The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0386

Chapter 386: Help

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Not getting any response, Mrs. Tang felt a bit bored. She stopped and said, “Hey, why is Monkey still not here? It’s been three minutes. I gave Li Sicheng fifteen minutes. If he arrives and doesn’t see her f**ked by someone, will he think that I’m too nice?”

What do they want…

Su Qianci clenched her legs and curled herself into a ball.

Mrs. Tang saw that and sneered, “That’s useless.”

A short, skinny man drove a motorcycle and approached them. Su Qianci felt frustrated and desperate. This man must be the Monkey that the old woman talked about. They were next to a highway going out of the city. Only cars going out would pass by. Her only hope would be for someone to rescue her before they made their move. However, it was so cold and dark. Would her savior really show up? It was next to impossible.

“Boss, you have retired for so many years. Are you back in the business? Our gang has been praying for your return. Without your leadership, our performance is worse and worse.”

Performance… Even a bunch of thieves are talking about performance?

Mrs. Tang had been a thief in the old days. She had even been locked up for stealing for years. For some reason, she hooked up with Tang Zhenghao and suddenly became a lady. However, a dog could never quit eating s**t. Su Qianci knew that very well and was filled with contempt.

Hearing Monkey’s words, Mrs. Tang sneered, “Haven’t you read the news? My man was bankrupt, and my daughter’s missing. Otherwise, why would I come back to the gang?”

Hearing that, Monkey was surprised and asked, “Isn’t your daughter quite famous? Look at this.”

Su Qianci heard the Weibo page being refreshed.

Monkey said, “Your daughter failed to seduce Li Sicheng and was f**ked by this white guy. The whole thing went viral online within just an hour. Look at this, more than half a million likes and two hundred thousand comments…”

Mrs. Tang’s face became pale as she watched the video. This was… The video that was hacked by Rong Rui in the study of Li Xiao!

Why was it still around? Why was it put on Weibo?

“Look, the latest news. Your daughter is giving birth. She had a hemorrhage and C-section… Hey, what are you doing? That is my phone!”

Mrs. Tang took the phone up and smashed it onto Su Qianci’s face. Su Qianci’s face went numb and the light of the screen made her eyes prickle. She looked down and saw the text on the screen: DNA test after C-section: No Biological Relationship with the Li Family.

Monkey walked over and picked his phone up. When he saw Su Qianci’s face, his eyes lit up. “Hey boss, this is the surprise you mentioned? So pretty!”

Mrs. Tang smiled scornfully and kicked Monkey in the knees. He immediately fell forward toward Su Qianci. “Pretty my ass. How can she be compared to my daughter? Well, it’s your lucky day. I heard you became sick with the last whore you slept with. Keep her for yourself then.”

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