. You’re finally here…”

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