The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0383

Chapter 383: I Will Look after You

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Rong Rui was thrown out of the delivery room. Cheng You immediately walked over. Seeing the blood on his protective suit, she asked, “What’s the situation?”

“Nothing.” Rong Rui turned around and walked away.

“What the heck?” Cheng You was a bit mad and followed him. “You were just in there. Did she give birth?”


“You haven’t given me the video clip yet.”

“I gave it to Luo Zhan.” Rong Rui sounded a bit cold. He took off his mask and protective suit while walking.

“Luo Zhan has it?”

“Yes.” He took off the suit and threw it away. He sat down on a bench in the hallway. “He will put it on the Internet. When the DNA result is out, your Mr. Li can come clean.”

Cheng You was a bit pissed off by his indifference. Her face flushed, she turned away. However, he suddenly grabbed her hand. She turned around and saw his brown eyes gazing at her. Her heart racing, she looked at him.

He said, “I said I will look after you. You don’t have to worry.”

That set Cheng You on fire. She took her hand back and kicked him with her heel madly. “Looking after me? I will never f**king date men like you.”

Li Sicheng was surrounded by his grandpa’s friends, his dad’s friends, and a lot of childhood friends who had always made fun of him for speaking too little. After several rounds of liquor, his face was a bit flushed. After drinking with him, everyone was asking to see his wife. Talking about Su Qianci, his poker face became soft. Someone noticed it and started to laugh.

Li Sicheng had to dial Su Qianci’s number. However, no one picked up. “Wait a second. I’ll go get her.” He put the wineglass down and suddenly thought of something. “Don’t make her drink. She gets drunk easily.” In addition, she would not behave after getting drunk… He remembered very well how she acted after getting drunk in Maldives.

“Relax. We will not do that.”

“Today, you are our target.”

Everyone laughed. Getting their promise, he felt reassured and walked toward the kitchen. However, she was not in there. He frowned and asked, “Where is she?” The chefs had no idea. He called her again, but the call did not go through. He looked around back and forth but still failed to find her. He panicked for some reason. There were only some new places that she could go to. Also, she was not picking up her phone. What had happened?

Ou Ming and Yu Lili were hiding in a corner making out. Seeing Li Sicheng walking around, he couldn’t help asking, “Hey, what are you doing?”

“My wife’s missing. Help me look for her.”

Ou Ming sneered, “Are you afraid she is going to get lost? Is it possible that she’s in the bathroom? Yu Lili, go look for her.”

“All right, be right back.” Yu Lili went to the bathroom to look for Su Qianci.

Li Sicheng’s heart raced for some reason. He had never felt this way before. The fifth time he called her, the call was finally answered.

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