The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0394

Chapter 394: I Was Raped

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Retching and retching, Su Qianci vomited up some fluid but nothing else. She had only taken some water in 24 hours. Feeling dizzy, she lay down and fell asleep again. When she woke up, it was past 8 PM. She felt her hand being held. She wiggled and aroused the man that had fallen asleep.

Li Sicheng felt her forehead and then his, frowning. Looking at him, Su Qianci felt a bit dazed. There were shadows under his eyes. His hair was messy. And his chiseled face had not been shaven. Although he had changed, he still looked terrible. A pad of gauze was stuck to his forehead, a bit over his left eyebrow. Realizing it was him, Su Qianci pursed her lips and teared up.

Startled, Li Sicheng asked softly, “Do you feel uncomfortable? Which part?”

She cried, grabbing his hand. “It’s hurting all over…”

His eyebrows knitted together. He reached out a hand to wipe her tears away.

She suddenly shrank back and exclaimed, “Don’t touch me!” She knew that HIV could be transmitted by body fluids. After avoiding his touch, she felt even worse. She bit her bottom lip and sobbed.

Li Sicheng paused and looked at her. “What’s wrong?” His deep and dark eyes were filled with worry.

Su Qianci could not help herself and burst into tears. “Mr. Li, I…”

I was raped. I got HIV. And I might die. Maybe I could never be with you again…

Su Qianci could not put it into words. Squeezing his hand, she cried like an abandoned kid, desperate and said.

Li Sicheng helped her up and took her into his arms, patting her back.

Before she leaned in, Su Qianci wiped her tears dry with her sleeves so that her tears would not fall on him. Grabbing his collar, she took in his sent greedily, feeling desperate.

“It’s all right now. The old woman was in custody, charged with murder. I will hire Sheng Ximing to argue the case and make sure justice is served.”

Sheng Ximing was the top lawyer in Kingstown. With him, Mrs. Tang would at least be sentenced to more than a decade no matter what she did.

“How did you find me?” Su Qianci choked and asked.

“I looked for you everywhere.” Li Sicheng rubbed her head and said softly, “eat something. Grandpa brought congee for you. He wanted to stay here, but I chased him away.”

Su Qianci chuckled and gave him a push. “You’re so bad. If he knows you said that about him, he would kick your a**.”

Li Sicheng held her hand and hugged her tighter.

“Mrs. Li.”


“I almost thought I had lost you forever.” Li Sicheng’s voice was trembling. “Fortunately, you’re okay…”

Su Qianci almost teared up again. Pushing him away lightly, she squeezed out a smile and said, “I’m hungry.”

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