The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0388

Chapter 388: She’s Trying to Kill Your Parents

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Winter in the south was mild compared to the north. Although the capital was covered in snow, Kingstown had a great sunny day. It was the second time for Rong Haiyue to come to the Kingstown River. He came here the first time twelve years ago where he begged her to go back with him. She was in tears, calling him brother and crying no, but he lost his mind to anger and did something unforgivable. For twenty-two years, she seemed to be quiet and calm, but he knew that she had never forgiven him.

Stepping on the familiar ground again, Rong Haiyue felt quite complicated. More than twenty years ago, lamps had not been installed around here and grass was tall which could easily hide someone.

“Ah!” A scream brought Rong Haiyue back.

He opened the door and stepped out of the car. Cold wind blew from the river. Rong Haiyue looked in the direction of the scream. He did not see much, and there was no more sound. Rong Haiyue paced forward quietly.

“Help! Ah! Someone help me!”

Hearing the cry for help, Rong Haiyue’s mind was suddenly disturbed. Following the voice, Rong Haiyue ran and then saw several people standing there. He exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

His voice sounded heavenly to Su Qianci.

Kicking and struggling, she cried, “Help, help!”

Rong Haiyue recognized the voice. It is… Song Yifan’s daughter?

She was the girl was talking sweetly to the Li boy at the congee place last time. Blood rushed to his head. Rong Haiyue dashed over and yelled, “Let her go!”

“Dammit, an old rat wants to save the day?” The two men cursed and came up to Rong Haiyue.

Mrs. Tang bristled and kicked Monkey. “Hurry!”

Frightened, Monkey muttered, “Wait… a second. The mood isn’t quite right for me…”

Rong Haiyue came up, knocked one of the guys over, and easily pinned him down. Then he whipped the other guy with his leg. His moves were so smooth and fast that it was easy to tell that he was an experienced fighter.

Monkey became even more terrified. Looking at him, Mrs. Tang cried, “Focus on your job. I will deal with this guy!”

As she said that, she stepped forward and raised her handgun at Rong Haiyue. “Don’t move.”

Seeing the gun, Rong Haiyue pushed the guy down and raised both hands.

Su Qianci recognized that he was Rong Haiyue and felt surprised. However, she did not have time for anything else. Looking at Monkey who was getting aroused, she gritted her teeth and whispered in tears, “Do you want money? I can offer you a million. Is that enough?”

Tempted, Monkey asked, “For real?”

Su Qianci was overjoyed and continued, “My husband is Li Sicheng, who is very rich. Do know that he’s the richest man in Kingstown? Let me go, and I will offer you a lot of money. If one million is not enough, I can give you five million. That will be enough for a lifetime. How about that?”

“Damn you, bitch!” Mrs. Tang cursed and stamped heavily on her foot.

“Ah!” Su Qianci cried. But she continued to talk to Monkey loudly, “Someone blocking your source of income is as hateful as someone trying to kill your parents. Monkey, she is trying to kill your parents!”

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