The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0382

Chapter 382: Cherish the Right Person (Part 3)

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Every time when she was in need, he would appear in front of her. He was handsome, and always took care of everything for her. However, she had been blinded by Li Sicheng, the man who was doomed to belong to someone else. She had thought a lot about it during her imprisonment. If she could do it over again, she would not have badgered Li Sicheng and cherished Rong Rui instead… Fortunately, she still had a chance to redeem herself. After she gave birth to this bastard child, she would stay together with Rong Rui and settle down. With a smile, Tang Mengying held Rong Rui’s hand. “Rong Rui…”

“Yes.” He took her hand, but there was no love in his eyes anymore. With the ongoing dilation, Tang Mengying was in great pain and did not notice his change.

With the nurse’s hands pushing on her belly, Tang Mengying muttered in pain, “You know, I have given a lot of thought to us… during this time.”

Rong Rui was speechless, holding her hand.

“After I give birth, I will go back… and marry you.” Tang Mengying panted, sweating all over.

“You need to stop talking,” cried the nurse.

Squeezing his hand, she did not listen to the nurse and asked, “Can I? Last time when you proposed to me, I did not agree. Now, I’m saying yes… Do you still…”

Holding her hand, Rong Rui had a mask over his face. With his eyes cold, he said slowly, “No, I don’t.” Hearing that, Tang Mengying stared at him with wide eyes. His eyes were freezing cold as he gazed at her. “You have killed that Rong Rui yourself. Have you forgotten?”

Tang Mengying’s heart was wrenched. It was so painful that she could not breathe. She looked at him as if he were a stranger. Was this Rong Rui? Was this still the man who had promised to keep her safe for a lifetime? He had promised that no matter she loved him or not, he would be there for her. He said it himself… However, he looked so cold now. There was no longer love for her. Why, why would it happen…

Tang Mengying started to shake. The doctors and nurses were shocked and cried, “Stop making her emotional!”

Rong Rui did not listen to them and continued, “The moment when you chose Li Sicheng and decided to leave me to those bodyguards, I was killed. I committed suicide in that house that you lived in. Do you still remember?”

Hurting physically and mentally, Tang Mengying screeched, “Ahhhh….”

“Get out. Get out right now!” A doctor lifted him up and separated their hands by force. Kicking and pushing, he threw him out.

However, Tang Mengying was breathing even faster. Grabbing the bed rails, she cried out loud looking at Rong Rui’s back, “Why, why…” His words and attitude had crushed her belief. “Rong Rui, Rong Rui!” Tang Mengying cried. “Why…”

You have killed that Rong Rui yourself. Have you forgotten?

Have you forgotten…

“Dammit. She’s having an emotional breakdown and lost too much blood…”

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