The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0393

Chapter 393: Hurting All over

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Su Qianci was feeling very cold. It must have been a century. She woke up hurting all over. The back of her head, her limbs, waste, and even muscles. She also felt cold and hot at the same time. She whimpered in pain. Vaguely, she felt something cold was put on her forehead before she fell asleep again. When she opened her eyes, it was bright. She saw the electronic clock on the wall showing the time: 17:17. Someone was watching TV on the bed on the right. The nurse was putting a drip on the patient to her left.

Seeing that Su Qianci had woken up, the nurse felt her forehead. “You still have a fever, but it’s good that you’re awake.”

She was a bit dumbstruck. She moved around and felt a great pain. Then she knew she was burning up.

“Do you want some water?” The nurse poured her a glass of hot water, helped her sit up, and fed it to her. “How do you feel?”

Su Qianci raised her hand, and even her muscles were sore. She muttered, “It hurts…”

“Your temperature is 104.0°F. Of course it hurts.” The nurse laid her flat and said, “Luckily, you’re conscious now. The guy that came with you is not so lucky. He is still in the ICU.”

“The guy that came with me? Who is it?”

“You don’t know?” The nurse changed her drip and said, “A good man brought both of you over. I thought that guy must be your dad or relative. He is in his 40s, shot by a gun. He lost a lot of blood but still dragged you out of the water. Otherwise, you would be dead right now.”

Su Qianci immediately thought of the person and whispered, “Rong Haiyue…”

“Right, that’s the name. We have already called his wife.” The nurse finished up and said, “I will go get you some medicine.”

“Thank you,” she managed to say. Both the pain and the heat were torturing her. She unconsciously moved her legs. The pain between her legs reminded her of something. Feeling immense terror and despair, Su Qianci flipped over and bit on her fist. Her tears fell like rain. She had been raped… By Monkey who had AIDS… Since childhood, she had always been healthy and rarely had a fever like this… Did she get AIDS as well? Was she about to die?

However, she was just 21 years old. She did not want to die. She wanted to give birth to Li Sicheng’s kids. She wanted to celebrate grandpa’s birthday. And she wanted to live longer… The more she thought about it, the harder Su Qianci cried. She cuddled up and shuddered. There was no cure for this disease… and she would die an ugly death. Su Qianci was bombed by the sudden threat and did not know what to do. What should she do? She sobbed, biting on her fist.

When the nurse came over and saw her, she was startled. “What happened? Does it hurt a lot? Take the pills.”

Su Qianci shook her head. The nurse helped her up and got her some water. Holding a bunch of pills, Su Qianci manage to swallow them, but started to retch in just two minutes.

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