The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0390

Chapter 390: I Have Warned You

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Six cars laid siege to them. Mrs. Tang had nowhere to run, and all four of them were caught.

“Where is she?” The head of the group of people demanded.

Mrs. Tang sneered, “Who? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Boss, blood here,” someone cried. “We did not find Mrs. Li.”

There was blood on the ground, while no one had any injury. Looking around, the member of the Li family suddenly had a thought and shouted, “Search the water.”

The black Maybach crashed into the rails. Li Sicheng lost his consciousness and woke up after God knows how long. Seeing the traffic police and people around him, and then the cracked windshield, Li Sicheng moved, wanted to start the car again, but he failed. He grabbed his cell phone and opened the door with a terrible headache. Blood was flowing down his forehead. Li Sicheng gave it a wipe and stumbled in the direction of Su Qianci.

Almost there, almost…

He glanced at his cell phone and immediately saw Mrs. Tang’s video. He ran as fast as he could and tapped to download it. However, he was so dizzy that he almost fell a couple of times. People and cars followed him, but Li Sicheng was barely conscious enough to hear what they said. After stumbling 600 feet, he finally saw cars that belonged to the Li family, several of them. As he rushed over, the video was downloaded.

Her screams were played on his phone, making his heart stop. Everyone standing next to the river looked over. Seeing Li Sicheng like that, his relatives were shocked and quickly supported him. “Sicheng?”

Looking at the video, Li Sicheng became conscious and gloomy. “Where is she?”

No one replied, but at the same time, a shout came from the river, “We didn’t find her!”

The headlights of the cars were still on. Li Sicheng glanced at the ground and saw the pool of blood.

“What are looking for? She’s dead.” Mrs. Tang laughed. “Li Sicheng, you pushed me to do it! You ruined the fortune of the Tang family and my daughter’s youth. Aren’t you somebody? Now look at this.”

Li Sicheng stared at the blood, almost losing his mind. His breath quickened and his ears were ringing.

“What are looking at? I shot her right in the heart. No doctor could save her. If you want to look for her, looking the river. She’s down there. Do you dare? Let’s hope…” Mrs. Tang last. Her voice was intoxicating, ringing in his years.

Two more people jumped into the water to help. Hearing the splash, Li Sicheng acted like a crazy man and immediately threw himself at the river.

Shocked, people around him quickly held him down and exclaimed, “someone is down there searching already.”

Li Sicheng seemed to calm down.

The guy softened his voice and said, “Four people have gone. You will achieve nothing but suicide going down like this. Do you want Su Qianci to come back and see your body?”

Hearing that person’s words, he calmed down. When the guy let out a sigh of relief and released him, Li Sicheng immediately dashed to Mrs. Tang who had been pinned down. He threw a hard punch at her face. Mrs. Tang screamed and fell back. However, people immediately grabbed her again.

“I warned you not to touch her!”

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