The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0391

Chapter 391: Entertain Mrs. Tang

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Li Sicheng kicked Mrs. Tang in the stomach.

“Li Sicheng, you could kill her like that!”

People around him panicked. Two men tried to stop him, but he was so determined that they failed. He had completely lost his mind. Kicking and punching, he soon made Mrs. Tang bend over. His eyes bloodshot, he was eventually overpowered by four strong men. Suddenly, they heard a man moaning, which sounded out of place.

A soldier walked up and muttered with a blush, “Boss, this guy seems to be drugged… Look…”

Mrs. Tang heard it and suddenly laughed coldly.

Everyone turned around to look at her. She grinned with her teeth colored red by blood. Her voice cruel, she cursed like a demon, “I initially just wanted to entertain that little b***h. However, you brought so many people with you, which was why I had to get rid of her. You’re the one who killed your wife.”

Li Sicheng bristled, which oddly brought him to calm down. His eyes were as cold as frost, making Mrs. Tang shudder. “Since that’s the case, keep it for yourself.” Li Sicheng’s cold voice made Mrs. Tang become pale.

“Take the two inside the car and keep Mrs. Tang entertained.”

“Yes!” Two people took Mrs. Tang to one of the cars. She suddenly realized that Li Sicheng was not joking.

“No, no way! Li Sicheng, you will get bad karma. You will be stricken by a lightning bolt and die miserably…” Before she could finish, she was stuffed into a car, and Monkey was pushed inside at the same time. Someone drove the car somewhere remote.

The rest of the gang shuddered and muttered, “Monkey… has AIDS…”

Her hands tied, Su Qianci did not know whether she had woken up at some point. Feeling suffocated, she was reminded of something as water filled her lungs. It took Rong Haiyue a lot of effort to catch her in the water. Using all his strength, he started to swim while pulling her. Fortunately, there were staircases underwater near them. Otherwise, even he did not know how long he could do this.

Because of the cold weather, Su Qianci was wearing a lot. A down jacket that became heavy when drenched, a thick sweater, and a long dress underneath. Noticing the unnecessary weight that was keeping her down, he smiled bitterly.

Putting one hand on top of the other, he pressed on her chest. After he did it for a couple of times, she spat out some water. Slightly cautious, she tried hard to open her eyes, but she eventually failed because of the pain on the back of her head. Seeing that, Rong Haiyue let out a sigh of relief. He wanted to yank her up, but his injured arm prevented him from doing that. All his strength seemed to have left from that injury. His whole arm was colored red. Rong Haiyue noticed that he became weaker and dizzier.

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