The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0389

Chapter 389: Shot

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Monkey’s determination wavered. Although this woman was pretty, he could easily have any woman with money in his pocket. Five million, he had never seen that much money in his life.

Bristling, Mrs. Tang shouted, “Monkey, what are you waiting for? I am still Mrs. Tang. It is just five million. I will give that much to you. Do your job right now! When Li Sicheng came here, you will have no chance to enjoy such a pretty woman.”

The two guys knocked over by Rong Haiyue got up from under and threw themselves at Rong Haiyue.

“Don’t believe her. The Tang family is bankrupt. Their business has been acquired by the Li group. She’s nothing but talk. If she has money, why didn’t she hire someone more expensive than you?” Su Qianci cried in a loud voice.

In the same time, the two guys behind Rong Haiyue had launched their attack. One choked Rong Haiyue with his arm, and the other hit Rong Haiyue’s stomach with a punch.

Mrs. Tang was pissed off. She turned around and walked toward Su Qianci. Grabbing Su Qianci’s hair with a fat hand, she knocked Su Qianci’s head against the railing of the bridge. “Little bitch!”

Her head thumped against the metal.

Rong Haiyue took a hard punch. The moment Mrs. Tang turned around, he butted the guy in front of him in the stomach. Then he yanked the arm of the man behind him and threw him on top of the other guy. Noticing the change, Mrs. Tang immediately turned around. However, Rong Haiyue had thrown himself at her.

She backed off in panic and squeezed her finger…


A loud gunshot.

“Ah!” Feeling dizzy, Su Qianci heard the gunshot, saw the blood, and became unconscious.

Mrs. Tang shuddered, immediately pushed Rong Haiyue away, and looked at blood on her hand. After throwing the gun away, Mrs. Tang’s hands were shaking.

“I killed someone…?” She stared her eyes wide at Rong Haiyue.

Rong Haiyue stumbled. His face was pale as he covered his wounded arm. Picking the gun up, he did not look like someone who had just been shot. “Let her go.”

“Fuck you!” Someone yelled behind him and brought him to the ground with a flying tackle.

Rong Haiyue fell flat on the ground, letting go of the gun.

Cars arrived. Mrs. Tang was shocked. “Someone else’s here.”

Several cars wrapped them up from a distance.

Mrs. Tang became pale. “Li Sicheng must have sent them. Dammit, the son of a b***h.”

She quickly went up to yank the unconscious Su Qianci up.

“I told him to come alone, but he hired so many people. He’s trying to make me kill her!”

Because of her weight, Mrs. Tang was a strong woman. She easily put Su Qianci over her shoulder and then on top of the railing.

Overpowered by the guy sitting on top of him, Rong Haiyue had to take one punch after another. Seeing that, his heart thumped as he roared, “What are you doing?”

“Go to hell!” Mrs. Tang threw Su Qianci’s body down into the water. Soon, they heard a loud splash.

Seeing Su Qianci falling into the river, Rong Haiyue felt his pain had almost gone away. All he could think about was to save her. Using all his strength to get himself free, he jumped into the river without thinking…

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