The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0392

Chapter 392: Please Don’t

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Rong Haiyue noticed that he became weaker and dizzier. However, he could not give up. This girl, this girl that looked extremely like Rong Xuan… Her features were delicate. Although she looked pale, she looked almost exactly the same as the young version of Rong Xuan.

“Song Yifan’s daughter…” His eyes red, he smiled out of self-mockery. After resting for a while, he helped Su Qianci up and said with guilt, “sorry, I have to do this.” He looked away and took her drenched down coat off.

She felt her coat was being taken off, but she could not fight it. Before her finger even touched the intruder, she lost her strength.

Don’t touch me… Please…

Tears fell from her eyes, but she could not even struggle. Her sweater was taken off as well. Her heart trembled as if it had been stricken by a lightning bolt.

“Don’t…” she managed to mumble. However, her voice was so small that Rong Haiyue could not hear her at all. Throwing the sweater away, he took off his own coat as well, which could slow him down. “Don’t be scared. You will feel better soon.”

Hearing that, Su Qianci felt even more desperate. Her body was then lifted up…


“Please don’t…” She blacked out.

Rong Haiyue put her on his shoulder and thought she was being delirious from a fever. He got up and went ashore quickly. The wind was cold that night. He shuddered. Climbing up with great difficulty, he could feel his legs shaking. No, he could no longer do it… He put Su Qianci down and stumbled to the roadside. A van happened to approach. Rong Haiyue brought them to the center of the street. Although he could hardly manage to stand straight, something made him go there and wave his arms.

Seeing the van had stopped, Rong Haiyue felt relaxed. A middle-aged man walked out of the van. Seeing Rong Haiyue being feeble, he quickly put a hand on his arm.

“Help… Someone’s back there… Help her… I am major general of the Army, Rong Haiyue…”

“Sir, I found some clothing. Man and woman’s.”

Held down by a couple of soldiers, Li Sicheng could not move. Hearing that, he looked up and saw a white long down jacket. “Let go of me!” He commanded. People around him looked at each other and released him. He walked up and took the drenched jacket. It really belonged to Su Qianci. He put it on her himself this morning. At the same time, there was a man’s coat. Seeing that coat, Li Sicheng felt familiar. He must have seen it somewhere…

“Military identification?”

Li Sicheng blinked and took the card over. The name “Rong Haiyue” caught his eye.


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